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Existential Prediction and Higgs Tilting

Existential Prediction and Higgs Tilting in the Doubled Pinball
Raspberry Universe

L. Edgar Otto   Aug. 23, 2013

Lubos has an interesting article today the idea put into metaphors of a Boltzman brain  and makes some statements about number theory and empty DeSitter universes and so on.  This dialog out there is new to me in the terminology but not the concerns.  I view it as creative rank metaphysics or religious concepts more than the clear science... Lubos comments on the situation appears to be a countering in the learned arguments which seems to me on the same level of assumptions or missing assumptions in this where it applies to science or how we reason, individually or collective ideologically or not.

Otherwise we may already assume super-string theories and higher super-symmetry as empty.  The laws of he universe as useful information and methods are only quasi-uniform locally.

Can we not predict 9 digits anywhere along the random looking digits of pi from the last 9 in base ten?

I also like the comments on the viXra blog lately between Orwin, Stephen, and me.  In the case of orienting axes in three space where something follows or is contiguous to what can be considered the information we may store in a shorthand of six colors we cannot but assert that the universe is so random that we cannot learn something logical and intelligible from considerations of a wider whole.  This of course involves our concepts of Triality such as of particle flavors, and sensible patterns of Higgs-like objects which are close to the counting logic of number theory- especially the recurring patters of 24.

Big data may in fact supply us with some useful information, Stephen, if we have a slightly better grasp of these combinotoric structures underlying the physics of this world.

And Orwin, the references to the Greeks are still  worth learning from as well the triality you mention for Van der Waals -  interestingly you suggest it relates to gravity.  But in my charts where things are distinctly vertical or horizontal in two dimensions we do not half the plane into even and odd values as both axes, rather I imagine something like gender applied to the unique numbers rows that suggests a deeper asymmetry in the universe that comes before the physics of ratios of matter and antimatter.

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Notes on the Illustrations:

Looking for a large triple graph to map all the 720 permutations of three bi-color axes oriented in three space that structure makes the calculations... this obvious idea occurred to me after recent viXra comments on particle flavor and when I was trying permutations of notes on my guitar.

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Lately I am turn my thoughts to protocells and other nano related issues... not the least of it is the question of toxicity in our inadequate theory of the artificial vs relation to organisms...

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next day a thought comment for viXra org on the natural and unnatural...
BTW….this post was lost in trying to post it when net service was interrupted and to back up copies did not save… I am not sure I can write it as good again… essentially it is about applying some of these ideas to make sense of all the information and perhaps judge its worth… some points I recall as each of us are at some stage of awareness, local or distant of imagined influences, just as with that possibility in numbers and metalanguage and how far the universe can be as quasifinite
Big Bang the first miracle and all left as science? Math unlike other faiths that can prove it is based on faith? One big miracle of the prophets then the practical world left we can explain? Are we distracted to keep into a certain cultural or scientific paradigm by hidden or accidental dark matter influences? Was in the miracle at Jerusalem not the Dante experience of exploring the cosmos in that older cyclic formulation…that then said a closure of such prophesy or in an individual an awakening to higher civilization and understanding that must have seemed divine.
We each as valuable as a universe, that or just s speck of dust not that unique or worth much at all…worrying about today’s miracle of our being in the world or that somewhere it may forever end…
Our parallel thoughts that seem real each to his own as his own or his faith in the collective vague totality of a miracle. So many metalanguages vertical and horizontal in integration.
We do not need some sense of conspiracy to see what may be coming as we work half blind hoping it is good in equifinality. This exposure to information, the more we experience the more we can hold… but how do we know simple things like what is safe to eat, the artificial man-made or that from nature- protocells with their need for vast energy compared to us humans…sometimes the unnatural can out do or enhance what we consider natural where the geometry of dimers and clay jump start universal life. Are such nano particles already in our food like gene modification toxic for any say individual genome? Does any theory tell us about this? The claims would cure many thing but when? just promises of hope?
Certainly today we can only watch with sorrow how cultures caught in a loop as if some certainty of religion or science continues the tribal wars and the lust for place and obtainment. Our spiritual manuals say otherwise as with all disinformation and lies I suppose.

and I forgot:  in the quasifinite world the landscape is wide to much to assume all things are connected thus mostly external or that as worth little all systems are isolated, perhaps not connected at all...

I might add that the idea drugs first awaken humanity to visions of a deeper reality and consciousness, those of lesser strength of mind or of more civilized in their mysticism,  I find suspect when we consider the genome as a ground of measure with a multiplicity of uniqueness in its expressed and potential parts... we can only sell a false story if we have the monopoly on the message or the power... such a creativity craved when it is all there is speaks for the drive of living itself  otherwise we have a prison that dont make sense if we care to think about it....  we have to let science grow but there is no reason we cannot let with care and intelligence.

There are a few things about this Stereotope of which I am exploring intuitively over the terrain of a very abstract landscape which I feel rewarding in the sense of understanding and comprehension rather than just some mechanical approach... these maps continue in binary multiples for the n! which btw Lubos is not just a numerology but a hidden depth in numbers just as in the mechanistic view (not the spirit of seeing things in systems of higher space) hidden depth there is even a more vague sense of mysticism.  While there is nothing mystical about the fourth dimension as Coxeter said... there is nothing so reductionist either that the vision  of such space or higher dimensions and knot analogs or breaking symmetries we cannot explain things like gravity and matter as particles.  Now if we count the partitions say by the p(1) functions as explained in the most visited viXra blogs does this not relate to the idea of 3 charges as 1/3 charges, or 3 unit charges, or some unity of such a trinity?  Is such mathematics more fundamental than physics? Or just a different way of rising to the comprehension that such things are not trivial a the foundations to which we need not imagine exotic curves or functions just as approximations of "rounding up or truncating".  Intuition does more than let us recognize a puzzle to solve or see some lack in the data that is trying to tell us something.

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