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Variegated Logical Variations of The Quasic Grid

Forgive the typos in the illustration as between computers I cannot correct them and well I know too many big words anyway I cannot spell or trust the spell checkers. I still refuse to spell enquire with an I but had to settle for color due to its use in programming. This post so some extent imagines challenges and replies to the thesis as if a debate of thought experiements- but not for the arguments sake- for the slight variations we might find that influence the parameters of reading the DNA, perhaps our dreams.

Variegated Logical Variations of The Quasic Grid

(Chance and Quasifinite Default Dynamics)
L. Edgar Otto29 March, 2012

In this scenario of a two party game based on the central or standard logic of the board, or in a particular representation with regular or even random restraints external or internal by encounters of different states of a system, that two parties may interact in vastly more complicated ways if the logic also is changing. But it cannot change beyond intelligibility and be said connected or similar systems within some analogical layer of influences where the players remotely are not in a dependent game or alternative ordering. This may be a way to challenge the idea of a logical game based on these principles or a way where randomness is involved to shore up the meaning of that core world view.

In this consideration although the application of some standard matrix methods to project and compute successive or series lengths into the indefinite continuity of a space is not a waste of effort nor hopeless journey nor a limitation of self looping or soliton persistence- this sort of restriction can be without general justification.

It as a physical or subjective chess game- in one sense we are the physical of our components that have a substance intelligible to as if it were a metaphysical substance- we are and are not part of our expression of codes of similarity and redundancy in our genes- this counters the idea that the mind is the whole thing that may choose some ideal of disdaining the our being as also bodies. This as quasifinite enhances the value of our quasi-unique individual physicality.

Thus an intuitive error may also exist that we feel certain of claims of such restrictions or if we impose them as if the real theory of things that we must doubt also in error their existence.

In a unified or total theory we cannot exclude parts of the core philosophy methods without the risk of only seeing part of the game blindly where in the wider variations between entities and with the rest of the world, all that is the not player or players, the fuzzy mirror in the no place which in non-necessity be false substance or real barriers to higher levels of generalization too soon or to false openness a reverse of sorts to the wasting time by looking outward (the self in relation to others is not a simple two game proposition as if even though central the mind seen in terms of the central muon metaphysics of the weak force (that is as central).

Interestingly, in the two articles about a grid like structure that says the brain is not just organized as a tangle or as random trees (although as in neural network theory the nerve count does suggest a hierarchy of holographic ideas) but in a grid like overall third dimension. Moreover, the other article shows how in the surface regions of the brain there is a sort of holographic region that intelligibly copies the internal structures. Now memory in that we could tie it on some level with some molecular structures, especially if these are carriers of the mediators- as in the protein example shows deeper variations in the grid code reading. Note the case where a man had his brain smashed to the skull and hollow with fluid but nevertheless did not know this till later in life and his IQ said to be at least 50 yet the brain what compacting and volume it had seemed to function.

In this sense, as in the alternative way to unfold shapes origami like on the micro-level with certain laser stimuli (colors? frequencies?) to the other ideas of volume printing and expansion into space, the interplay in the vertical and horizontal direction of a brain (also complexly mirrored) system acts in the model of a quasifinite surface and core singularity system that integrates intelligibly with the messages to the other systems of the body intelligibly.

With these things in mind one can in general make an inverse of the random noise and the clear location of things by the reversal in the direction of that past noise source if there is a source that contains such information- this is where errors of meaning meets those of signal degradation. These metaphysical inverses are legitimate to do as much as the artifacts of say the complex plane and methods are so for they relate to a diffuse general question of existing, a quasifinite understanding of contiguity between the continuous and the discrete and the resilience to change over a wide range of temperature as to the quasi-coherence of the defaults of the totality.

Thus even as intermittent results of experiments they are not necessarily abstract. Moreover, models of what we may or may not think we know about the state of entropy and its direction before our present can be likewise quasi deducted and this include what role we may think is there for the creative aspect at least to magnetism and thermodynamic symmetry of say black holes.

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