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Existentialist Topology

Existentialist Topology

My thoughts of yesterday involve things of a more philosophically creative nature rather than some idea of the raw experience of physics and mathematics. In particular I have some new insight to address what Peter Rowlands called the one metaphysical tenet in his system for the foundations of physics. So what concerns me here is Existence and that which is nothing or non-existence. As physics is does concern which precedes the other between that and essence, the essence then as if a substance or some thing, and the why we have an experience of it in the existentialist terms of perceiving and acting on a need to fill existence or alternatively have cycles that bring existences of things into the world.

Time passes in a sense and thus as Sartre says- we have a past. But of time I do not speak for now as to how we ultimately perceive it and its passing. Then again Rowlands does not include ideas of tachyons in his book and points that out while in some systems this idea seems to be telling us something, at least to some theoreticians. What has happened to me and it seemed to have an unfolding in time to arrive at this idea when I look back at these recent blog posts, it a new sense of what space itself is.

It is a sense that makes me feel a little angry on one hand it took so long to internalize as part of my concrete understanding. It is like those who make much of the comets and the earth we are on as portents of great changes in the world yet the ideas are primitive and far away from the comforts and wider understanding of the cosmos in our more modern times.

I awaken from a nap or sleep and first try to find my proper orientation to the world, the north and south of it, the breeze from what window. I get up off the hard carpeted floor and feel intimately the direction of this mystery of gravity. Whatever it is I am at one with the touch of it and the center of it apparently on objects around me- I fall and yet I am grounded. I can orient a Rubik's cube in my mind as to what is the front or back or up and down, and the right and left and the popcorn explosion of its centered image external but intimately set to my own center of orientation.

In the intellectual and deeper understanding of the topology of space of what seems like it should be obvious but is not always I have become aware of things around me in its exquisite touch, that touch being part of the definition with sight, of geometry. I have but to touch some model made of cardboard or some random shape to imagine deep geometric principles of substance despite they are founded on the structures of nothingness.

I see that in a sense the intellectual understanding of something, an awareness of sorts, just like the idea that light and its perception, sight, is important, that what we see in the universe even from the beginning of our awakening in infancy to shapes, position, and pattern, is determined by our learning of some system, some education of it. That we think we understand basic particles in the sense of what is and what is not of the muons for example is really a statement of our psychology if not a product of our psychology. That is to say where we get these vague ideas of how mind may influence the physical space.

Of course as a matter of material physicality we start with what is brain or matter as the real before we can go into the experience of the subjective (presumably). But this has a geometrical analog in the topology and algebra of natural or cosmic code and principles. An atom like a body cell has a nucleus (that is from our external view it being spherical in a sense in symmetry) but before it replicates in its double-ness of space and process we must have the nucleolus to prepare the proteins essential for this process. What in the atom is the analog to such a structure? I can be derived from the code but mainly is this difference between what is considered the surface and what the internal space of things.

Today on the blogs (TheReferenceFrame) is a discussion and evaluation of the idea of white holes. While it is an intelligible posting one has to wonder if philosphically Rowlands is closer to the truth of what we understand as the second law of thermodynamics in the sense it is a half a law?

When we allow for the surface and the internal possiblities of the various cubes and deltahedra against the nothingness of the equitorial Petrie polygon as a dihedron, we see that beyond one such spiral there is the possibility of variations on the other side of what we cannot see beyond as if it is nothingness. Yet upon a further grasp of this amazingly freshly seen classification of structures we can have an n-hedron composed of the nothingness of vacuum- and it is not clear we can say if it is of a polyhedron nature or a sphere or some other variation as all such structures in the vacuum are possible of which we may not show universally there is proof.

In fact there is nothing wrong with the idea that parallel lines Euclideanly never meet, at least existentially. We should have extended this idea long ago to a more generalized concept of dimensions as to what is tangent, ie touching or not, the closure of vacua. From such considerations even on the nano level of molecules we can derive the principles that acting like a directed gravity we can establish the linkage and other mechanisms with which to manipulate them.

Sarte points out that as we so touch our bodies and feel it so we touch a brick wall (of what and how many if not at least half a dimension?) so we infer the other exists. But in the touching of each other (or to some extent the seeing of others or ourselves as if our eye looked into our eye says Sartre) is a multidimensional and multisymmetrical project of the utmost complexity and generalization of theories like the standard and string theories.

It is never clear that what can go indefinitely or returns, or is continuous or not at the vital unfolding of the cones of time and matter- at least within our existence and that experience of structures.

We are granted leeway then in what is or is not on the other side of a structured vacuum and its creation or annihilation of light for we can match things in a greater freedom of order to which something can materially apply. Learning is much the preparations for the concrete in a theory on this side of all such mirrors of existences so we in actuality form of our experience in the abstract of the subjective what is the concrete in our mind as the subjective.

At some point the value of intellectual and creative property is not a matter of a lawless range war of competition for domesticated where once wild resources for the scientist has to choose to go strait if he was part of the rustling scene and be strong enough to enforce the hope of unified laws hopefully fairly under the cottonwoods of Colorado and what of the Kansas that isn't Kansas anymore. Just mixing the brands to sell to the dishonest or covering up the natural longing to that above the poles and mountain tops with a solid triangle and a bar is not enough to reach what can be for a better world where our achievements are recognized for the benefit of all in our free enquirey. Let your hopes for change and involvement with it be a belief and philosophy of which you are aware of it and of the consequences as time itself makes the true claims as it becomes real.

To emphasize this point- after all this living I found a fundamental change in how I perceive the space around me- and I understand just what it is when someone with some viewpoint regards something in the world as a physical truth and what is not accessible from a higher viewpoint as fantasy- even if their coherence on a lower level can only imagine there is more to their model then they are objective enough to consider. This change is quite amazing when it relates to a fresh look at how we as a physical thing with relations and boundaries actually move through and stumble in this world. We apply this idea of Sartre and the reaction to the action principle in free fall and in the creative white holes of our imaginations we find some ground and the faith in it on which to stand on. Now, if only there is more than the too solid to be the complete truth of physics!

* * *

[On facebook today I posted this on my mind: L. Edgar Otto
Amazing! Apparently my DMV state ID was sent back as undeliverable. Of course when it comes to registered letters that lead to my loss of property the Post Office can find me. I suppose this means I will not be able to vote again because how far away is November- a lot closer than my trying to get an ID? An my new official birth certificate is not as accurate as the one the university here refused
to take in 1985.

What sort of substantial reality is this ongoing injury and entanglement with papers that sell us rumors of nothingness? Today, since the university did not reply to my email and apparently I do not exist in some senses in this current state of society- I asked them too to give me a student ID as they took my picture when I did not have a warrant and am forbidden by the chief of detectives from going to admissions. One issue was that having been told I would not need a birth certificate certified by UNC and by a state representative here in WI things were delayed many times they then requiring it. The VA is no help and not in my interest to talk to them anymore. I want to make it clear to them and some who are still Senators that I did apply and was accepted before the end of my GI bill after a long struggle and yes it was only one more month-but the VA said I was not and by time more could be frigged out the date was past. In the new minimalism of the time the state wanted everyone declared mentally disabled and thus a loss of rights in dealing with the VA. I note, in this sad month of great losses for our mostly young troops in Afghanistan, what I knew already, that they to fill quotas accepted some rather unstable kids on prescription drugs- so now apparently the senate will vote for more medical funding the majority of which is for mental problems. Apparently our answer to suicide bombers are bombs and suicide. The state and university is not interested in the work of science but is unreal and arbitrary- the people in the end carry what is the real and where the state is arbitrary in its generational cultural theft there is no control on its survival and can it endure and stand- if it does not intelligibly act itself.

Thought on facebook today and these comments:
Arian Otto So all you have to do is go to the post office, right? Doesn't seem difficult. I have your check card and pin letters here. Bring them up in about a week.
2 hours ago
L. Edgar Otto No, another small not difficult step- the question is: when will it be mailed again- they said from 3 to 5 weeks, the receipt paper said 15 days. I see not point in not being honest to the letter of the law this late in my life in a world that is paranoid expecting people to be otherwise. Also the lost check was not sent to RCU yet and it makes a small difference as usual as to how I must break promises and obligations.
2 hours ago
Ed O'Brien You've got to be kidding with this Beaurocratic[sp] Crap!!!!???
2 hours ago

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In the process of droll learning the goal should be that in the sight and touch of others our intimacy and sense of our own organic space as a measure of experience and awareness is that we caress each other and take no love for granted in our branding of souls.

The creative writer like Zane Grey in his "Raiders of Spanish Peak" is the usual theme of the frontier but in the end it is about love and relationships and the uniqueness of that as we gaze across the empty plains of who we are and may find to match, we Westerners in the end no longer hicks from Sandusky Ohio in the tenderfoot East.

* * *

Flower Words L. Edgar Otto
July 31, 2010

Let us distill our flower words
into the perfume of poetry

Our two faces and four arms once one
odorless, beyond gender, our emptied hearts

As the moon or sun, masculine the
equatorial or polar guides for the hunt

The perfume of spirituality, of love and war
messages between women and man's esprit de corps

Spinning good and evil declared by perceptions
nouns and verbs, right or left our brains and hands

Before love and war our meaning deep goes speechless
as we who once walked upright fall to our knees

Like dark scratches on the rainbow of the sun
color spaces weave shadow knots and God's the ultimate shadow.

* * *

My Bare Charge and Her Naked Singularity

We played opossum as much as peekaboo
a thousand days of love's end closer now
Than far away and I still don't know your name

Only the vaguest hints show through the
aurora of your shower curtains and so
Close your double slit experiments now quantum clouds

That hid your perfect hourglass of ever distant
frozen time without stretch marks your
Fading virginity and I still don't know if you dance for me

Can it be me? My generation forever young that
cannot grow old gracefully? My mind awash in ads for
Diabetes, health and plot insurance, catheters and wheel chairs

How you still cling hot in flashes ritual faith in your fading fertility
I forgot you yesterday awhile, Katie alone, sundress and baby, hugs
When she bade me kiss her Virgin's ring, things meant for the young

* * *

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