Thursday, April 26, 2012

Neotericontinuum (Learning as Creative Existence)

Neotericontinuum (Learning as Creative Existence)

L. Edgar Otto  April 26, 2012

Just when I think in some deep sense of changes in the world there is no room for the old dreams, of arts and the state of the art science I find returns again the age old debates of which as with an imagined complete science of an age or the pendulum swings or rests at some height before free fall again, we water drops in the fountain on which the curves as efficient trajectories of cannon balls are also things we recognize as patterns of great beauty.

So I notice Science Daily has two relevant articles today which inspired still another post as if it were a commentary on thoughts already on my mind. For did I not end a post with the assertion that the structures in the vacuum are innate to our minds and bodies what we at least if not the universe in general can be characterized, that ultimately there is a common truth in the math and geometry as well as the freedom to paint on the one canvass our decoration on the walls, the gaze of us unto ourselves and others that is a viable and free style of life yet sound and not here vanishing.

The first article suggest that the number line is something learned and not inborn.

The second article is that of what many think the source of some mass in the physics but here a social source of our handedness in matters of competition and cooperation as social progress (perhaps the sociobiology ten percent as if the hidden ratio that refers to things hidden or from some state of ends or origins).  As physics before I became aware of the more advanced mathematical dreams of others I too reached the stage where, foundationally like Rowlands, I thought my chiral principle the mechanism that was the engine of the evolution of galaxy's.  But such a principle while that evolution is still not explained proved but a stepping stone.

A third article and another one today suggests the relation of autism to a physical cause like PCB's that is known to affect learning in the development as it increases dendrites (now reportedly in this age were we give great weight to the fragments of Buddhas skull, did not one side of Einstein's brain have many more dendrites than the other side? It is not given that we are better so on which side to arrange the freedom of our dreams and learning or expressing freely and creatively our arts- for even the confused in distractions so gaze upon this deep thing in the unknown that others recognize even if distracted and abstract as not just evidence of levels of disorder or decay but of something looked into in its own right and language to which we can expand our own limited bounds of awakening and understanding better our own experience of being and just how safe it is in the reality of things.  The article is careful enough to suggest at least the idea that it may just enable a tendency say in the genes and not be a direct cause for lesser neural nets which monitor what is the logical necessity and design of our creation that get lost in our daydreams perhaps to the point of no return.

Let us accept then that we should be content with the sense of our existence as real as our creative sense of things aware of them or not and not be caught up so much in the tangles of life and ourselves or the lesser graffiti of others that may or may not stand higher in this world even if they may be vastly greater in wisdom than we. In a philosophical sense all such art on all levels of human progress of which we need not strive so hard to find or make and do, are morally equivalent as is the middle world of human self observation and the social as well as particle continuum.

Oh, and happy birthday sister wherever you are and whatever you are doing- time can be a strange and cruel thing once we lose contact for so long as we each have to find, generation to generation, our remarkable and unique paths.  While I am now everywhere I also am nowhere to be found but this is such a canvass that while vanished is not vanished in matters of dark and light.  Somewhere I know that you are having a great and wonderful day.

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