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Yagi Directional Amplification and the Skin Effect

Yagi Directional Amplification and the Skin Effect

L. Edgar Otto 27 March, 2012

In childhood we find certain fears and intuitions as we try to make sense of the world. Some things, attitudes that are the fore runners of a scientific or philosophical stance begin with taking or applying thought to some level of the technical world a generation of children finds itself born in.

One achievement around my preteen hood was the making of antennas although my interest stayed close to the magic of the foundations of electronics. In such beginning vision is the seed for the development of our scientific progress as well the seeds of dawning epiphanies at that place were the magic meets the concrete world and our views split as surely as our drive to express, at first vaguely outward, our sexual natures that can override embarrassments and fears. It is perhaps this general observation that is the refuge of our generation of nerds where the science makes the experience of our isolation and shyness obsolete in the grounding of our prime and mature being. Of course along the way there are obstacles as with any reaching out to engage true love for anything worth the risk and the sense of an immortality to which we suspend disbelief that our efforts or prospects are worthwhile.

The measure of a theory may depend on the persistence of this core mood to which things remembered are amplified and modified in their amplification on the surface of our cat whisker elements- it is magic at first, a voice coming out from a box, the confusing message that shifts the idea of radio waves from metaphysics to a concept that is a tangible reality. I mean it was of foundational interest but how the question of a tree falling in a forest and no one there to hear it does it make a sound while of interest in itself did not seem as important as the study of the effects of waves themselves. But for me it was even more magic that one could hear things in the airwaves in a crystal hum or radio that seemed to require no energy to carry it to me from something like an internal battery.

Of course back then the fascination with magnets, that too a story told about the young Einstein, for me was equal to those first experiments with the electric field. For looking back a still deeper magic was that antennas could be made from the magnetic loop view or the grounded wire- and unless one is interested in the harnessing of power, a small change directing a greater change as a given in itself, this sort of physics was more magical and fundamental than even the free capture of music by a few wires. In this debate as to the foundations we also find the thought that we can harness more from the magic, a romance really that in the electricity is frog jumping legs that somehow define life- with a battery- or in our day the thought that a system can be closed without grounding yet because of that tap this grounding of magical free energy. More magical still is that when we get down to it, pass the show of voodoo, past the realization we raised from the dead are not just zombies, that any system contained without grounding is not necessarily a false method to which progress in understanding it is hampered and dismissed by our fear of ghosts and need for resolution that rather than a spaceship of immortality in our body left that the dead will by burial remain certain and dead.

So too our awakening in the depths of magical new physics can be seen to transcend the issues of what is science and what is magic to a world of complexity that in the end for our immediate future gives us better clues how to evaluate the world and develop what potentials we have, and to show as if the question of uncertain and vague ethics, how to live together as we remain unique yet share the world as to what in the flesh or in the unheard sound and light unseen we can know what is real and what we should truly fear in all things we now strive to distinguish as magic or as science.

The Earth is as much a receiver as a transmitter of energy, of the sense of change and mysteries in this world. Like the wire elements of the Yagi antenna we shorten things a few percent due to effects of measure of wave flow in acceleration, and as the surface to the volume has its porous shielding we match in the fabrication of metal rods the mathematics taking note of the "skin effect". The Earth, its crust unto some higher dimensional concept of spin and symmetry and the covering of it by cultures and people and perhaps in effect a higher collective thought- close to the same radius to which we far and long away cannot easily adjust to isolation in the directionless and bottomless immensity as we default into the centering of our own time that mercifully does not impede its own progress and should not be the only subject of our consciousness of our living - this speck of dust, this small island of perpetual storms and echos of lightning strikes fading around the world, its charged layers, its cycles of sending into the aether so fast that the message like made of brick radiates with nowhere else to go before the signs and field reverses, oscillates, collapses, jumps by some trick of a spinning armature, this Earth too in time has its skin effect.

Like our own shells of differentiation and integration of tissue still so much no simple mystery, our insulation and barrier to our unity as an organism has other layers where we find the motion of things intelligibly concrete and magically related beyond the observed centered touch of measureless distance in the hierarchy of skin effects where errors of unity as well as too limited intuitions can be systemic somewhere between our ideas of our environmental position or our programmed unique individual and species specific inheritance. But in these sub-shells as we find finer and finer resolution there is a deeper level of magic, the room at the bottom as Wilson suggested with is limited vision or as things even on this scale fit together with classical geometric laws as Fuller in his childhood pondered by touch through is imperfect eyesight.

There are feats of memory that burden the memory and there are ways it must stand out and define its direction of the probing into the skin what is in relief or what is the valleys as if we hold things symmetrical in algebraic sums. But these are not as fundamental as the foundations behind the philosophy in which we given this miracle of the world pay so much to achieve so little until the balances reach some point of no return and our system striving for unity cannot hold together nor any longer be healed as it is not addressed at the foundations of what is at any level of complexity the undreamed of yet sound of simple solutions. Yet on some levels such energy is boundless and limitless to which as rare an individual is nature insures by the profound waste of so many of them. This does not have to be the law of how we live, nor the fears to which we must insure against in our living.

Nature in her blind experiments, her sense of the coincidence and luck of events, cannot be the only moral compass to which science should approach nature- nor as we influence by faith or culture or elixirs the fragile but resilient minds of children to which we teach half truths in hope and shield them, let them fall aside because the reality of this earth and its doomsayer models of the whole of us will cost them the very model and reaction to the world as we so try to mold and lead their minds- such ideas lead me to think we are very far from understanding how our minds develop and certainly not by some initial patterns made of nerves and dust.

Santa Claus and our Daddies personify the gods that know if we are good or bad we children seen but not heard, like the sensible image of an all knowing God. But God can seem distant and only notices us our humbled conscience so as to punish us in the gateway found in our dreams with different plans should we dare get his attention, bargain for rewards for our sacrifice and promises, our sensibility that life can be lived better among us, that we understand the threat of hell fire and thus, when faced with the end or of crisis having not prepared beforehand for what we cannot help afterward, we touch the light and it burns us or for some lost to the connection with life and the world they try to regain it by burning themselves and throwing what there achievements and efforts away or like the bacteria steal from others without even the respect for the enemy as human or the limbs and fruit of trees. In our age, the age of Radar - I mean we could see in the oscilloscopes our neighbors at their baths or cursing on their porches, an academic experiment not at all for the humor of hearing beyond the first glance of another s secrets revealed that mesmerizes us mysteriously as if to find ourselves.

My Dad, the radioman, also a modern god who in his wires and tubes and batteries, the technological engineer as a model of our time, the scientist who really could see us. His arms stronger than the distant gods and the fears of magic. I outgrew them, but even then I knew my Dad was also flesh and had his trials and falling to which I hoped such things would not befall me, my resolve to do better, to not let my children dwell in some implied fear. I knew thing that there are greater gods than the superstitious shallow spirits, and other souls we eventually find and if lucky yet lonely we so become in our creative selves- Not to say anything about the great mystery of the Creator, but even then there are things science could not withstand if challenged somewhere between such a possible greater being and my Dad the lesser god. I suppose I should not have forgotten this in my day and in my reign of fatherhood being once a child myself. But I cannot quite put into words today clearly what I mean. But with the authority should come honor, and with the freedom the responsibility, and with the awakening compassion and wisdom that we walk the Earth in light and not as stones.

But it is not my intention to review and relive all such deeper realizations of how life works anymore than the shallow desire to record where no one can hear all of life's events on the run in it, nor dream of distant places I will never see- but I will not treat you as children, still, I would not disturb your sleep nor demean at what level or time it takes that you walk upright nor will I look too deeply into your private dreams. The state will whither if it does not understand a deeper level of its fears and needs for vigilance as some false prophets have suggested who gave up in the name of reason the ground of reason. Know you not we can be in the same space with the same dreams yet miss each others points?

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