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Wildcard Coordinates ****

Wildcard Coordinates****

Looks like this was a rather creative blogging month. So I end it with the consideration of how these new ideas may affect us and what we are in this world. What will be the next level of our social institutions and technology- especially if these are not to evolve from the promising new quantum ideas as our mainstream technology.

There is little doubt that our cosmic view has influence on how we think of our sense of self. Science, in general can reassure us and arm us against our superstitious fears. Yet, science comes with initial doubts which brings with it a new set of threats and fear. Still, in its later promises we can awaken to new possibilities and an even deeper appreciation for what we are, collectively and individually.

Why respect endangered species when we can resurrect the Mammoth, let us just make an heirloom bank- or better yet assemble these and species never here from scratch. What does it mean to have a respect for living things far away and in the vagueness of what we are supposed to discern in our hearts from awareness of the processes of living?

[I have probably lost the interest of some readers, not quite able to put these thoughts into the clearer words at the time I found in last night's dream.]


A wildcard coordinate is * one that can = 1 or 0. What is significant here from the standard view of dealing with matrices and vectors (note I have never in my posts used the word eigenvalue- where these apply the edifice of worthwhile mathematics was independently found or assumed- but certainly these apply in some of our arguments here.)

The standard zero vector set is regarded as "finite". Please see links in formal papers to the blogs I follow- the realization that aleph 0 for example has a certain sense of the reality of points. For me, for a long time, the idea that the primes are a sort of transfinite thing on their own (I called the yod transfinite '72?) becomes more and more a critical issue in applying such ideas of numbers to space.

It should be clear that stings alone without such points may not define things completely. Nor would it seem an M theory unless perhaps the attachment to such a point on a brane is what is needed to have a material reality of say, gravity or mass. Yet, without consideration of such points- that these do not technically exist we can see mass not as a function of energy, force or inertia as such but more like the ideas of falling, of general relativity only in a zillion dimensions. This is to say in the new physics the old relativity's and quantum theories have their analogs so the question is are they are can they be a unified theory even there? I wonder for those making apologies for string theory and so on how they decide to use on one hand an advanced quantum argument and on the other hand an advanced relativistic stance? Is this obvious or not from their own steps and state of thinking?

I think we should look back at Rene Thom now and his Universal Topology or catastrophe theory. After all it was a method of describing several higher spaces by embedding Riemann spheres into Euclidean spaces- Perhaps the knots and such as if compacted 6 dimensions is that they loop and relate to each other as if these a point of attachment as if a wildcard spacious point. Such a mixture of wildcard and normal matrix relations in a sense is the fact of our ideas of substance and mass so it could have a wider topological space of connections. Pitkanen posts this I think as one of his questions today to consider, how these (apparently minor spaces may globally connect).

But the wildcat philosophy I discuss here is not a final answer that is clear as to how all these things loop and connect- nor how we internalize the record a the end of the music such that we can ask again of being itself of the collective and individual (but certainly the state is now inadequate, and the corporations not capable of replacing it efficiently to smoothly run the earth.) Where does such information go? Certainly a viable state wants concrete coordinates of his history and the heros and villains who compose it in the chance summation of their song viewed after the fact of its recording and fixed judgment, evaluation, existentially, and that the accidental and individual catastrophes are of some relevance as cause and history- and meaningful purpose as if being like gravity does not in the main fail not matter what the twists and turns of our labyrinth without walls and bottomless pits into which the sand flows and the doors seal and we wonder at what treasures we have lost forever as we build upon dust again and reach at last for the stars.

* * *

Dreams, in a sense where they contain memories, while in a dream it does not take say the heat causing energy to recover them that it does in computers. It is like a reverse process where it is much easier in computers to lay down memories than bring them back. Recollection in dreams can be like a current with no resistance.

Dreams, moreover, can be no only mangled and compressed or compacted into spaces of which the surface reads rather like a post-modern description, but to enter such a dream and its volume we find the memories of previous dreams a sort of fractal in fractal collection of such post modern crumpled and mangled surfaces.

So it is that in our wakened world if we think about the consequences of some of our physics speculations, that is evoke the emotional element, it can be a fearful place where on some level we are merely machines again including emotions of which we may program to some extent in the inorganic world. This vision can make it so that we really see how irrelevant any individual of us is and what we do- we can be ready to accept our short lives and unfulfilled lives, and pointless worship of loving others or even think we know others, or hope those who follow us will meaningfully evolve beyond our crude but complex monkey dreams.

In other words, after some realizations and achievements a little more than usual most likely inspired by all the keen sense of the drama and revolution in the air by those linked here- what comes after that? Maybe some sort of let down, maybe some sort of despair, maybe given the sight still far away what we regard as of the utmost value must frustratingly vanish- as we who are not much of anything in the heard and worse are ready to accept this and give up our dreams- for we have walked into the shadows knowing it is the end- we do not even care if those with lesser mentality rant and rave and think the damage they do to even thousands means anything more than how comical they act and how less than pointless their lives.

Well, I may have captured this enough in the negative- but let me say that in the end the knowing of possible new physics came out as even more positive than this in the depth of its mirror measure.

In the dream I was able to recover a few poems of what was lost of my couple of thousand- at first I found the titles of the booklets - The Color of Love, The story of the Bird symbols for my children, The ghostly meeting by the river with a former lover, the gazing down into the river wondering if it were deep enough not to break a fall, Sagittarius looking over me at night, my explorations of the driftless area and the great Inland Sea... The five and the Eight and the mirror gods of Olney on his adventures with the fisherfolk- He the Spheredream.

But is it but wish fulfillment to recover this or is it some statement of our psyche or soul? We move on, for although it takes no energy it takes time away from the living in the world and the new dreams.

Something inevitably emerges? That certainly seems the case for life, for sentient things. When one considers the concept of the Omnium and its relation to the analogous idea of iota particles rather than pure strings it is possible to see the unity of any one psych or soul and life in such a way that our lives were of significance and what is the world is a consciousness of sorts as we are so conscious but this makes sense only over the finite and infinite unity of the Omnium.

I wish I could tell you this story better, or that I had wrote it down upon awakening as I was so sure in my dream I would recall the details of all of this.

Can the idea ultimately of matter, of gravity and such, stringly or looping or not, not be this fundamental metaphysical unity as of our private souls and dreams that resides somewhere in the wildcard coordinates fixed or moving as the invariant of what or that we just are? So to speak.

* * *

I may consider what sort of thing to explore in February- looking back as some ideas where I just casually explored some things, unconcerned really if their utility would be of interest to anyone else- like in a dream so much can be forgotten or not readily in the forefront of mind in the mass of information in the awakened world. Some of the things I was doing with non-standard color cubes comes to mind. I found two such charts in earlier posts on the philosophychatforum in my stored data on a flash drive.

So, Kea talks on quandles today- and googling it (as I am trying to see what else is out there) I find that it is hard to distinguish the threefold knots as to their handedness. One old reference with the color cubes assumed this could be done but I did not know the applications were of any value. It requires a principle of what can be described as a rather simple natural space encoding that applies to a given dimension and not some exotic turns and twists and loops or hidden fractal values behind the lattice motion changes of coordinates between cubes. It is worth a look I suppose. Interestingly in four space it requires nine distinct cubes, in three space but seven (thus I called it diatonic and labeled them cdefgab as in music. In two space there are five of which I made matching puzzles. The question in general of chirality is still a most deep one and I am not sure partition theory will add that much to the final picture. But this could be too simple an approach. But I have to say, now that I can see some of what is there in the body of learning, that from a distance and a first blush superficial level of comprehending the significance of some of the ideas- as if they set in stone as theory- that I have very much underestimated the need to be exposed to the nuts and bolts of these ideas. On the other hand we make heroes or saints of those who not that long ago were just one of the students or teachers. Let us hope those who inspire us are worth our admiration.

* * *

Of course it helps in trying to communicate some idea to another to get the words right- the back and forth of it makes things clearer in general. that links to:

It occurred while reading this wonderful paper of 08 supplied by Kea that we might question if Dirac matrices are to be conserved. I am not sure what the 11520 means other than ten times the 24 cell group of rotations- that interesting from a mere counting view- certainly Clifford's approach seems to deal with the real and finite and I do agree that somewhere the functions have to distinguish but not always with what it the addition and what the multiplication of things.

So, maybe we should develop the matrix algebra to include the wildcard notation *. In which case if * can replace 1 or 0 (and in some sense we can make compliments replacing all the 1's and 0's) what do we do about -1 or more some complex values? Will this tell us anything via notation of the symmetries? Let me emphasize that the * notation is that in the skeleton of a grid between quasic cells as abstract 0 or 1 motions, too. But there is no intuition or guarantee this method will be intelligible. Certainly all the other ideas of matrix products, reductions and such would have analogs to interpret. Perhaps new forms of what we are no longer restricted in dealing with sums and products with this idea of eigenfunctions within the diagonal itself. After all, so much of this is to do with square matrices and how in some wider view they may interrelate.

In matters of vibration ideas as a sort of geometric structure dualism and in relation to assumed filled vacua on a hierarchy of levels I will label this area as concerning Daldala theory (from the Arabic for swinging back and forth).

* * *

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