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Physical Memory and the Brain as a Quasic Computer

Physical Memory and the Brain as a Quasic

L. Edgar Otto   August 28, 2013 4:30 am CST

Many question or the idea of what our researches and speculations point to can be readily seen in a simplified model of the quasic grid or brane... in the counting, and in personal introspection of what our consciousness and brains may be if such self duality is possible or healthy to do. Recall a much earlier post on Athenation of which we have a certain top down bottom up binary flow rather than the more immediate right and left issues that seem to focus esp type effects from the subjective structure as well as we now see in relation to memory   seeking what the slightly higher complexity as the brains physical structure can tell us in simple integer counting of the supergenerational strings and singularity Landau super-poles as the apparent structure of the vacuum can be adaptable as singularity complexes and neoteric stable physical continua.

But I am not proposing here an in depth understanding of consciousness, or for that matter the forces of nature save they it seems they can evolve to a higher level.  A life script is composed of unique events or experiences more or less stable and accessible as if some wider general coordinate system- but again, does this mean our consciousness or sense and depth of self awareness is composed of this uniqueness that certainly can color our perceptions?  I is suggested that the general reality of the universe cold be a quantum or Boltzmann brain but that just pushes the foundations further back or beyond... to such models given the super-generational quasic strings in a quasifinite reality I offer the possibility of the universe as a brain where it is a quasic computer.  This perhaps suggests not so much the universe as conscious itself when we consider the structural spectrum and its thermodynamic symmetries of forces reunified in super Lorentz boosts that the possibility we do in fact have a way for the history free over time to be naturally recorded somewhere for each individual person or sequence path as the learn and live... these issues to be considered as something to investigate as science first where we try to explore intelligible complexity of physical principles and perhaps get a better idea of what mass and gravity really amount to beyond or program of methods and theories.
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Wednesday night:
Doesn't  pain help direct the development of things as in the teeth and bones?  Perhaps what not seen here is the location of some principle like consciousness or the soul. Not merely a physical reason like lack of blood flow or connectivity of neurons that generate the hidden geometry of tunnels entering the light.  What is to be interpreted here is that the brain system is much more complicated that the physical system and that more than simple physics with its DNA and virus encoding of clay.  Could such a blob be used to make an organic memory processor or is the idea of memory itself somehow part of this code to which the emotions of laughter for example is not just the brain of a Sheldon on the Big Bang but a wider gift of a God or universe given science... for if He did not want us to use our brains why would He have created them?  This experiment is too important for the usual mediocre cues of canned laughter that we as the audience are induced to clap.
Futher fb comments by me: L. Edgar Otto The usual remarks in the article about the frontiers not of the mystery of the unknowns of our miracle of being, of consciousness, of a nano project that can deliver by science a well a bullet for cancer cells only, but insight on just what is autism or schizophrenia and so on... our future will be much more complex and much more risky if we give up the idea of spirit to a constitutional dictatorship and merely maintain a class of citizens not modified so much as left in the dark.
L. Edgar Otto Let us add to this the new evidence that viruses are now thought to be a fourth type of live and not just random chemicals or something between life or inert in confusion like a sort of quantum cat, natural and man made.

 L. Edgar Otto What is not forbidden is that in a sense if we find certainty in all the complexity of reality there remains a generality where the uncertainty principle can be seen as absolute.

This was quite a sensible article. While thermodynamics is of course a frontier for research the asymmetry of time may indeed need a deeper basis. The holographic principle is important but needs fractal like considerations with it- if we think some effects are "illusions" our theories are not concrete or general enough. And I only speak as a lay person that expected more from our exulted theoreticians - things feel right but if I am wrong then such wisdom can only be understood by the very few - I do not think so. I do have to enlarge that map and think about it. The 4D pentatope idea is but a beginning of that math and is not enough- but supersymmetry ideas can be there in a different way than thought say in string theory.   fb thursday see sabines posts for links

earlier comments and dialog:
L. Edgar Otto Forest Dump in this forum has always been level headed and moderate in his comments and evaluations... that is we intellectually evolve as we evolve, some of us, even with the uncertainties of the complications of uniqueness and consciousness as physics of force and memory has this element of adaptation and selection of a brain or body with general cosmic unities in thoughtful explorations and experiments. Still, shades of Sheldon on the popular sitcom called "The Big Bang" with his Baptist roots in Texas. Yes, most likely the willful forceful proof as evidence should be suspect as with all potential narrow minded propaganda intended or with the unseen consequence of indoctrination... science grows as we try to understand physical and social gravity.

Leo Vuyk Nice picture Edgar, However in my view the vuykian raspberry is not dimensionless, see:

L. Edgar Otto Very important point of which I am now thinking about and about to post on which essentially relates drawings here to issues of a more general relation of mass and consciousness. Form is more important than current physics gives it credit for and reaches far into the foundations. In this sense as in the simple extensions of the tic tac toe game questions we see many more possibilities on the mental aspects of our brain than the physical chemistry. I should have said Dimensionfree where such questions are open and debate structures extended now called scalar fields interacting. My Ultranscontinuum more vague than your Raspberry concept but now in its function I explore the vague continuum of learning my Neotericontinuum, to which your deliberations are more advanced while some as I predicted would do so begin to relate this to dark matter... When we do find experimental evidence of a biological nature such as memory stored in the cortext not the hippocampus (long term) it is rare it applies so accurately and deeply- thinks I have tried to see by introspection assuming no nonnecessary truths including those necessary ones not forbidden. The connection of which comes first the mind or cosmic structure- well that is still for me generally not measurable and dimensionless.

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