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Superquasic Abstract Motion Lattice Pictorial Notation

Superquasic Abstract Motion Lattice Pictorial Notation

L. Edgar Otto 25 April, 2012

This I offer as in the stage of a mathematical recreational game level for the sake of pictorial hints only of what is evidently in isolation from some more general theories a viable source of intelligible formulas and intuitions somewhere in the literature or theoretical focus of someone in the world.

Yesterday I started a long post but my living circumstances were in the cycle of stress again due to the emotional state of others around me. Other than the first two paragraphs that added a footnote to the general theme of theory the rest of it seemed too negative to post.

Out of boredom or exhaustion for want of anything to do I tried to take a more formal approach realizing this is a problem and not sure it is my own, but I need to work things out anyway. Consequently I merely added to my output of graphics off line and of them certain programs that underlie the logic of things, paint and vector graphics, I found many things and shortcuts of methods in the drawing of which this simple grid came out of the very relaxed and informal enquiry.

As with those who develop lattices of quasi independent geometric structures like the tetrahedron, for example Leo Vuyk's recent post this week, this close to the logic of four way things that the April 23, 2012 pdf treats in what seems these questions of counting numerology for particle physics, of which we can build from these parts cosmic structures this grid considers the 24 cell patterns as itself self dual and unique in Euclidean four space and now in arithmetic, and in the quasic formulations and the complimentary inverses which directly apply to the structures of the gene code. This also explains in parts the very nature of generation mixing which globally was always a quasic view of contiguous meso motion abstract or physical structures.

The information by which we can encode things that adds a dimension by color that increases the paths and permutation possibilities and on them assume an order or accentuate and artistic unique fact as a picture is a way to say at the foundations that the abstract structure of space considerations itself adds dimensions to the reality of the physical processes expressed that persist in their own right despite the characterization by the concepts of the mathematics and possibly even is paradoxes from the design or properties of logic systems.

I do not expect everyone will see the same thing or be able to decode some reason I chose this or that color or pattern or line, or that in the pattern recognition they can develop ways to see the intelligible purposes of these creative choices. We are all in a sense double blind for the effort and deep into the desire for seeing the seriousness of perceptions. This explains much as to what can be a delay of discovery or limit to a given and untrained mind in the sound mechanisms of thinking and the doubt of its soundness that such lack of creative imagination itself becomes a conceptual limit where there are patters of intuitive recognition. But once someone sees the pattern they cannot help but see it as someone who already has taken the leap and strives to draw such a picture for the general rise of wisdom.

In a deeply connected sense of the dynamics we are trying to discover and invent by way of physics as for all practical purposes the most fundamental of the sciences, should we accept or understand these new physics innovations, it will be clear that the same problems native to our organic species are expressed in the special structure

There are no givens, but it seems to me that the breakdown between communication formally and informally between the supposed power as the backbone of an institution of learning- the professors and wise administrators who respect the freedom of enquiry of that faculty, even between departments and especially between the university as an economic presence in the town is now the beginning or a reflection of the loss of arts that can be done individually and in engaged dialog. Ideas are not just another commodity to which we reestablish an indentured servitude to the general faith by law in the economic system that aims intrinsically for no restraints to take over their perceived hegemony of the world or what it thinks he world is as it consolidates its limits.

Those who would forgive my lapses in reductionism I ask that they also forgive my lapses in the faith in liberty and the method of democracy. Information and science is also that paradox that sometimes the reactionary is the more learned response and the liberal is for those who have not learned to think for themselves let alone their capacity to advise others.

It is perhaps a bad sign of our times or of the society when we have to censor our own work as poets for that can be seen as a breakdown in the sanity, sovereignty, and privacy we can still imagine as an inalienable right of our souls. What is the news that by law the city must clean up the graffiti for that in a sense is a message and an art and the expression of something to which so is the news as a form of appearances as advertising. Now there may not be a message there worth the analyzing or of some intelligible pattern other than some social condition in the prison of society where even in the actual prisons the inmates crave art. But for the police to causally suggest they fight the problem by more and more cameras that spy on the people who is worthy to watch those painting the pictures?

What is it that behind stealth as on the Internet we find so many bullies, as if they have a mask, as if the trolls can reach in the real world those who distracted take such virtual words as serious weapons and arrangers of their actions? Maybe there is something to the pen mightier than the sword or in the end the reality of a fallen brick that matter exists as the old cliche goes, more than the sticks and stones. But what sort of world is it when there are those who monitor the flow of words and pass laws that charge as if real crimes in a community against the ever more presence of graffiti we call to ferret out criminals on the Internet? The news that is not also balanced as neutral is no longer news, nor some awakenings in the expediency of science any longer science.

I add that there are always people giving lip service at least that we should come together and those who would have us grow apart. It is refined lately in local politics as to whom it is responsible for doing of one or the other of those stances. In my naivety I ask for creative dialog of which the love of wisdom is nothing a thief may profit by against his fellows whom he takes as a model and so the worst of examples of his faith. Those who draw pictures and raise the failed corporations in the clouds and bubbles to patterns for their faith in the real world are in the main crazed dreamers who draw really abstract pictures of which the art as such is long dead to what is a greater art to come. Yet in this sea of dreaming the source of things is found if we so survive the questing. But where I have found such wisdom as rare as true mystic vision some claim as routine, I know the truth of my dreams as if that between me and the Creator. Let no artist or theoretician not cradle with care nor lose his ability to judge his own work as his intuitions awaken.

Still, I am not sure how useful this particular diagram is in itself- yet that is often the hint of a better generalization if we choose to try to see.



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