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Intuition and Error Correction Codes

Intuition and Error Correction Codes
L. Edgar Otto 29 March, 2012

Perhaps it is not the idea of some sort of consciousness that we need to make the machines more human-like or friendly, but that we need to ask if they need a subconscious.

It is clear that our work and thinking can proceed to evolve or deteriorate as in illness on deeper levels than our immediate awareness and the some role seems there in the interpretations and processes of dreams, aware of it or not. The same is true for errors of what is after all the basic definition of intuition- aware of things but not knowing how we know them.

Clearly, in such abstract spaces memory is part of the picture. In this lossy color pixel simple model of a wider field for machine computation, that is the higher symmetries between the idea of physical and logical statements of languages and metalanguages, the issue of heat generated in the abstract motion or computation in the recovery of memory is involved. It is not what we at first blush feel it as simple as it seems nor out of reach physically and mentally in some sort of vague mysticism or despair of theory and imagination.

The access to memories if they are established in physical or virtual places, coordinates, or contexts can come in such reflections from an overview that is perhaps our immediate experience in time and space translation, a sense of history that is not merely to be asserted as either a dynamic process or as an observation. For learning, in a sense a form of memory or of having-containing as well as doing-making, is the application in a quasi-finite and tenuously existing higher symmetry state so quasi-contained is a relative application of the idea of mirrors and changes of sign or abstract spin and the inversion of observation from above or below some abstract space of collective or local individuality.

In this sense the quasic idea of similarity and congruence of scale, invariance of chirality, uniqueness there only in some comparison absolute or relative to other unique states or being, has to go on to even higher generalizations of symmetry. An intuitive model, idea, or even concept may in a sense have the freedom or a range of certainty that may be only quasi-complete as a principle. Moreover, the actual relationships in such abstract space or systems where other view or states are incomplete may act and exist independently in terms of a Phoenix idea of what is energy or any inertia idea like mass or gravity, and the overall idea of a quasi-ultimate generalization I call the Omnium (in itself containing the idea of the sum total or miscellaneous collections.) Dark matter ideas seem to fit this logic of non-necessity.

In the Omnium, therefore, we raise the question of entropy in the form of simulations (those who see the universe as a computer or program) or in the idea of conjugate meaning and information of which these can seem to be adjusted to be the same as some gray like group or flatness or horizons of the changes of spins and sign or of directions.

In a sense this idea by Shannon as an alternative view allows the transmission of signals over the fact of noise that does not enhance but relatively introduces limits of errors. It skirts around the quasic question of what is abstract redundancy or even of the ignoring of the level of analogies where the information is superfluous (to evoke familiar words here) and explains why certain patterns persist and are there beyond the averaging across certain equiprobable partitions. To that end we add the physical idea of viriality at the foundations in the sense "people only hear half of what comes to their ears and if listening to the radio where the sounds of letters are not distinguished as voiced, fill in and understand the information and meaning in the signal message."

Over this, as the the world seems quasically (as well as quantumly and relativistically or classical in intelligibility) we can imagine the fractal like paths over the halving or doubling in at least four space as a path that minimizes the lossy lost of pixels by guessing the most likely or closest element in that abstract space to choose and fill in the blanks. My conjecture or question is to ask if for example in the png can we totally eliminate the lossy scale, the hyeresist in current flow as in say transformers, or in effect correct to do so. That is to say at some quasifinite center or context can these things be a natural and more define correction to a general thermodynamic and mathematical topological structure?

These refined thoughts came today from a rather mundane experience, hoping rather to define the general purpose of what I will call the superduper domains of web design so that there is a certain poetic mood to the content that I may pass on at least the initial vision to others to carry on. But such writing is not something I have posted and probably will not. I find it very odd that but a couple of months ago my desires were for pens, colored pens, and paper but have not used them much lately- the poetic and intuitive in line typing and writing is so much faster on the computer once one understands how it works off-line. Of course it is fortunate some of my virtual artistic statements (if you can call that made on line art of which I have my doubts) are there for its own internal reference in side storage. The down side, as the invention of words and concepts show in this blog where one consequence is my output without more effort has doubled, that off line the saving and naming of files and experiments and the search for errors of information and meaning (say in the copy past I left out part of a closing or opening tag) is that I can occasionally go too fast for the private and invented language much more complex than the complexity here.

With computers as in the struggle to put down into words and symbols that convey meaning at least in a terse and concentrated form of a poem one can continue to work as if directly close to those processes deep in our awareness and intuitions, close to what we might style as an idea of the subconscious and yet intelligible unto our own range not lost as if a magical appeal to say automatic writing- for even then the physical symbols written faster than meets the eye by some distant awareness in the abstract space repeats the raw symbols and their meaning. This is true even if we have scribbles as complex as Chinese (philosophers have you argued about the Chinese box idea with such quasifinite structures of symbols?)

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Illustration: Product of the USA, behind the Phoenix is the Gold for rebirth of manufacturing and rebuilding of our rusty bridges- and yes, Peace I added as Columba in the right lower edge of the photograph. Sometimes strange perspectives catch my eye.

These two bloggers I come across signing in have what I feel are relevant and similar things to say along these foundational lines related to the theme of this post:

Lubos "the ancients seem to have thought things interact when they touch" The Machian issue of mass and his defense of the string theories at least are aware of these things perhaps he should make more explicit in his intuition. (but can we as this as a question of totality, as if the perfection implicit in the old idea of symmetry? Must all matrices balance as some zero place in the manifolds and echos of physical structures and processes?

Plato I can understand why some have felt in my own case mine was a Platonic view or just a point of view- this is a most excellent posting and yet I disagree that Coxeter or Penrose was Platonic either in the higher sense- after all deduction or induction is now outside the idea if abduction if in physics it is shown that something like "beam me up Scotty" is real, which it is in these ideas of what is abstractly local or non-local. This blog has most excellent content and I wonder more just who is the soul behind it.

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Also in Science Daily an article on levels of DNA and on an other surprising effect concerning colors and electrons- both as unexpected, both relevant to today's post's view synchronously.

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This I posted on facebook for my son Sebastian and his thought on programming some three dimensional games. It is the old two player three dimensional chessgame (of which I recall there may be some different choices of arranging the pieces and the numbers represent points through a point or edge or face. In four space we can have in this sense a new class of pieces I called unicorns- but the whole game can be played in any dimension on a flat plane. Let us note that we have a fourfold set of 64 cells and link this to the thoughts of reading the redundant codons. It will simply not due, especially with the idea of absolute fractal patterns, to simply rotate things to determine directions in time or space by our usual matrix methods of mapping spheres and map projection systems if we are to understand these subtle skin effects on the shell level. I thought at first such arrangements, we almost have them in place and are intuitively explicitly aware of them by the quasic ordering of things, could undermine the economy as so developed so far- but I get the sense that it would do more than this, undermine our view and state of everything to make that concern trivial. The technology will eventually stumble upon all this anyway.

It strikes me after a little more reflection on a walk near the river that in a sense the two science links could be see as experimental confirmation of some of the ideas the alternative physicists have offered including the higher complexity of layers and so on, especially my subtle quasic view. For the second on I wonder if this is not in its own right a departure deeper than Newton in that perhaps here we can link the frequency to a more continuous range for defining colors, quantum notions aside. Are we not amazed at the several layers found so far that interact so as to read the gene code- something intelligible but not as simple as a stance to which the code itself is the ongoing expression as well as the design structure in vitro or as if viewed from outside as some still do thinking no meaning is there unless the molecules are arranged in a certain way or perhaps in context they have no meaning (the protein thing, I mean it is significant and can lead to levels of understanding diseases we have not clearly imagined, perhaps delayed effects.) But it was a good project to try to measure at independent material points the explanations by probabilities as that is part of it all- and yet is there a good explanation yet for protein conformality in general systems? Perhaps we can stir the imagination of lovers who with their offspring can decide possible conflicts of coding, perhaps we can predict certain stages that may arise in our minds and how serious or benign something is for us to wait until intervention.

Speaking of which here are A and B ;two more relevant Science Daily articles: (and one I forgot from yestday involving linking of molecular forces not here linked) How exciting, how beautiful!


  1. What does the unicorn do? Does it move through the chess plane easier than the queen?

  2. I have called combination movements through three space 4or2 2or1 1or4 as rooks, 4and2 2and1 1and4 are knights which attack the cells the queen does so in a sense is logically opposite but the queen is not limited to one move in one direction.

    Now for single movements, 4 or 2 or 1 for a given piece I call bishops. But in four space we combine 8 4 2 1 for a board of 1024 cells. A unicorn (or perhaps Magus) we have 842 421 214 142 for rooks, 8 or 4 or 2 or 1 for bishops now that leaves the six combinations 84 42 21 18 82 41 I designate as the Magi or Unicorns.

    8 means moving thru a cube in four space which is like the face of a hypercube in a board lattice. In higher space if I use this terminology new classes arise. 1 3 3 1 for a queen moving from a corner through three faces in three space or three edges or the diagonal point or staying where it is. But in four space it is 1 4 6 4 1 following Pascal's triangle.

    The unicorn acts like the normal non-knight chess pieces of restricted moves. Of course we can continue this to a few higher dimensions but these are probably best played on 2D boards.

    Thank you for the question. My first chess game designs way back were so complicated my friend Rick in high school said only it could be played between two computers.

    Sometimes I think imagining a set of cubes is harder than four space once you get used to it and the algebra does help, I mean the number of ways a queen might move from a center of a cube would be 3 to the nth, or the analog to Pascal's triangle that goes 1 12 144 1 6 12 8 1 8 24 32 16 ... which is the count of the sub parts of the square things (orthogons). so for a cube we have 1 cube 6 faces 12 edges and 8 points to move through.

    It is all very Euclidean and flat at this stage but it can get rather complicated. (even beyond the non-euclidean geometry) but this is the sort of thing we should do in discrete programming if it is to be a logical extension of such space games.

    Now I will just mention quantum chess hehe

    cheers, let me know if you need anything between jobs.

    The PeSla