Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Not Worth a Continental

Not Worth a Continental
L. Edgar Otto 26 March, 2012

Where money as a working value is not respected as invariant for all, a standard, and made of paper easy to counterfeit, the case with internet money should be by general authority and the several nations like the continental violation under penalty of death, so written on the currency.

In the matter of the actual product, being after the lost of revolutionary or rebel jurisdictions, the counterfeit should not be more valuable than the government issue, nor if of more value should it bear the marks of a government. The symbols of a state being a product itself of currency.

The state shall not regulate the material standard so as to melt species after the fact of issue, nor should the varieties of patterns and methods of countering copies not be straightforward in its protected simplicity.

Within a state or between states the scams of fraud on all levels will be subject to degrees of punishment higher for those who operate and organize such scams. Between nations such transactions without letters of Marquis in the time of war will be considered an act of war to which as the seas of cyberspace are free so to the pursuit of the spirit of law breakers beyond jurisdictions.

While the trade routes are to remain free, the nations may interfere with those who manage the flow but with the due respect to the existing but not the maintenance of income status as with property and eminent domain in the real world.

The content shall not be curbed without the consensus of the communities in context, nor laws applied in retrospect, nor the free publication contained without access to all parties, nor punishments done covertly in stealth by conscious actions, the right of social communication including the education of children and the public for real etiquette, sane sense of the reality of real words as ultimately of no value, and civil discourse shall be interpreted liberally in matters of trade and speech policies.

There is the right not to hear, to defend a jurisdiction under attack and pursue trespassers in due process and expediency of the moment within a range outside the passage of public easement. Individuals are not defined by the state as a total philosophy of enquiring nor do they have a collective responsibility for the states of mind of others and direct welfare of the mentality of victimization or reparations for the imagined licenses and libels. Justice should not be a matter of diagnosis of merely argumentative debate. but the moral spirit of the laws, and revenge is a right to which no laws may apply before the fact and actions.

Bailments and pot luck have no place in the real or virtual redistribution of possessions save in the sound mind transfer in systems of the general right to found families. Those who make professional decisions should speak in the merits achieved and not appear what they are not for the idea of a profession is not a value only in the rank itself.

Exceptions should be made for those who are making enquiry and learning as to the limited use of academic property- but not as a privilege of wealth far above the cost to the general public, nor too far can we allow exceptions that prevent the able from competing with the entitlements of special groups such as the disabled. In that situation the influence of them should be contained and not helping them should be a high crime that limits their wealth and independence from the disability industry.

Matters of landlords and foreclosure shall not be the law of a state and executive enforces of such laws will be liable for doing it. Nor can a bank profit from the homestead of work put into a possession real or virtual for the sake of the economy. A lost item shall be left where it is as a matter of honor and sentimental properties have tenfold the value of mere objects held by the landlords for auction.

The non use of rations of materials, energy, credit if caused by the arbitrary mechanisms of the state shall be retroactively resolved as living is an ongoing injury without such justice if it is long delayed. By such a defaulting on the ability to be part of a community the state shall compensate those of which an individual, to individual has so defaulted because of the inaction of the state and in the case of war related relatives, or for certain public safety and hazardous work, should be protected from the general funds. No veterans status nor the establishment of states or jurisdictions, no immigration laws, nor access to technologies, a moral brain drain, shall be valid if it is an act of establishing a constituency- nor will laws against nature be tolerated as a collective imposition and propaganda in the name of the whole- without understanding of the roles of life and love no false propaganda will be beaten into the people.

Insurance as a tool of regulation, or as the policy and philosophy of the economic private banking sector, shall not be of more power or wealth than the representatives of a state and its executives and judicial modes. The industry should have its checks and balances where in a rational system the free marketplace is not longer anything but a gamble on one hand or a protection racket on the other when the process is taken left or right to its logical extremes.

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