Monday, August 19, 2013

Physical and Thought Experiments Proposed, Pesla Coils

Physical and Thought Experiments Proposed,  Pesla Coils

L. Edgar Otto   posted August 19, 2013

Consider this article from MIT I saw today... (Hey at one time the service said I could go to Yale or Purdue rather than study something I thought I would work in like RADAR, something useful.

Life is short and this technology exploration was what I said too new to post about.  So maybe it will help things along... for the theory anyway.

These parts may also be formed into modular arrays... makes good receiving antennas too for various superfluid supersymmetry bands of physicality...  Keep in  mind a better of definition of dimensions and a wider idea of group theory, that and an intelligible decoding model of related ideas of information.

* * * *  may be relavant but there are very many models one could try this method on.

Aug.20  comments from Hans inspired these questions and artwork on fb

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