Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Indefinite Quasi-periodicity

This illustration seems so trivial a just a result of the counting so as not to tell us that much- yet we can compare this to the general ideas at the foundations of physics such as quantum theory.  To the poetic or intuitive eye the pattern suggest a scalar particle form as if a matrix QM lattice or in the shifting sequential reading the wave (or double node wave of base 8) forms.  As with Sabines insights in Scientific American the loop idea suggests a quantization of gravity (that is quasication as part of a unified theory)  My posting error as times 17  (consider all X18) is a typo considering the neutral nodes of patterns within patterns and so on.  Such things are like Leo Vuyk's idea of what is the form and dynamics of black holes, their hierarchy and handedness for a (if we view it as a totality) the raspberry universe. Or if we imagine in such a grid as I have above the quasication of the eigenvalues (see the viXra comment blog for ideas from the contributors).  This is perhaps a more foundational idea of what the flavors are and the suggestion by Rowlands the four factor (Fermat's saying among the most recondite properties of number) as the dimensionless difference values of such particles.  Early on in trying to make sense of the primes I had a fleeting vision of the answers involved some relationship of squares but did not know enough to pin it down and part of it still eludes me. I add that this intuitive sense of what is happening in such wild ends of group space and dimension surely is understood by Marni, and the landscape by Pitkanen as to its complexity beyond what we have now.  As simple as this model I present is it suggests much more complexity yet that is not out of our reach.  The applications I suggested earlier were too new to post really involve technical aspects of say the circuits.  As far as three dimensional printing or greater is involved the recent suggestion of making not one massive printing but it done modular in some xtral lattice fabrication seems to fit the general idea of our quasifinite reality as quasics and should in its intelligible logic be applied to the transmission at a distance of quantum information  as quasication as well as quantization.  In any case we have to consider the view of the digital as well the general properties we imagine for our idea of infinite space or that of nothingness analog or reduced to singularities as we insist on avoiding or renormalizing our models as the universe as far as we can now grasp it already does.

Indefinite Quasi-periodicity

L. Edgar Otto   13 August, 2013

In the quasic brane similarity as multiple tiling is subsumed into fractal hierarchy patterns of 5n which suggests the 4n symmetry colors follow suit expressed as linear or polar as the brane group symmetry operations apply.

The initial count thru 5 patterns is transitive over the plane or over the crystal lattice tiling to define the 3D brane extensions and so on thru natural linear dimensions.

As far as the unit cell count appropriate to the symmetries and dimensions so interpreted as physicality a general initial or final singularity cell as an integer sum can measure the concept of inertia as reference rest mass or gravity of which these may only quasifinitely be intimated linked periodically.

The arithmetical information can be considered as certain in coordinate positions, momentum, energy, motion and so on if the quasic brane is interpreted as a general quasi-fixed Aether.

The stacking of such brane regions may occur without a change in the periodicity in the depth but at this condition descending into the depth the span may contain periodic regions where span and depth are a unified concept that acts in the available amount of mass (and inversion of span expansion) as holographic linearily or polarly. (the sub particles of Higgsino like objects may indeed reflect the symmetries of Platonic polytopes (as say of 20 as mentioned by Lubos with his descriptive names of this subtle difference) wherein a point like an integer is a class concept where it is distinguished from singularity.

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I found thru Sabine a discussion of facebook on how to catch the flies in her office which lead to the humor of the "collapse of the fly function".  Goole had a quantum cat in its logo today also.  This lead to the New Scientist article point out as serious that flies can detect by quantum effects various forms of molecules as if seeing deeper into their structure.  Note the rare earths and the shark sensitivity. Not the vipers that can detect a prey's heat to a thousandth of a degree.  This sort of effect shows the influences of deeper symmetries below the surface configuration of a molecule.

As this exists by such quasifinte fields in the body another article given better depth of vision by our technology suggests  "Translocation" as a leading condition of cancer of the rare mismatching of parts of genes between different chromosomes  (as suggested in the general reasoning in my recent post on the call for speculation as to the nature of Cancer, as these inductive effects seem to me quasi-locality where the hidden physics may conceivably apply to analogs in the complexity of mental systems.  Between these morphogenic like fields in a mind or body we can have partial development where the distinctions have several broken quasic dimensional divisions that opperate against diverse distinct viable equivalent wholes.

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Sunday Footnote: In my second illustration from the top the lower part of the grid suggests to me a more fundamental structure than this experimental analysis of heat, time and electrons. It also speaks of something more fundamental than the quaternion or octonion differences or as to how the reversal of spinning things as central to many qm and GR processes is not the deepest of foundations.

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