Saturday, April 28, 2012

Robin Red Breasts, Scarlet Tanagers, and Other Songbirds

Robin Red Breasts, Scarlet Tanagers, and Other Songbirds

L. Edgar Otto    27 April, 2012

Colors and the logic of the vexilloids, the light of qualia
How simple to our ears their depth of sight and bird songs
High towers gossamer, guy wires halt their migrations
Their fill of the clouds of flies but not iridescent butterflies one can see from the Enterprise

or the Viceroyalty of Mexico those too migrate, skipping a generation, magnetic poles

* * *

In the Overworld colors are not simply qualia, some point of vague philosophy for the extension in the span that knots and braids are justified between bonds of creative objects. Nor are they a matter of quantity. Like abstract vectors that can draw forever in a scale of depth or turn to some vanishing of Cantor dust the dimensionless  is and is not a necessary dialectic of quantity and quality, particle and wave.  A third thing I thought of yet, quality, quantization, and quasicity in a trinity (or Triality) of sorts in zone we think between the replete spaces of three and four (thus the special mirrors of the right angled Platonic solids) and so on. 

Thus we also justify our intuitions, or perplexities of hierarchies in the physics and what may or may not collapse into some idea of entropy or ultraviolet catastrophes.  All this in the persistent sense of unification as well unique evolving diversity beyond the philosophic and preternatural vacua and continua.

* * * * *

LHC discovers new particle usb...

something about asymmetry and ordering of braids etc... see Kea's blog... here I just am thinking about this and wonder if it should have not been a surprise among such experiments as is other surprises no one is certain about.

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