Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Germs of Stray Thoughts

Germs of Stray Thoughts I. (PeSla On Layman Physics)

Why should we be surprised when we find throughout known science that the Lorentz description holds, when after all that group is associative?

Just where globally does the time turn into space and of what differential description in this joint (Newton-Leibinz) notation that sees the gravity metric as non-linear? Clearly, the best description is within the matrix itself and not by what we add to it to modify it.

Clearly, absolute values are essential for periodic descriptions as so is the trigonometry for the ease of calculation- yet, from this appeal to overt symmetry and the reversible in the equations of physics, especially the relativity's as the non-linear in the whole to match the non-linear in the microworld, time in such unstable solutions can be made stable by a triality like concept of the grounding somewhere of the greater than instantaneous. After all in the static group spherical singularity itself the euclidean circle and hyperbolic paths are equivalent as far as group structures go (and there are analogs of absolute values in such a context of equations.)

From a narrowing understanding in a widening picture- what does the time dilation mean if it can be converted at spherical (not point) singularity at event horizons?
That the otherness (as gravity, space, intrinsic time perhaps, energy) is stored in the inversion of these things. Otherwise how would we derive from these concepts the understanding or at least experimental measure the enormous difference of that stored in the mass that becomes the energy from deep into these hidden symmetries and dimensions?

The spherical singularity is only illusory in it being round and regular, that is as if a linear situation is an illusion hiding unseen and more complex geometry. But what seems non-linear may be so either in the normal scale of things as if flatland or in the remote regions of the gravity scales.

God, perhaps, is that surface phenomenon and that tensor of His mass that intervenes with his personality in a dying world of standard Trinitarian physics theory, or just the empty matrix behind it without visibility or measure to be a mystery. Again, in these quasi-religious metaphysics truth is finely balanced between these ideas. Sometimes things should be turned on their heads, absolutely and dialectically.

Here is an old puzzle and the way I solved it thinking of hypercube structures which I understand this as hard to program. The topological view makes two rather than one solution rather apparent (maybe this is true for those with algebra alone too) But in any case the boatman tends to serve as a metaphor for a more structured and possibly irreducible external consciousness as if thru spacetime. What hidden world or rumors of it goes beyond this idea as if a difference in how humans and computers more easily deal with twists and turns and raw counting in numbers and space?

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facebook info on my education (a comment about UWM and UNC):

L. Edgar Otto
The amazing thing about this is how brief my few hours at the university never a test nor opening a book. Thank you VA. It was not something wrong with me and my fault (I got exceptional admission test scores) twice they fouled it up- the... constitution does not say many got thru with no problems so something's wrong with you, but if one gets past some law it is the right of everyone to do so. As far as WI the statues say that in matters of veteran's laws the law is to be interpreted liberally. Well, for the Vietnam era they made community colleges for the GI bill- if as the news said today no undergrads learn anything in the first two years of college- what does that mean for a 2 yr. associate degree?

In the news today the Property Tax in Wisconsin and the county budget:

This is a place to train rookie police officers and a dumping ground for the mentally ill. So on one hand the new jail and two new vehicles is a big part of the local budget and the social services (who among other things administers medications) would get more than the 23% but they have other sources of money than from the county. The Left and Right seem to work together in this business- I mean, a person is either a criminal responsible for his actions or they are not at fault for the society is the source of actions and their mental illness. It is how you look at it I suppose. Anyway, if they pass a law to vote I need a picture ID that in my case will cause me not to be able to vote, as I do in general, for the very ones passing the law. But I did hope to vote for more school funding and have a say on our elected judges before that law might kick in. Do we not want to invest in our future children regardless of other issues of taxation? But what does it matter if you own a 100K house, the sheriff said- I spend 500$ on my cell phone in a year. Well, I did not see that much last year- not even the stimulus.

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One cannot imagine the effect in an attic apartment reading Einstein in high school while outside are thunderbolts and we are talking about simultaneity, the Doppler effect, and a racing train and how we see such flashes around it.

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