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Muon Metaphysics

Muon Metaphysics

[NOTE: As the morning progresses I will be adding to this blog in a discussion of Peter Rowlands wonderful picture of the Role of Muons and some critique of it on metaphysical grounds. Also, I will include some rather strange ideas of numbers and quasic space which has come out of this study of simple counting of Pascal structures in higher space.]

Lampion: The not-simply-connected halo or cloud (around a core metaphysical muon as if applying nilpotent Diracian algebra to the standard theory), an intuition on intuitionist crisis resolved thereby, is composed of circular and linear parts convertible between various representations of natural and quasic space which may or may not be discrete depending on a wave particle like duality view- even if to our notions of a theory transitive over theories of others- or realities appearing in some logical result as one way or the other, even unto ones own awareness of insights.

Lampion: It is not enough to look at a geometric structure and say Behold we see a fractal structure (is quantum theory not in a sense already about fractional dimensions? And what does the question mean "Where is the chaos in quantum theory?"

For if we have to modify our ideas on complexification certainly that applies to fractal graphs in the complex plane. While it is true with such powerful ideas we can reduce a pattern to Cantor dust it is also true that as we approach such patterns after very high iterations we find the spaces or holes in the patterns such as those in Pascal triangles to approach areas or boundaries of golden numbers.

Lampion: There is ultimately no difference between a physics based on a string theory approach and one based more on a geometry alone approach. As Rowlands points out geometric theories alone by considering the notions of spin may be enough to shore up some of our ideas of mass provided it is taken as physics of the cloud of momenta in spaces not simply connected. Italics my addition.

Lampion: Spinors have to be ultimately part of some matrix and not merely added on as if a higher level language, that is intrinsic to the matrix description and a clear statement of what is deeper than physical reality seen as some current state or shift of angles to some reference axis notation.

Lampion: The ultimate grounding I do not see as simply positive from which things like the time arrow follows- this is not a deep enough explanation. It is not just a matter of reducing things to an idea of nil potency where over a fixed and centered structure like a muon its concrete but illusive center is zero point and its multiple connectivity halo an invariant state of fixed resolved spins- there is a much deeper ground of Null. PR sees the muon (complex) as a singularity but it is still not clear what happens if it the one universe or one muon in the universe as all muons that it can be treated as if a point charge regardless of his assertion this be disambiguous as to being discrete or not from some unified view.

For these ideas from a generational view from many theoretical approaches would find the idea of this weak force as central as in the center codon of gene reading. But the geometry itself may impose this concept upon such a PR muon- as would the contribution of purely topological models to what we imagine and find incomplete now as the Standard Model.

Lampion: Let us consider Riemann's multi-density idea such as 96 for the icosahedron when we debate ideas of string spin such as 720 degrees and so on. The quaternions and such are intrinsically part of other ideas of numbers and not a separate approach.

Lampion: The "unwiniding but invariant over time in at least three space" of such a muon - as if but one universe- into the multiplicity paths and connections may take infinite time over gravitational inertial continuity or if that is the origin of non-locality and gravity a carrier of it at infinite speed as PR suggests we may indeed not resolve the momenta multiplicity short of a fundamental metaphysics of chirality as primary in what is not muon in its vacua interactions universally.

Lampion: Things can be quasi-simply connected or quasi-multiply so. For by informational notation also we can convert say 4 to 8 dimensions, all positive as an edifice of fixed and expanding grounding.

Lampion: It follows, contrary to PR's suggestion, that Dirac algebra, spinors, cannot describe higher scales than the Planck level to say show the effects on and of DNA scales- thus no purely quantum biology as such- but certain topological ideas can do so but not properly to be called quantum theory. These also without deeper considerations may be considered incomplete as a total theory of everything, for now.

Lampion: These electron like objects may be thought to be made of iotas as some geometrical or integral number so my concern with intuitions of intuitions as intuitionist only- that the explanation too simple to explain how it works (alternatively in a world of being too complicated and mysterious or magical) we have a wider view where these ideas are intelligible as to how reality and its theory models may fit together.

Lampion: In some sense, as PR also points out some dimensionless formulas involving h and c are not really as fundamental as they could be all pushed to some unity or one. In some ways while things cannot necessarily resolve to zero and balanced symmetry, action itself and bar h could be seen as less important also or even irrelevant to the bigger picture.

Lampion: The resolution of my conceptual crisis amounts to neither the geometric structural counting nor string or quantum cloud like counting as intuitionist and too obvious is to be seen as trivial, thus a unintelligible beneath a certain point on one hand and unexpected as intelligible in the obvious as experience on the other.
My objections to string theory as if an extension of Monotheism in the ten emanations of the tree of life as ten dimensional Cabbalism is not a primary challenge to reductionist physics for this is both geometrical and yet arithmetical in the application of deductive notions. The mystical here needs not be relevant.

Lampion: Lower dimensions, especially the prime ones, as PR points out of the symmetry breaking of 8 between 3 and 5... moreover, as some theories of the halo of multiplicity in spin momenta around the muon model relates to this- we would expect in a progressively dynamic theory that the early primes have greater influence and take up much of the sieving of the elements in a quasic plane. Clearly then, the power of ten comes up over and over again as we extend the laws of number theory for example beyond a certain point we merely add more zeros to the cycles- for example in the periodicity of phi taken over so many digits, single, pairs, triples and so on.

Lampion: Time like dimensions arise because, even more than just the counting or the placement in some matrix, because some things become internal in its symmetries beyond a certain point or level of natural dimensions. This point is Ag for example in the curve where fission predominates over fusion for example.

Lampion: Some things I will assert in the second illustration to be posted above certainly reflects my lack of training in number theory and the use of its equations in particular but accept it as a crude exploration (would the powers of ten as a base not in some sense suggest a geometry of sorts to compare values say of dark energy and matter?) Yet I must wonder if this is somehow a problem not of my isolated perceptions of this queen of mathematics but in the body of knowledge as we have developed it. I must still admire those of better insight than I in the hopes that when I do understand such things I can reach their depths of understanding to which we merely get a cloudy view of what they do- be it significant or not- and have to take on faith in the subject, in science in general, it is beneficial and significant.

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First some related philosophy thoughts posted on facebook msg's and status:

L. Edgar Otto Gee, it is you rrushius...I did not realize this. Nice to hear from you, philosopher. I thought maybe you were in some remote mountain place researching the source of some exotic language. Of course I want to be part of all your projects. BTW it seems the Borromean ring idea is back into interest of physics- I reacal this as your Lacan for mind theories?
Friday at 10:45am ·
Erion Bano Researches of that kind never end... What I found was not simply one source which then developed into the many branches that we have today - or, as the bible teaches the original tongue which was then confused by God during the construction of the tower of Babel, - but a multiplicity of barbaric tongues which merged together, but more on this later. I have sent you a private message concerning the game.

L. Edgar Otto I am amazed, not really promoting my pesla blog, how many of my diagrams are floating around in the blogosphere- and some of the surprising people who make comments. I find it gratifying our awakening to new shared knowledge and that there is still a lot to be done.

L. Edgar Otto The world is as it is despite what we may think on how it works. There is a certain reality far from ideas of vague spirits or vacuum and dust. We can understand this reality as we did as children. One day science will find this view again for at least what we can know about ourselves and the world, interesting with less earth shaking drama.

L. Edgar Otto Life may be defined as that which binds or is bound within itself hidden parts and is aware of it; in this sense each of us is equal to a universe.
"Today is Yesterday's Tomorrow" and "It is Always Morning somewhere in the World"
sundial, Morehead Planetarium Chapel Hill, NC

L. Edgar Otto
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L. Edgar Otto So the dove kill in Italy found to be they binged on sunflower seeds and died from indigestion. But sunflower seeds are one of the best things one can put in their mouth. Also nutrition linked to a second baby only a year after one to triple incidence of autism. That may explain how twins may so differ as it is known... nutrition differences sometimes. A good diet can repair much as one of the therapy's.

Comment: L. Edgar Otto On the matrix (mother) so much depends in the long lonely process of childbirth. But children are most adaptable and even starved lab rats come out equifinally when fed, with the control group. If we are but machines we are the most complex ones in nature.

L. Edgar Otto January 10 at 9:03am
Indeed, yes... GUAT or GUAC is the bases of the gene code. So it can be a rather intellectual joke... then again there was a movie called Gatica or something like that. Dr. Oz has a national program of participation (Is he the new fitness guru for large ladies, the new Richard Simmons?) He is putting in effect the 17 day work out program. I cannot help but wonder where the tin man is- I mean are we just nuts and bolts and all we can hope for a heart is a wind up clock? Is our inheritance but a paint by the number dream?

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I would think, and hence the art illustration yesterday from my friend Bonpa (yes rrushius still my friend from the coffee shop and philosophy chat forum days- and thanks for finding galatomic again- some of his physics seems closer to what is happening than it did a few years back- guess that forum is now but another blog. Still, we are all with projects of philosophy (which before high school the guidance councilor said was what I should become- damn, what did he know? Anyway sometimes in the middle of high school I decided I would become a geometer.

* * *

So, (and thank you for the concern Ulla) Melancholy is not just from the hardest days of winter for all of us in the North at least, but the breach of faith that for some people all the wishing and longing in the world will not make them better- and we do not know enough to even access our own situation or that of our social order.

I realized a generalization if I can trust some self-analysis from some incident in childhood- Jung's idea of intellectualization and might conclude (seeing that there can be levels of good and bad insight- that is gifted or genius for example that is a great difference as if intelligence is outside the model and measures of personality, that Lampion: Humans are afraid of awakening insights and are likely to keep in the state of mind of the lesser effort for this reason. The problem or solution seems to be an acceleration to be managed of our ideas- that is, that we are aware of the state of our intuitions about our intuitions while we forget that we may not be aware of insights at the time even when the work from hidden structures, and that we should expect some new dawning to at least challenge our sense of self and world view at our core.

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Is it me or are these two recent articles telling us different things?:

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