Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Several Dialects of Nerdese & the Search for Uniform Color Space Extensions (.uni)

The Several Dialects of Nerdese & the Search for Uniform Color Space Extensions (.uni)

L. Edgar Otto 28 March, 2012

Perhaps we are not interested in the marketing of programs to find a uniform quasi-finite color space- or it will be a long time before the intuitive ideal of a computer, a machine that can have some responsibility for its reasonable intelligence in effect as intelligent- one that speaks a universal language in the depths of the patterns that program it - or of course we lean toward serious doubts and assume such patterns not possible. What we have works but despite the bells and whistles seems primitive, and is hardly a wide compass of our tools at the more foundational level.

My finding of the png concept, of the language of Objective C in that realm, of the paint program with a feature I could use in the saving of color pallets not on my vista but one that I could control the design back when more than a few gif images would crash the computer memory as surely as a typo beyond the limits of the maximum range of the drawing- and yet this feature shows up even in the invariance of scale beyond some programmed limiting edge where on cannot work beyond the drawing in abstract but potential space upon the zooming. In any case Microsoft will not include this traditional program in the next incarnation of what amounts in all the languages a toll booth on development rationed out to consumers of which it ultimately is a dependency on a dialect of a developing language well learn in updates or in competition between systems unless the access fails or is consumed by others in the test as long as some of the money is influential on the real world of the manufacturing of real projects- not just dreams and services.

But I must say the way png predicts the fifth color is cleaver and must seem very advanced in the compression of color- and ultimately of space- In color theory as an analog to electromagnetic we may have the ability to influence and design actual space and matter structures- png replacing gif lacks fundamental quasicity. But all the toll booths and keys to access, easements, are not there intentionally- for on many further developed drawing programs a change of language at the core would be to economically undermine what some people work for and what some have paid for.

Nevertheless, the general trend toward new progress and ways to do things simpler at a push of a button gets around the limitations of our foundational knowledge albeit it slowly but these were not predicted and has made the learning curve for progress in the sciences more costly than it should have been.

In many ways we are limited if we use the tried and true methods of say, map projections and matrices- an issue that comes up in virtual media at a time when the publication of the Britannica and presumably paper in general is too costly for the average man as we no longer need a print in color to decorate our walls, nor for those few who regarded the dusty volumes on the shelf as symbolic of there ostentation, wealth above others. In the virtual world perhaps ideas are not as ultimately perishable as on the paper pages even if these can vanish a the push of a button. Such is the theoretical error of trying to put all things into some preconceived range of what we imagine in our limited way is a solid ground of continuity- again, intuitive errors without foundational depth beyond its legitimate range.

The spammers of this world are bottom feeders that would not be there if there were no targets or acknowledgement of virtual wealth- we could expect them there in the great food chain as an annoying presence. But for the more liberal and casual dressed large bubble corporations this approach is not effective in the end either... the hippie like element that appeals to more human friendly interfaces. The way to sign in for the benefit of a log book at a fine restaurant only to the pretensions of real experience the patrons may have but not the message received to change the environs and methods. the ambiance of the diner and its host and servers. These intuit the solid sense that Gaea is a living Earth as a being and she is sometimes annoyed with we bacteria that consumes her minerals, treats her like a piece of dirt with a heart of stone, an idol we worship as if woman's intuition is the guide to which only the heroes tied on the mast can hear them without themselves becoming stone.

Gaea gets to hot or cold and it is blamed on its children, the carbon less absorbed by the counter green house of the sea, the coral vanishing and her love becoming an ice age cold or a thirsty desert. Yet Science Daily reports today that the reason the coral is vanishing is that, to paraphrase, our goddess has caught a virus and is fighting off her herpes.

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