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L. Edgar Otto   Aug. 30, 2013

So many of the same ideas modeled in different terms... in retrospect my poetic coining of terms, isolated from the ideas or standard but not agreed ones, with a long sense of caution is a strength, about all we can do given our half shared experiences of thought and life.

If we do not make a distinction between matter and dark matter or their relationships as physics... we can image a state matrix of quasi-illusion. That is to say the vast structures of stars, the new explanation of a layer of counter currents which Einstein said was not covered by his musings and in general include this under rotating things, other than when and why matter is considered concrete or abstract like a black hole... an planet, star, even an atom from a quasifinite and dimensionfree view is the same creative entity. This generalizations applies also to a sea of singularities as well point continua erected at each point in an Omnimultiverse. Our minds, bodies, subject to the same model are not as complicated as this generalization.

by dark matter I mean a more general term, such as string theory covers wider theories... perhaps dark mass may be a better term if we want concrete corpuscles, but then at what new antihorizon does the transfer take place from one physics realm to another?

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fb comment reply to Kristopher

Yes, that is a valid way to see things and finding something different will not disturb that view. I lean toward the "highly compressed dimension model rather than its resulting consequence of what we call energy. Whatever it is - if it is- on the whole it is conserved. The science and mathematics fb page links to high school questions like what happens if the Higgs field vanished... is this not the same sort of question as in our discussion as to what happens if the sun, or say a black hole vanished? That expansion itself may be an artifact or illusion (can we compress things to singularity?) of our centered partial picture.

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this post of Lubos showed up just after mine... but I do think our posts are independent in the blogosphere background.  There is nothing wrong with this view but I have the feeling it represents a vanishing era of physics... Lubos, as he says sometimes of others have lost it... As Reagan said about the democratic party, he did not leave the party it left him.  Lubos has not left the old physics but physics has left him and this does not mean what that black hole is between his skull is a more chaotic foam ever more so nor emptiness as one of his simplistic logical possibilities.  BTW after insults, irrelevant to the issues of physics, I am not allowed for a couple of years now for discussing this with him... you see from the recent articles on black hole mechanism his report is out of date as to how they eat everything around them based on observations.  What is he defending - the myths of Einstein written on tablets of stone?  Einstein can then be questioned as with any other sacred cows of gold... If we extend physics into these realms of which Lubos as a string and supersymmetry avocate paradoxically holds but holds back in beliefs... the eigen-stuff, Hilber stuff, all the undergraduate syllabus trying to explain some limits to Lorentz and so on as if radical quantum but not consciousness mirroring firewall or not considering possibility of obvious geometry... then goodbye Einstein as a primary background... for I think he would disagree and welcome vindication of his core ideas capable of generating Smolin style things like baby universes where his memory and ideas stand independently and objectively over the new physics.     August 30, 2013
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same day next afternoon:  a comment on viXra org blog trying to make sense of the last few posters there:

If the idea of a negative sign is to simplify calculations and not an indicator of ghosts or holes in some idea of physicality… if we can sum an infinite positive series and arrive at say minus one third…how can the ghosts of 9 life quantum cats represent anything real save their endlessly falling knots of four space? In a sense is the use of complex numbers not just an elaborate extension of this idea of negativity ( I mean that there is relative negative distance only or rotations seemingly infinite yet contained by the velocity of light.) Do we only concern ourselves with the leopard’s spots or what is inside the mind of these stealthy panthers as we monkeys stand up and throw rocks at them ?

last comment to Kris on fb in reply:

 I think this makes sense... I mean if we could bottle up pure nothingness and like a bubble in water bend and focus far does the Lorentz idea go into higher but more complicated (not simpler or reduced) dimensions? then the vacuum might seem some sort of lens... this is either too basic to discuss or beyond our level of thought and imagination... but is no more weird an idea than my suggestion that humans can see in a few higher dimensions and navigate or feel the material objects around them as if something magical left if the continuum of mass with no gaps, nothing else, vanished into but a hollowness of a ghostly myth left in vanished memories. You have always been very difficult to argue with that we come to some good point and that rubs many the wrong way - I value it... the idea of time lords is after all not that far from the frontier of physics only we have explored different things (than say keep up with physics or the tardus being like any seductive mirror female if she materializes, the mother or matrix). I am amazed how some spaced out or organized minds can pick up on my thoughts, its uncanny, like I hear my echo in the hollowness of their skulls of those too sensitive (including one schizo right wing religious nut in Chippewa who thought he was under the Devil or a devil) Well, its not very scientific but I lit candles in the basement where I had the candle factory experiments and was spending the winter and banished (a lapse in reductionism may the good time lords forgive me) the demon so I could sleep at night the noise of his rants echoing in the basement. What a coincidence...from then on he sleep well at night. Last time we talked physics you explained something about light and it leaving behind a black hole... not sure it was your idea but it is as good as all the wand rattling the professional physicists are doing today in this age of new magic.

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late Friday for viXra org blog :   and  the article linked there

That was a fun article even if it begins we are lucky, or that things are so finely set in balance the "God particle" suggests a perfect initial Being for the masses has something to do with the local evidence of design.  So, if as I have logically shown at least on a small level the universe is foundationally asymmetric as well as balanced on all scales as far as structure and information goes,  can I naively reason that despite the risky free will in the illusion of this nest of what appears remote and not violent stars that the creative force is actually beneficial in the main to life and thought against the deterministic nihilism of cancelled symmetries?  This quite aside from the shared question of why things exist rather than not exist.  For now at least we can have effects on our evolution to bring things into the world, perhaps worlds, that seem unnatural or artificial if we accept the responsibility of such freedom while put in simple terms for science and philosophy it seems our debates interact such that our theories reach some ever falling entropy or when all things are understood and balanced wisdom as well as creation vanish regardless of what is the mysterious source of our ultimate concerns such as the universe that persists despite us.

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