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Some Philosophic Implications of Unitary Biology

Some Philosophic Implications of Unitary Biology

I came back to Racy's coffee shop tonight to post corrections for obvious errors on the quasic map of my and Rowlands 20 amino acids. I added new things so that one can clearly see my system seems to have a more balanced symmetry- but that these match at all considering our different approaches should give us all pause and amazement.

I just saw this excellent article on ESP posted which may refresh us with what science is considered to be as a method and philosophy, but even here on the issue of the five symbols and results on precognition- that found in the 70's by Dr. Rhine of Duke- I could comment on other interpretations of what this means. Was not the designer of Magic the Gathering a string theorist? In the partition of four space do we not have five things- something to keep in mind generating 20 codons in a four space that seems to have room just for 16 things. One cannot help but expect that some of this from the heyday of the hippie revolution would be seen as new age- but although I will try to work it out I found the double higher order tetrahedron Rowlands suggested for DNA to call up the ancient Metatron Cube of Plato or Kepler's stella octanga (thank you Celestia from the philosophy chat forum). But deeper than that I have some questions of what in the foundations is fundamental even as metaphysics- still, as in the link I now post all this can be more of a non scientific method as so currently constituted as this link discusses: and I have not communicated with nor know who the author is.

I just cannot imagine how we can take the four octahedra and read from their eight faces the 64 codons even with the ideas of double three space. But I may try. I certainly doubt that there was sufficient reason for the initiator codon being the central tetrahedral. Then again the self dual tetrahedron has no center per say so even in this higher order (six dimensional structure- if I read the idea of the exponent being such dimensions and that called Clifford algebra if that is not just another similar idea to my quasic model). Yet one would expect in the saving face of a nilpotent theory of symmetric balance (for me something to rigid and not dynamic- even the steady state was a dynamic creation system of Hoyle- where of course in the more empty regions of space protons popped into existence.)- that the one principle Rowlands suggests is metaphysical, a muon and all that it is not, a vacuum and the rest of the universe, to me is not metaphysical enough.

I doubt that the key to everything is this central accounting of physics as originating from the weak force. Yes, it expresses asymmetry to fight against and yes it considers the chirality or handedness of things that are broken. But I would think more likely the chirality itself is more of a balancing and creative force in physics. Now of course we can emphasize real three space (that of the inverse square law) for that does involve the idea of spirals- perhaps universally as in Riemann or even locally on some fractal like or holographic like scale. Lampion 01-18-11 G : If braiding (that is my arbitrary dreadlocking) extends thru the depths of quasic space, it needs not become periodic (as Rowlands states in the book when it balances in 6 space.) It can become so but it is the chirality itself on this lampion and the differnces breaking symmetries or supplying mass or not that is more fundamental.

I take the opportunity to make some further Lampions as the title of this post suggests- those inspired by the making of this chart and the corrections.

Intelligible Code Variations and Symmetrical Freedom

Lampion 01-08-11: The developmental (draw sign for Leo here as symbol) or morphogenesis fields are intimately tied up with the quasic generationl shifts of reading DNA as if in general it has only a quasi-degenerate field geometry.

Lampion 01-08-11 B : In this context the Dirac algebra methods may be useful to describe relationships between the genome and mitochondria encodings especially where they arbitrarily have evolved even with different initiators. (This akin to the more holostic idea- a principle of which Rowlands does consider- to physics of electron configuration where they match nuclear structures as causal codes.)

Lampion 01-08-11 C : Thus both first theories of inheritance in the transmission of genes (one being the peas and all that) apply as if logical addition and multiplications, real and complex products and sums, or those neutral that may co-dominate as well- that is the idea not all codon products are equally probable.

Lampion 01-08-11 D : Some null singularities in the context field are implied by other as concrete contexts for structures to act at least to existentially activate or suppress genes just as would a concrete code. While the concrete code and material locations and mix help to establish re-shifting back from errors in reading and can recall the context at least to the complexity of the chromosome level. (Thus, this system may decohere malignantly in slow convergence over the natural restraint in an organism to its own internal mutations, in particular precursor contest logic or spontaneous remission unless both field creative and materially reductionist conspires and unlink their relevances at the same time.

Lampion 01-08-11 E : Media information, but a recorded skeleton or outline of once living individuals could conceivably be argued to make meat on the cartoon at some level of space or dimensionality- by this I mean to raise the bar of the conundrum
as what it means as artificial or natural for possibilities of an organic body.

I praise Weyl for his honest evaluation of some intuitionist concepts standing against the partisanship of some of his peers- Although I have used the word a lot I am not a pure intuitionist- but certainly number, which I do accept as a complicated idea to build a model of reality upon and as Rowlands suggests but one of other possible numbers, I do get the sense that this same sort of idea, if taken to the extreme logical conclusions, certain structures like triangles on but the surface of a structure, even what we find as exact quantum numbers themselves, can be ideas we charge as intuitionist ideas as over simplified even if on some orders of dimensions and metatronic stacking of polytopes we leave the "heaven given us by Cantor" and fall into the false limitation that precipitates from a foam like see of nothingness into the "God made the integers and all else the work of man..."

It may just be an error to resolve some things into the extremes if we truly have a unified and more general theory, a false reductionism or method which would keep us in conflict and acceptance of mystery in scientific manners- even if in our parallel mind in the psi plasm our theories have a certain solidity to our precognition as consensus or not to our intuition, forecasts, forewarning, and the general utility of scientific prediction.

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