Saturday, January 22, 2011



I find it a strange concept to imagine in an endless multiverse of ever evolving and ever expanding irreversible complexity that in the sum total, the Omnium, that the laws of nature can be seen as reversible and symmetrical after all.

But how would we exist given a reality of all possible existences, even unrestrained, otherwise?

What have we done with our wisdom, that second philosophy of Descartes, science, that in solving, bringing to light hidden mysteries as a tradition long influential from ancient Greece? We sometimes, going so far, apply it with less than complete knowledge and resolve that we take our chances, cost benefits of expediency.

The dogma and philosophy and how far we've come! in our mapping of our own chemistry, of drugs, imbalances said the be all of our mind, claims this our modern identity, wise husbandry of life's sense of survival dominate in the main, reinforcing and nullifying our addictions.

How can he in the stupor of narcotics and spirits hope to awaken to wisdom from such confusions? To that, the slave of anodynes replies: "If you have not experienced these states of mind you cannot know of what you speak." The entitlement to the growing constituency thus a self-fulfilling prophesy while those who truly need and would be helped by medications go without it, slip through the cracks.

But here, my children, I speak in examples and parables. For it is not about who evolves to become the monkey on their backs- what is one life more or less in the billions even if our frame of mind and sacrifices in war sees no more millions perish?

It is about a problem in physics. Cosmological imbalances. I offer the metaphor to hold up an answer in a mirror. In the creative state of mind we can think about and talk about our intuitions, soberly, of the frontiers and the still unknowns.

This a long and exhausting journey to mountaintops. Reaching there the path appears ridiculously simple. The idea I ponder tonight come from a terse remark on the blog by Kea - who most certainly understands the intuitive aspects of the game: "There are many ways to find the number 56."

Although I cannot say how this problem arose in other researchers, I find parallels in my own modest meditations. 56 or 57 dimensions I have read applies to some real space representations akin to the 240 + 8 dimensions of maximum symmetry, involving I imagine, complex number considerations. My concept I called "Quason" mostly eight dimensional. But how is it many workers too years to enumerate this recent discovery? I know our work is not finished.

So, Arise, my child of Earth! Listen and seek, ride and dance in the light, wide the world for the work and rewards of tomorrow's wisdom.

* * *

In the ennead, a thing of informational color code, we find 56 changes of the 1's and 0's of their coordinate designations. We also see that there are 6 other elements (15 a key four space number) 28 in the extended Conway matrix has many ways to label the duality colors (I should try to enumerate them in a global unified picture.) A key to this is the upper right to lower left diagonal of the quasic grid and dimensions (the duality diagonal I now style it).

But these enneads involve trialities (and so too the original idea of strings, partons, QCD etc.) Yet because of this, when extended into a 3x3x3 representation we find that the quasic motions between these duplicated backdoor gin labels (ie orange, green, violet BDKGIN) it suggests a concept that we cannot privilege one view in the usual quantum associative and averaging manner - nor can we narrow the search by labels to a unique case- even if in the linear algebra we start as some vertex. We have, in the limitations of triality, a "quasi-privileged" freedom as a more general and fundamental concept. (But of the quasic abstract motion numbers corresponding to the informational coordinate ones, I have seen no pattern yet.)

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  1. This perhaps can be interesting for you?

    The fractality can also be seen as partitions.

  2. Ulla, I wondered where you've been.

    Most interesting on the sparse info in the first blog- for after all, synchronously- I think I made an intuitive and creative breakthru- but it is not clear what is meant by fractals here. I see it rather more advanced as if a third calculus. My post (actually there are two, one called exercises on cube color puzzles (one answer is not in the back of the book and we can say anything in a blog or text) and the other concerns numbers in general as I did find some sort of answer for motions in this enniad of 9 cubes for the abstract quasic motion. Of cource I know about the partition numbers- they do apply to string theory- but let me read the links before I comment on them.

    The PeSla

  3. Ahh, these two links discuss it too in detail. My post found three of those numbers listed that applied for my puzzle- but in more of a topological way. Well, as with all fresh and ongoing creative breakthruoughs, we might hesitate to publish without sleeping on it. So I was going to present it as philosophy. But the underlying metaphysics is also a breakthrough.

    Like the authors I did rely on Ramanujan in part as I have often posted. Odd the work of considering Pascal analogs would show me this.

    I found a way to make these partition numbers when my string friends thesis, under advisement, said there was no general formula- but it turned out two other ways were know including one in Martin Gardner's math recreation series.

    I wonder if these kids realize how intimately such numbers are tied up to particle physics.

  4. The problems with fractals is that they are math. No dimension at all. Now you can have an dimension. Some flesh.

    I have been reading quantum biology for my essay. So much written. I wonder why TGD is so badly treated. The other are accepted guys, working even at Cern. Also with consciousness and double worlds.

  5. Ulla,

    I will demonstrate in the next post that fractals are the same thing as dimension in our thinking and they are informationally math.

    I can decide there is a world behind this one, a sort of checklist that would tell us how we can construct concrete things- rules of order and space. But it is not clear the mere extension by order into regions of topology, spaces is a perpendicular world where we find the meaning in the flesh or dust alone.

    We are a long way from showing our social world makes sense and is not arbitrary encounters and measures or what philosophy should be put before others.

    Each generation builds and holds its constructions sacred- but eventually they are forgotten and the old places are torn down to make way for the new- No civilization's edifice will last in our hearts and superstitious minds for long and in the end those moved on to hopeful unknowns cannot challenge the reinvention and renovation of one person's treasure for the near future another person's trash.

    Quantum ideas are part of biology even while that idea is not completely formulated. My quasics, TGD, or any such new forms where most are not sure on what ground they stand with so much written they have to tread carefully in through the mudflats or avoid quicksand, or be overwhelmed really.

    Quasic or other such views, reduced to the trivial when infinite awaits us is dimension and fractals, the relativity and quantum parts of the picture as secondary physics in a bigger picture.

    Let us not confuse the territory with the map, nor our weaves, warps and woofs of wind, with our final description of consciousness.

    That said, I applaud your efforts and look forward to your essay.

    The PeSla