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Postulates on Preternatural Principles

Postulates on Preternatural Principles of Symmetry L. Edgar Otto 24 April, 2012

  • That divided by commensurate integral angles of a radial symmetry may appear a continuous region contiguous to the quasic boundary of its region of scale change possibilities but really can be an aggregate of independent slices of the circumference of that boundary in a lattice span.

  • Such a centered entity may be extended radially into multiples of the integer numbers or fractions of such divisions.

  • The overall symmetry operations may thus apply rules of arbitrary merging of the parts as a group theory by a dynamic determination or by invisible but not hidden chance alignment of the parts as if the rotocenter of no span is so subdivided or just a matter of chance alignment by general default.

  • A system of symmetry to which conservation laws are thus ambiguously derived in the preternatural span also have depth of which the vectors kaleidoscopic in generalized directions said to be parallel as a linear loxidrome that approaches a rotocenter can meet at a point of intersection in the ideal as the depth is zoomed out to higher scales.

  • At which point the overall group symmetry obeys a neutral chirality in a neutral spin direction and this might be a fulcrum of reversal of the handedness at such a rotocenter.

  • From the zoom in at the beginning of dynamic direction toward a rotocenter the vectors become tangent to the circumference as if a boundary seen as divided or continuous as if a reduction in generalization to a polygon.

  • Between these two dynamic permanent motions of default relative environs of some point of rest the zooming may be seen as an invariant relative interval as if all reality in totality

  • In the completion of rotation across the division of the boundary or beyond with regard to the span or to other systems in an abstract lattice or in random chaotic positions we can derived the abstract principle of uncertainty by vacuum structure in that this applies to intelligible physical realities and the general foundational laws of depth and span considerations of observations directly or indirectly present.

  • These principles of spin depth and zooming also apply to what may be considered rectilinear postulates of the Euclidean principle of parallels reduced as a spacious kaleidoscope of the vanishing unity or zero connections as one reduced totality in a sea of rotocenter singularities as if group lattices or scaled fractal like unit crystal cells in a non necessary aggregate of an axiom of no intrinsic vector directions that upon observation attempts betray vacuum structural uncertainty described above.

  • An interval of information, looped or without bounds over a dynamic encompassing at the convex flat boundaries may itself be quantized as bits of analogous material systems. Thus in the abstract and with intelligible laws of count such an interval, quasi fractal or quasi holographic on some insightful level of inter-dimensional relations that implies a unique individual abstract center of the identity element as if a total organic individual in systems in systems context or if not part of a system potentially so, contains in its interval of bits of information an evolutionary directionality of these principles of more general but non necessarily super symmetry.

  • When two symmetrical systems are superimposed in a pattern on the same rotocenter the integral count of the items as if unit points or cells in a lattice these generate differences that show the intrinsic patterns within numbers as if the super-positioning not transparent.

  • The potential for the resolution of subsystems of these lines of codes or circles of symmetry is that a general system of such may show a directionality that self combines or compares the coherent intelligibility as a machine of self repair for the resolution of its general modeling or functioning around a real or abstract idea of the rotocenter that defines it.

  • The bits of code on such boundaries and the meaning with regard to a unique general system in the widest generalization does create what extension of symmetry operations apply as if in a wider span of dimensions, areas and volumes and so on, holographically, and in effect the condensing or compression of this information by the preternatural environs of generalized definitions of symmetry may have intelligible expression tractable back through what may seem arising from a chaotic environs in the resulting decompression of the information the systems of information as thus conserved under all boundaries.

  • At remote conditions of space and time, matter and vacuum, at some creative or entropy eating vacuum entity in its volume or at its surface, that is a black hole like object, such symmetry information and the physical objects related to it in a vacuum can be converted into subsystems that remain from some view independent of the question of where the now general isolated subsystem goes to or returns from. Yet at this level no such objects necessarily are conserved as unique identities for here existence and nothingness are conjugate.

  • It is possible to read and understand, even beyond my special terminology and special use of phrases the information or meaning contained in this post of parallel connections of Eide physics concepts yet still not comprehend the significance or consequences of such extended theories save perhaps at a quasi axiomatic awareness of the ambiguity of what is seen or not seen as intelligible as a principle thus of comprehension and communication that is analogous to the above preternatural generalization of the core concept of symmetry operations.

I would like to add this sentiment: Of what use could such a foundational approach as the above post be? Perhaps, when things seem to connect in the shared epiphanies and awakenings of new science, to the point perhaps it seems we discover what is awakening in the world or being centered and in some sense close to the original ideas one might feel that the world is created or changed according to his unique experience of consciousness, being. In any case this may be a measure of the worth of our projects of intuition. We have come so far and I will put a quote from the Science Daily link to new thoughts on Fusion. It seems that there are some vast areas of theory of which we slowly find a way while costly diversions in the search of which without a more fundamental theory as above we are surprised that no one, usually opened up by an individual really, had see such before- here it amounted to the use of simpler formulas after all. Of course I feel there are other paths to such hot fusion and many things I quite image are advanced in the hidden researches of world governments- from Yahoo news there is the report of a craft that goes 20 times the speed of sound to which this lost of its skin caused it to crash, they think. Now this is speculative for me but I ask in these general principles, we recognizing something now that we begin to understand so notices it, focus on it, find more instances of it. Is there some sort of limit which may be one of the integral symmetries involved here- if not in the music of the atmosphere then in the music of the vacuum? I imagine also that these are abstractions of our concepts of things like physical or geometrical ideas of density and so on as the article suggests. Another interesting observation is where the theories are lacking and speculations are put forth as probes and tests and repeated results affirmed- from another view such as this some of the speculations while intelligible seem to me rather silly- but it is not my place to point this out to the thinker nor to discourage such creative enquiry. The university, especially there for its own persistence and reach as an organization rather than a source of wisdom for all of us can be the source of chaos and breakdown in the culture. Where there has been secondhand debate of students so trained in the commons or the quads I can usually trace this source from the university of which it too seems so silly to me that they think the people cannot see past their propaganda ultimately- the old fool all of the people all of the time. Nevertheless, in the interplay of the town and gown I do hope we can fulfill better the promises of education. I did not post the link of yesterday concerning to the back to the drawing board on the evolution role of the viruses- of course such cycles of information in the quasic grid I have posted long ago where these can be loops and so on... Nor of what is going on in the different strengths of magnetic pole reversals in the sun in an article recently although the sun is after all subject to eide views of quasic symmetry principles as science and not just the unknown or mystery as if supernatural as applied to such hot fusion entities with a difference in temperature as information cycles, reduces and plasma pinches.
When it rains it pours I guess: from a fellow blogger I see this PDF thru a fellow blogger (actually to me an analog to the deeper structures at the virial foundations as if the proteins to the codons as an analogy...) which is pretty much this sort of preternatural quasic and Eide system thinking which does seem to charge nature with some real numerology. Note the blogger begins to ask questions on the zero state of it all... Oh, of course if there is anything to Zero point theory of course we can have Nil and even Nullhedral point theory by the same sort of geometrical analogies.
* * * * * I like today's dated paper in the pdf link and the idea of the order of the s b c quarks (as if some point of combination theory, see Kea) now to post a similar theory before I see the link the very same day is quite synchronous- well, much of theories were developed long ago or so many years before publication and so on... I like the analogy of the muon to the neutrons and the count of particles, it is both Conway matrix like and the other views of things in many directions. I posted this to Jester: all the soul searching and the thought of who comes out standing as silly in retrospect. For those of us close to the wisdom this is the career creating or killing thing that progress sometimes does.
Again I am surprised about the sidebars, if I added one would it loose things? But when people add or take my blog off them it makes me wonder if they are not mad at me or for some other reason- when I am on one I feel I have to be more formal and more careful of what I say in the dialog. I bare no ill thoughts against anyone who dares think or reflect on our higher wisdom. Welcome to a better range of the new physics- I was wrong, those who have some form of a theory of everything turn out to think so because they are a little closer to the truth of things.
* * * * * Jester,
A most interesting post but I have to disagree. These abandoned theories as if theories of everything needs a clearer idea of natural and never was supernatural in the first place as science.
If we solve the system the standard theory does not need LHC chemotherapy to delay the inevitable.
If you read carefully some of the bloggers and links of this date you will recognize principles some of them printed on line before in the formal press or rumors of news of new discoveries. Is the muon close to the Neutron in structure?
We shall see but if theories are to vanish or be invisible it is theory and not just experiment that kills the upstarts.


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