Thursday, April 26, 2012

Principia Unum et Omnica

Principia Unum et Omnica

L. Edgar Otto 25 April, 2012

As the branches of a hyperbolic model reduce to a line it can cross over to expand again- but is it the same lobes that bounce back or are exchanged across the ambiguous sides of the line in this expression of general planes as quadratic? Or can it be conceptually absolutely and positive as both? What would this mean for the TGD take on more general structures of wormholes and the mouths of wormholes?

We cannot say in the next level of conceptual hierarchy of plane or brane structure that the division of the rotocenters can be integral beyond any number of slices- while these are nodes in algebraic space they are the beginning of chaos at 8 dimensions and as a hyperbolic dialectic we should raise questions of remote changes and scale to which the preternatural laws of conservation and symmetry show that this stands as a postulate as did the parallel one of Euclid for our ideas of generalization of dimensions and information and the like.

Having some evidence conceptually of the division of an electron (or quark) as halved in the viriality and in Leo Vyuk's recent post can we so subdivide such point like objects? Does this not speak for the square and square roots of the quasic boundary perhaps multiply with limits? Are such stereonomic limits if existing the origin of a quasifinite hierarchy of scales, masses, reduced inverse square laws as with gravity and its strength by proximity and the relation generally between them such as with color and frequencies.

The acceptance or the fact in retrospect of the inevitability of theoretical and technical progress shows the scope of the non-necessity of principles such as in sociobiology particularly of social altruism as the driving force in evolution (here considered the only dynamic progressive force) But where there are connections it is clear that the lifespan under stress of organic systems including thought changes in the general context as a self reflecting global system- the search and destroy the stance of keeping the peace as if complex space at right angles.

Society then goes through awakens wherein the core faith or ideas of physical reality vanish all at once in the general society if this connection becomes a necessary state and those left after such a rapture are lost again for awhile on such a highway to general wisdom. But in matters of truth and not some delusion of self or rights at the core of things we imagine this is how it is or it should be. Social problems can be solved as social problems and not by the actions of individual to individual to deny the problems of society or individuals for such interaction over stresses the adaptability of general disease and what axioms we regard as reality.

The price of such awakening in an individual is that those around them in need or in anger have not changed in their silliness of their stance. Society has become the undesirable in the campus or cave asylums of ghettos of a few generations of individuals who do not know what they do to what to them is a smug and stable world of which they have the right to profile outsiders with their paranoid fears and grandiose ideals the average soul knows but the myths of dying ideologies. The people as individuals are a danger to themselves as well as to others and not necessarily the ideas or people they profile.

Three generations of imbeciles is enough for sooner or later in the balance of nature and the neutrality of beauty of so called equal weight and symmetry for all vanishes in the natural beauty as well the whitewash of their words far from their actions, and the reaction no longer sees them as human to correct in their politics or medicine and thus in the judging of others they have set the stage to be in social principle less worthy of altruism and mercy. In a unified conception which should have been found in the source of academia we find the disruptive chaos that from a distance shows no mercy to the continuity and concerns of families and individuals. As far as truth goes the system of enquiry has become meaningless in its application of laws thus the laws are rendered so, and the system is suicidal like the confusing messages of cells that self destruct.

Only the unstable minds are influenced with care and altruism for the memory of such people and in that they take on themselves the drama of these others they so are led down the same path when there was no real deep care of he departed in the first place- nature abhors compassion when it is blind to its own moral ground.

Think not that we become ruthless and thus too hardened if we reply with fire such fire or that all is hopeless for those who are still human enough to try to care- for those may yet inherit the world and peace. That we become thereby the kinds of people we react against.

Would you change the world then? There are two ways, one is the intimacy of higher magic from the general but earthbound view of that personal that touches all worlds. The other is the finding of more fundamental truths in the depths that are hidden and bring to the world finer details that let us in the distance to see the false vacua as simplicity.

But to think one can do it politically only, or by force, or by some denial of what is individually or generally a right, is not to be in a state of authenticity of self, and social shared delusions- for the community of man in spirit can be disembodied as supernatural questions in a cloud and that is only the virtual measure and value beyond even an empty world. We should neither demonize or forbid the general faith in our physicians but solve our problems in the neutral but not always destructive awakening by science.

Yet despite all these words in profusion and even what you think is confusion where your arrogance of discovery to the perceived and socially acceptable myths of the day of which some expect acceptance or reward from the momentum of a movement safe in the herd or the lip service to an ideal but a mirror of the same thing on the other side of some evil balanced if there in another age, I still have a great deal of things I have not written in the higher theories and wisdom and careful not to do more than mark the breadcrumbs along the way as hits and hopes- so take not but in your blind hearts in private thought or public view what we each contribute individually and independently to the unity of the whole of theory. What matters if of a billion pictures you are mortal enough that in and beyond a thousand lifetimes all of these cannot be seen?

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