Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Arithmetic of Virial Singularity

The Arithmetic of Virial Singularity

L. Edgar Otto    21 August, 2013

* A prime number at singularity has both an absolute unique relation to the set of all numbers chosen linearly from a sequence of indefinite potential infinity and is a general binary class of things when reduced to arithmetical properties.

* At an initial singularity in the span of an intelligible context as a physical unity of a universe absolute in an arithmetic the prime singularity 2 as duality and a notation for our ideas of virality, especially where it is expressed by the inverse square law applying to various fields stands uniquely as one number that factors all other composite even numbers dynamically.  It as all classes in the absolute may be considered as if a shadow or null in a give arithmetical or topological system.

* Into higher space representations the power applied to this number as a continuum of substructures or hidden symmetries may depend on the natural power of the dimension of representation.

* The question of total unique spaces complete in a given arithmetic or that such universes of counting and discourse exceeds these properties as a possibility and perhaps on many supersymmetric levels.  But where there is a reduction up to what seems intelligible and complete on a given level the dynamics of mirroring states, real or virtual, will show in the assumed balanced measure as chirality in tandem while both states exist over entanglement, an intrinsic asymmetry.

* While random and black box influences, or causation directions may fit the general picture such as the reversal of Markov chains and the resulting nonlinear possibilities of delayed paths, increasing complexity, mass or gravity to be resolved at reversal as probable measure... the arithmetic and topological structure of quasifinite objects logically grounds things to imagine or do experiments at the foundations.

* We can imagine a sequence of primes subject as universal to quasi-unique squaring for a field of compliments that may start in the square root of things as vertical or horizontal products that may loop independently as well as quasi-isolated contiguously focused product systems bias the direction of teleological dynamic directions at least existentially.

* From the view of non-necessity the proofs of theorems like Fermat's Last Theorem or n-body and N-color theorems, and the special role regarding angles in complex  representation regarding the Riemann hypothesis or the musings of Ponclaire in topology can be reconsidered at such arithmetical foundations.

* * * * * * *

Thoughts made clearer inspired by dialog with Leo Vuyk and other comments our theoreticians mentioned as issues on the viXra. org  blog.   Beyond this we need to explore things like what we mean by transcendental numbers - yet it seems new research and developments as experiments have been appearing lately in the nature of what things are such as electrons as well the social or speculative ideas as to how they stand in our superstitions or mythology that we feel still deeper secrets of this world.

* * * *
Next Day: well, reminds me of Marni's researches a couple of years ago... but the illustration above goes deeper than my comment on the nature of such angles...that is more foundational for the matter anti matter energy or mass differences as if from some unified initial condition as also a such virial system decohere by the inverse square law or some extenion forever should we not limit our perceptions or imagination to say 4 generations?  I am reminded when as a child I discovered trying to extend the resolution of my microscope that a second image was made on the floor from the light fixture on the ceiling but larger and further out...

I note on Orwin's links tonight in a comment on the viXra blog the mathematics in vague terms of general principles seems to make conclusions in the same spirit of my nuts and bolts approach... If such spirits can be accepted as proofs.  I add that  Pitkanen's use of 127 in p-adics and primes also relates to a deeper representation than an even dimension (4 fold not 8fold) calculation.
* * *

A symbolic flag for Leo Vuyk's raspberry universe concept with quasic counting considerations.

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