Saturday, January 29, 2011


I decided to look again at some older ideas and terminology. I am somewhat constrained by the realization that some people may be reading this. A poet should not really censor himself in general. Of course all this could be just something in my mind and its sense of certainty more or less enduring and self contained- but it seems that it may be true that the complexity of information we internalize being after all very complex organic creatures could be vastly more complex than what we imagine of our most general inorganic laws.

As Creative Philosophy:

*That which becomes predetermined after the fact is balanced to some degree by that which is not determined before the fact.

*Absolue determinism of all paths across the Omnium and its states of existing fact I style the Plutomnium.

*The Omnium is that which exists as if it the most general description of space as facts of absolute rest or motion.

*From this the change of constellations of facts move as if the totality, taking time, has purpose, the Teleomnium as the collection of movement and action.

*Information into creative entities, spacious singularities, as if it returns "mangled" does so everywhere and when on all scales and dimensions of universe if not multi-verse.

*The duplication or replication of an organism taken to its fullest principles of complexity is a good initial model to visualizer or contain Omnic space and its possible opaqueness or substance of shadows.

*To ask the wave equation of the universe is as incomplete a question as to ask this quantum consideration in just matrix formulation.

*The arrow of Omnic action, the interplay of the quasic grids, pixels, subgrids, branes, cells, and so on, expanded into any natural idea of dimension, abstractly, needs not be a fixed conception or system, but a difference or quasi-preferred set of facts of determinacy.

*Subsystems erected on a standard Omnic space may reletively become independent as quasi-isolated systems to which the interactions evolve over the Omnium with its quasic states of facts of possible patterns and path determinism.

*Thus, using the metaphysical principles here stated we now strive to put it into an adequate mathematics to expand our vision of physics generally.

* * *

As Creative Physics and Mathematics:

*Let us model an 8x8x8 naturally dimensioned quasic coordinate space where the 8x8 faces are quasic planes of any binary grid or dimension here considering the finite.

*Clearly, a path between any of the 512 cells may not be totally described by the x y or z set of lines from a pixel thru the space (we adjust things for the color dimension although in theory we could describe the paths in black and white or even assume near but hidden dimensions affecting such paths). Such a path, considering numbers or such planes and cells at least a class of numbers and now intelligibly fractally patterned can be mapped after the fact.

*The order in the quasic plane sides may shift to find solutions for the space coordinates collectively (or show no such solution or near solution) to describe, partially of the dimensions applied, ideas of coincidence and probability, or such an Omnic system may have patterns of random initial states and facts of pure probability.

*The sorting of the order in random systems, even in steps that may temporarily decrease the order, is a measure of and accelerating direction toward the effects and facts of entropy.

*A "gene" may in a sense describe layers or "tissues" systemically, and in concert together over quasic shifts and omnic (as topological) coherence. Genes then are to be read also as quasi-fractal.

*In general ideas of entanglement and non locality are verified in experiment only to the extent we understand or include the 0 cases and unity generators of Pascal triangle relationships. (Of what do we measure as a proof between the 16 p's and q's of implication if we rely on 0000 and 1111 as excluded contradiction and tautology?)

* * * *

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