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Signals and Messages between the Preternatural and the Supernatural Aether

Signals and Messages between the Preternatural and the Supernatural Aether

L. Edgar Otto    29 April, 2012

Our concept of "hidden symmetry" and ideas developed from it, as advanced as it has seemed, is not intelligible enough and can be logically and intuitively flawed on the level of physics we strive to apply it.  Much of the debates of perception and methods of science is the struggle, within our unique psyches or soul is the working it out in systems and theories aimed at least disambiguation of the concrete or abstract, the synthetic and the analytic biases in the bringing out what is hidden that becomes since the awakening of Hellas, the motive of science.

 There is nothing hidden that is not already the effects of symmetry.  It can follow that where symmetry is understood in theory as concrete that deeper effects or regions of concern, such as myth, are reduced to vanishing at first encounter with the awakening of analysis.  In this sense something like string theory while intelligible and abstractly apparent shifts to that which is ultimately a hidden description of physical reality. Symmetry is the hidden and the hidden is symmetry.

I suggest then we assert the identity or the distinction of the preternatural and supernatural as if one continuum or concern that of course is intimately related to the state or cave of our minds and souls and what we are capable of perceiving as to what exist only within or outside of our compass of existence.  This philosophic conception seems to me especially useful in the understanding of our feelings and dreams, in the physics of systems of communications as to what is the signal and what is the message and in what distinct level of the virtual or real these apply.  In a sense the message is the issue of the symbols and meaning in the Chinese box or what is the invariant of fire on the walls of our perceived caves. 

But the asking, the literal question of what is pseudoscience or even our own sanity if we by defect or higher wisdom perhaps goaded to explore the mystical that becomes intelligible science because of some personal tragedy- as well as that to which we cannot see as if in superstition the parallel worlds that we conceive of what could have been or is potentially in us as with everyman  "there but for fortune goes I."

When we ask while in the dream about the signals and messages, or in the reality, or in a virtual analog of it, it is clear that this evokes an awakening from sleep to which we are disoriented for a while, or the escape back to oblivion.  The question then is are there mechanisms in which for other possible states of realty we can escape the cave and understand the symbols we ourselves write on walls, thus in these higher connections better relate in real ways how we live together and set earthy enduring bonds, or survive our intellectual explorations. 

We can fall asleep listening to a sermon which is too far above us to comprehend or we can fall asleep if the joy of the fellowship is so childlike and seeming an endless repetition of the obvious unto boredom- of which to be that could indeed indicate something of the state of our struggles for wholeness and self unity integrated over our life times and instars cued by the genes and chemicals. Or in the practical mind a sign of new growth and our own sources of technical innovation.

How wonderful this vector tool for drawing dreams and something that may be the gate for genius we think we see when such distant colors we respond to as fine art, with the discipline for myself to try again to find something there of which I have no premonition something new will be found as is he case usually we have some sort of sense of a possible answer at the end of a blind quest of which it is perhaps the symmetry and not that hidden that in the end joins two tunnels to proper alignment as if the construction through a mountain of train tracks or as the shadow models of polytopes the context so aligns in the end, this vector game that does so many things I did  with less to work with.  But it does not matter if such games increase our ability to understand or work well in other areas of life, or if they distract us, if we also abandon our sense of the deep programming, the logic and the reasonable results locally and globally.

I quite imagine my illustrious great grandfather of the Otto cycle gasoline engine, an invention inevitable, a dreamer that solved the knock of the smoky cloud of the fusion in its day once steel as well could contain the explosions, and once the cycle could be mapped by the engineers as a graph of useful work and entropy.  But the applications are another story by which from the first wooden motor bike past the age of iron and steam revolution, new tractors, and personal vehicles for the masses until the environment is met head on and the once test pilots, shuttle commanders, and  Phaeton becomes not the worshiped heart surgeons but the bus drivers and days off for a ride into the country in the name of forgotten Memorial days until the burden on our shared world is taxed too much.

But there are other engines, yet even in this age of oil there is the Mazda- and sooner or later, because of the depth of its circularity, the transcendental values in the numbers get out of sync- thus the usual problems with continuous ideas over the discrete.  On the other hand what is the use of this Geoalgebra program if it just plays in the plane and finds the simple finite symmetry inherent in numbers and for similar reasons tend to stay ambiguously hidden so as when some pattern or process comes up we are surprised, if in the description of the segments that form a polyhedron if these were linear it would be a simple matter of the hidden symmetries of modular arithmetic- much as in the number of teeth in the Spirograph one can find at least some of the pieces in old thrift stores after they were sold as a children's game.  What is obvious should not be so because of hidden principles such as this, so beyond what is obvious in physics or should be to young children.

I have had some reservations lately about just how well my message or signals is perceived in this internet medium- that itself an awakening and the desire to find something else from the rote training called education, the boredom of the imbalances of the overly simplistic or incomprehensible Oxford style lecturers who really have to teach some restraint as to what is hidden in themselves that it be hidden with the assurance the wisdom will come, in their students.

These are multiply hidden things of doubtful unification in the remote of ideas of symmetry and in effect border on the supernatural while still in the preternatural realm we see as some difficulty of the compass of non-linear things or if we so desire assert there is nothing to such unity in the end but some mysterious directions or balances in our environs of the state of our time.  Thus what may be truly supernatural and a way out is lost from our sight and is a false preternatural mystery of the greater physics.

All this said the source of this post was last night's dream with sufficient sleep and many surprises using the Geoalgebra program ( of which so much of the patterns of numbers are its tools already therein).  But in the natural structures of the dream, I send a Frisbee with the message to a friend far away but can only throw it so far as so it is very unlikely to reach her much as a message in a bottle tossed on an endless sea.  Yet it falls in the mudflats, makes an impression, and that becomes a fossil in a museum through many years she passes by and reads. A friend remarks that I made target after all, perhaps in faith.  Alas I say but I only threw it to her in my dream so I awaken.  Thing is, in the nature of unique memories stored in dreams in the dreams and of the chemistry of recall and awakening, I could not recall the message- just he signal.  I do not know if her reading it means I no longer can- such is the concrete meaning of our scribblings of symbols anyway that may be more than how these things are set into higher natural space.

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