Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sentience, Soul, and Abstract Structures

Sentience, Soul, and Abstract Structures

L. Edgar Otto  

August 7, 2013

Evidently, the representation of the general quasic brane in terms of symmetry and dimensions procedes as the odd integers, 9 colors for four space.  Of course in this abstract idea as the dimensions increase new systems relations arise... in particular, here as within a count of physical objects in arrangements we find spaces or Holes  (such as black holes) to which we need to further understand.   The hole in a genus 1 torus for example is on the outside save for a 2D slice thru it... such spaces seem disconnected from a different spatial view, in the diatorus brane where are such holes.  I raise this issue for the phenomenon of sentience- of ideas of intelligence real or artificial as in the viXra blog Brain Power thread.  That there can be a place that contains or has the space to contain the soul abstractly does not mean such a metaphysical entity is contained therein... but it does show the wider possibilities of physical effects such as for black holes or other hidden space creative processes.

In the quasic idea of indefinite boundaries it makes little sense to ask if in such regions something leaks out for at the foundations it goes nowhere nor does it establish a conservation of incoming or outgoing forces between regions, nor establishes on solid grounds the relationship of entropy, isolated systems, and foundations of possible other thermodynamic symmetry laws.   Scale if relative, as Jonathon mentions on that blog is not an overwhelmingly vast infinite number while he says if there is leaking the potential must be enormous.  Infinity in this sense is a little uncertainty in the distinction of potential or indefinite infinity.  In the hierarchy of effects, fractal and holographic like, a gain or reduction of dimension is a gain in symmetry as well places where it is reduced.

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Perhaps a hint of the wider advanced vision of which I am more interested in the technology than the paradoxes and debate of evolving universes and theology...    facebook status    the math began with this more unified vision from recent post ideas... such as physical results from concrete n-dimensional printing and the questions on fb in my comments to Sabine H  link to ultimate process that some fear could ignite the sun...    status:
The most complicated and powerful thing in the universe is the mind, even more that the complexity of our biology. An organism can create new baby universes from new beginnings but a mental being can create multiverses which makes a branching evolving model an understatement of imagination, we can create universes as such but in terms of struggle and survival at the heart of it this raises much deeper theological issues which probably are just issues of similarity and replication less than what we still need to know about ourselves and each other. But I deduce this from the mathematics.  L. Edgar Otto      

Some interesting but simple experiments also like new antennas and transmission systems to access the wider space beyond what we now imagine the ground state of physics of the universe.  It also had some implications for the field causes and cures for the illusive concept of things like developmental autism and so on...

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note today on viXra blog to Orwin

Orwin, that is a most interesting and fresh approach.  After all when it comes to the sense of smell it is more complicated as if we can make very fine distinctions on chemical structures.  It is amazing to me the sixth taste was not named until rather recently some I think in Japanese like MSG sensing.  It just cannot be as simple as six degrees of freedom in an ensemble of gasses.  I imagine that within a small system, the spacious now or the breath of a quantum bra-ket we have causation of what is preceded by x , a range of z's may follow.  But outside the brakets or the now causation is logically just an historical fiction.  I wonder also if ideas of a difference of  dimension not only defines the boundary of a material object but constitutes it materiality... a theme used in science fiction.  In any case such a developing system if the terms are set down these can result in closed loops which short of a full higher space limits the information to spinning entities...perhaps a cycle here deeper than whatever is broken that defines entropy in isolation as cyclic temperature (or time).  The speculation the 20 involved in Dirac's algebra corresponds to the 20 amino acids as in Peter Rowlands (and my own independent ideas starting with n-D n-symmetry in 1964, the bilateral symmetry important) is now  common speculation as to the unity of biology and physics.  We are as organisms a compressed shadow of such higher structures.

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