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Perplexities in Geometry

Perplexities in Geometry

I cannot say I really understand some of these theories. The occasion of this posting is my thinking about the last statement of yesterday's post and questioning its role as a philosophic or mathematical principle.

I think my calculator, and what a task it is to use it for such explorations when the factorial button is not working, has become a string theorist. That or she is sinking deep into dementia for her level of intellect. I think my post on bogus pi was the product of bogus pi and bogus e. In any case the calculator keeps telling me slightly different things- there must be something simple and fundamental I do not know about numbers or maybe the programming- do such large and small numbers round off at infinity to whole numbers somehow?

So my friend invents a way to see space and it is hard to understand- I only know that when I give him a problem say in higher space geometry he draws some strange patterns and out comes the correct answer in the way I had expected it.

How can I who have relied on counting so much not see in the expected structures and answers that this is about a higher physics and not just mathematical recreations? This is not like going to some universal library in the sky where one can read the cylinders of data no matter what language one speaks.

To be or not to be - the philosophic question of existence. What occurs and is useful information is the space or spirit between the absolutes of nothingness and full yet tautological something. As we set design our logic systems anyway. So it may be that we should consider removing from continuous honeycomb grids in some absolute sense (that is the compliments of matrices **** of 0000 and 1111 for example not excluded from the logic of things).

The symmetry issue, at least across the quasic plan from the xy or beta-alpha directions, is one of natural bilateral symmetry. It is not clearly an infinite flat space or honeycomb to which removal of one point and its edges results in a polytope or polyhedron. Obviously this sort of making things finite can be a double operation- in an analogous sense the cube in cube or sphere in sphere mapping in lower space of say the hypercube. We should understand this duality before we try to explore higher such n-alities.

* * *

There are issues to as to what we see as if on the surface of compactified spaces as the metaphor. (what could it mean in Kea's post of three things as holes in the "pants" configuration?)

Such things do convey suggestions to us of which we see some intelligible patterns and either think the ground for them is valid or not- just how different really are these topological and string theories anyway? It is like we from our own cultural perspective try to analyze some alien script to run some machines that may be light-years ahead of our deeper understanding as goes some of the sci-fi today, certainly that sort of speculation evolves- but not very far beyond the frontier of the concerns of scientists. Otherwise it is all just another genre of space opera.

I suspect but am not able but to intuitively explain it that this hypercube without the **** two points can form as a structure in sweet perfect symmetry if we put 8 of them in a cube structure- in which case we get 24 such compactified holes- and moreover the Truncated Octahedron of 8 hexagons and 6 squares (and I only vaguely suggest this structure as it is already vague a a statement of four space viewing and in fact it is a problem of 7 space. I only know that when we make circles of things from lines and these circles are polyhedra that we get such a truncated octahedron (Lord Kelvins space filler) only it is smashed as only one 4x4x4 space. Now this space filler is after all useful to describe the surface motion mechanism of the electron flow in say wire. So it must have something to do with ideas of physics like electric charges.

* * *

This sort of perplexity (btw... it would be nice to have a calculator or at least a program that could do some of these new math discoveries- and for my quasic maths save the effort of hand writing so many ones and zeros) which I may now use as a specialized term, raises the logic questions of how we might view the excluded middle as the case or not of a logic design system.

Again, a key quasic idea is the distance between cells in an omnic space which regards not the fact of some existing 0 or 1 but the absolute change of them between two such cells. A change of all such coordinates is a linear motion thru a diagonal and of 2^n a statement of rest in a given dimension. In the former we might say that there is a flow or process which can be seen as directional into which we ascribe as the ground for asymmetry and symmetry breaking. Such breaking then a quasical or perplexing thing in some aggregate of real or virtual concrete structures. We still do not know for example just when we enter some event horizon as this seems a mysteriously relative thing to which some may imagine certain organizations can be actually alive and dead at the same time.

Let us then speculate a little on these two related links as to what is happening if we assume such logic on the local level applies to DNA.

To start with at a certain scale the DNA behaves the opposite of how we observe a rubber band to come back to a rest state.

We know that there is room within the DNA in which to put a lot of other things and some (of the sacred geometers) have speculated, way beyond our abilities to resolve things on the DNA level that this stretchability of DNA responds to emotions.

Let us recall earlier links posted that the code may be read as multiple levels of code, intrinsically, as well as fractal like over the extent of a gene.

These two links discuss the idea of electron flow over the structure and what causes such stretching. (an other article in science daily suggests that magnetic forces can enhance our ability to learn- but why? This seems still too speculative for formal science and yet it does consider the magnetism as we should in investigating the electric properties.

The conclusion of the article is that it is likely that the codon base bonds stretch or break to reduce or destroy the helicity of the total structure. More importantly DNA as if a wire is ruled out and that any such transfer of electromagnetic like units are to be thought of in terms of things like quantum tunneling.

I repeat that the deeper topology between these codon bases is there to work out atom by atom, individually- and that fits the overall compass of these topologies of organisms. But here we address the mechanism of flow over a length as if the surface phenomena (much like we say in a wire the truncated octahedron seems to apply). Let us put aside for now the idea of memory in the topological space something to consider through such portals of "dancing" DNA (see previous links and posts). Certainly, a model of RNA memory of flat worms with bases shot out seems an analog or simpler intuition than what happens with the more complex DNA bases.

One way to think about this observation is to imagine the information to periodically or irreversibly to read the 0's and 1's in the standard way and thus focused into a sense of the weights or gravity of certain effects of topological mass or perhaps inertia ideas a better terminology, or that at times things are to be read more from the quasic idea of the absolute changes in these bases as if coordinates of a wider space structure.

What is interesting then, from the recent links and comments to a sort of water memory by which the organism may recover from such an imprinting a sort of topological field to reconstitute the information in a chromosome deleted is that these links I just posted rule out simple electromagnetic physics to explain things- but I suggest that just the quantum aspects of this as a biology is not enough either.

It must seem rather magical that certain frequencies of magnetics target certain brain cells. Then again as if an action at a distance over the field of an organism the self programming developing in the organism in each cells has a certain coherence by which there is a specific target or connection to some area of the body to which the cell finds and relates but does not know where the other is for such an effect- a sort of global distance tunneling multiple reentry of the density in the Riemann like manner.

I note also articles on bacteria where they incorporate other bacterial genes to adapt to environmental toxins. Thus these mechanisms may (even if we do not insist on a physical explanation for all such topological ideas) return "mangled" that is imperfectly reproduce the imprint DNA helical shadow- that too can be a survival mechanism as well as a defect and chance evolution of some overall inheritance structure. It may also follow that the mechanisms of immunity as learned or not and some reserved for unknown assaults to come is a difference in this quasic and natural code reading of abstract matrix coordinates.

Certainly then, we are applying questions of fundamental logic to structures be they strings or pure space and undertaking real experiments to aid our vision of things. We like the bacteria probe into the dark at times in perplexity, driven maybe in the general flow of things and the mysterious self organizing of tissue as if to be in concert with the heart beat and its electricity. Our speculations then on what we accrue from what we cannot show clearly we understand save it seems to make sense intelligibly, on the higher or lower levels of our symbols and language. But is this not the issue now when we imagine the questions of the logic of realism in matters of what we think of as local or non-local and entanglement? Our stance to causality and the flow of time? The getting around our passing of electrons from one atom to another as if to treat it as a fluid flow?

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