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The Social Consequences of Abstraction for Systems Only of Departed Quantities

The Social Consequences of Abstraction for Systems Only of Departed Quantities

L. Edgar Otto   31 March, 2012

If the foundations of reality is ultimately unknowable as to the mechanism (or say reasoning for proof by a steep exploration of enquiry one way or the other) and we continue it because it works, what happens if we reach a point in the limits of experiments or theories that they no longer work?  Can a model of say God, and New Scientist has a discussion series on that today, of which He is in a sense real and a part of reality but outside the abilities of science just as it seems the string theory is the ultimate limit of this program of practical technology and equally unprovable positions from the most general level.  Can we really hold that the issues of a Deity is inborn in us as the article suggests, or that religion will outlive science as a social phenomenon?

When did science die and who dares say it directly without noting, as those with a tendency to be mad men, by a mad man?  Do we in fact keep philosophy at a distance from our practical work as surely as some only on Sunday ponder the ultimate's and he consequences of living here and now as well as in some vague otherworldly hereafter.  Who is to mourn for someone departed long after a generation forgets ans cannot relate to plaques in the park benches they sit on for them? For a social life is a relative things and only a local personal immediate thing that may defy our pointless and common existence as a society as well as unique individuals.

If there are coherent connections between us on some higher level of symmetry, as if the recent article halfway to the beginning the amount of matter in a volume of space is a constant, and the subtle contiguity of sound is the key to some organization of what it left, evidence of things substantial in what we cannot see and call the dark, then the general health of our species on all levels is subject to the millions of years of developing sensitivity and intuitions and like chemistry in a pond of tadpoles so many will die that the few thrive, or like the egg case of the wolf spider in which the mother must open it, these aggressive spiders, traveling without a web on the mother, if she is lost, then within the egg unlike the struggle for the strongest that few emerge from the eggcases the offspring can open on their own, all of the wolf spiders starve and are limited in size until the are left with a solid ball of them.  What model might these metaphors suggest for our sea of humanity? What hidden things if we abandon technology as well as the moral evaluation of it, or if we loose ourselves in it, will it have for the unseen effects, the very survival as we open our egg case of ignorance and learn to hunt and fly?

I am merely suggesting we need a something a little more comprehensive than the endless debates and warfare between those pro technology and those who work against it- but this logic is intuitively beyond wealth and compromise even when the expediency of it as we impose or consume our neighbors seems justified, so too the rationalization of those without some purpose or commitments to a well run system if it can be so,  if at bottom the internal faith in what the world is and not what it may be, is that it is unknowable and immeasurable and uncertain outside our small realm.

Even if not true the climate that may have the contradiction that sooner or later it goes off some scale, directly or indirectly- the higher path integrals perhaps- and given enough relative lifetime or circumstances or people placed into a position of ruthlessness, the system cannot hold.

While we think the ingredients for life came at some beginning so to seed the surface and water them with the comets, the arising of sentience, cephalization, is not a simple focusing of tissues into an organ of command nor the coup that some take by occupying the centers of communications and leadership, the nature of what sentience is goes much deeper than that as ubiquitous and universal, perhaps a constant in the hyper-volumes of this world.

But I am feeling a little mortal today, reminded time goes short viewed from the outside, we are born, we die and there is nothing in between even into the infinity that may be there to say what was an event- or there is potentially everything.  Well, I tried, and the universities, and a few people that were the exception there tried, and we failed so far to break thru the egg case of our time, but damn I tried and I will do so until science and the trapped scientists hoping for a symmetrical place in the hierarchy, starve in all our poetic glory- but life cannot give up, nor can losses not bedevil us as they make us less than our dreams.  Forgive then if I must falsify my childhood heroes and faiths for that is the name of some philosophy of science- but I know that is not the last word on the story.  While I am here I am proud even in the pointless signals in the dark of words to have been there at some new creation.

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