Wednesday, March 28, 2012

After Before and Before After

After Before and Before After

L. Edgar Otto 28 March, 2012

The Design as the Leader of human intuitions and activities does act as if the intelligible ultimate concern- the gray god where all groups are gray and yet there are no gray groups.

In this world it is the ground of balances and equal opportunities and some beginning. In this Lockean enquirer of Liberty how we relate and react to natures symmetry and balances, Nature who often if left alone heals herself in balances, in the isolated shells of systems of an organic totality within a certain range the effect explains remission.

Yet in our imperfect science we often interfere with the balance until there is no cure and no return save as Nature does the besetting in its time to new beginnings, or the vanishing as if in effect the healers in the name of alleviating pain, of the body and the colors of the mind, balance in the sickened soul existence and nonexistence. The correction of the gears of tides on several levels not only wear but in their break, weight and vibration, leave shards that fall into the smaller gears that the depths of organic unity locks or flys off unseen by the whole until things fall apart or take off into broken directions each its own goal of independence and intelligible design.

Much of disease is the abrupt shift between the left and right of things before the flat fish can upright itself again, before the hawk unlike the owl spirals in its own flight to some object scurrying on the forest floor. Here the slash left hand if offends thee cut off of the swords man, or the poison apples in trials and chance of chemistry, or the fire eaters and the lights and creams that shave the bearded lady, these too are part of the mass and energy contained in intuitive philosophy.

While it is not justified to double or halve things on a deeper foundational level than the foundations of physics, there are nevertheless in the ongoing arrow of life and living to which the return if off the faces of the dice, there are effects by the mathematics enraptured by thought experiments of inversion. For if we can define a sea of colors we can also define a totality of their inverses in the finite and infinite world and this effect is real to us as we move or tack against the wind to find a reasonable path and make sense or set the order. There can be symmetries beyond the colors of which we can only imagine but never see to them as colors are to gray and yet they have effects on our uniqueness and of the uniqueness of events.

It is a paradox still in the halls of justice as to which direction or group can be expressed in the privilege of dominance and if it can persist in balance. But as we wonder that organic things can work in the world the designs of magical beings we so find them of colors beneath the surface and of the interpretation of deeper dreams, these gray gods among us whom we hope and hold in our hands and have faith in the respect of their purposes and professions they are not indifferent to we lesser monkeys. That they would know what they are talking about if we could only understand them.

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