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Fellows,   (for blog post):     L. Edgar Otto   Aug. 10, 2013

Finding the right place in the technology, that and independent development has shown me where my education is lacking, the steps I assumed close to the foundations and elaborated on, and that the way science is taught can be an arbitrary bias if not outright wrong for some projects. I have had to go back to the books to catch up and understand our basic electronics projects where so much of our era of science began (think of Einstein in the early days of he patent office around new inventions) although my Dad was a great engineer he felt hampered by the higher math so in that sense his best teaching was having me take apart various electronic components- or building antennas,  I wish I had more time and yes budget but with greater theory things go rapidly.

Two things have come up synchronously in my current concerns of which I regard them as hints of what could develop and are very much understated.  These are connected in the brain and natural blog threads.  Some are concerned with the observation effect be it a matter of quantum stuff or some form of consciousness - for that some have suggested the solution is make your own internet.

The first is that form of particles that looks like my last musings and of which Lubos has a post also (of which he tries to cite people who in the past were the origins of the idea now that it is published and became fashionable (this precedence for special purposes cited other than it gives us a common name for effects I do not think is historical or viable outside the brackets of our current spacious now in principle)  Let us blame Harvard perhaps and science as political or social, or economic, collective or private.

The other aspect to be considered concerning the brain as computation,  parallel ideas from nature.  Is a bold attempt from IBM for a new programming language.

In these things at the frontier we surely can go deeper where they are intimately related - the question of what is needed to manufacture or program the hard and soft ware as well a better understanding of what the mind is (perhaps more than a quantum induction system- given this we can go further than the dramatic statement of a ten fold miniaturization and so on to higher spaces.  If we know, and can discern where the natural or artificial differences show up there will be ways to compensate this great ambiguity of material or mental dualism- autistic cures for example in the intelligent tinkering with say what is lacking in particular genes.

But I do not mean to add to the abstracts of abstracts of news nor be a node in how the knowledge is presented or used passed as news from my time place and circumstance.  One of the mysteries of QM is the sense that we all share something of science and wisdom.  As was said and I forget who... the Neanderthal gazing at the beauty of a sunset is in some ways the same person we are - at least for now, and we can be so much more than that.

Thank you all for focusing my thoughts and for your inspiration.

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Next Day - I find it amazing how electronic theory developed despite the lack of understanding of fundamental things such as Maxwell's  aether displacement currents and what a ground actually is.  Was Franklin wrong as to the flow of charges or is that somehow relative while we use, and fudge the seam formulas as best we can in an abstract two space?  In any case in reading the new text I plotted the five colors of the quasic plane for those needed to navigate in two space abstractly. I find it so obvious as to how we better map tables of binary conversion and the sense of spin or the asymmetry of the resulting image I notices before in this 7 or 8 bit 4 space generation pattern as if the turbines of the water flow analogy used to describe the simpler things in the theory.

Of course there are four more patterns 2 thru 5 in a fractal cyclic hierarchy  of which we may find interesting things and counts linear or  in spin or parallel/

as in my personal OTTO symbol ten fold of crescents much as the above pattern generalization or that of electron flow if free whatever the view as to what is magnetism displacement without light velocity as acceleration and so on thus virtual infinity, what perhaps is dark and what is our immediate measure and limits of thermodynamic and energy models in the deep symmetries and asymmetries of the concept of quasifinite inertia at the foundations.

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