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Conceptual Crisis of the Higgs Mechanism

Conceptual Crisis of the Higgs Mechanism 26 April, 2012
L. Edgar Otto

Next morning, Thursday: From the hint of the structure of the illustration, an intelligible hierarchy of self dual structures in natural three and four space as a sort of Majorana mass difference, we could see the idea of mass in general as a state of the vacuum structural field expressing this and other forms of polytopal duality,

Here in looping paths I excluded the centering of the 25th iota state of the particle of which a loop can in the sense vibrate in this space of the same natural dimension and in fact only in this 24 cell. The mass does not require the Higgs particle view but that seems more like a condensing idea analogous to gravity. In this general duality of structures we find that we can divide things into alternating vibrational games into some perceived or actual ordering of plus and minus zigzags or iotas of equivalent parity over minimum spinning quantization that limits the programming of vectors to these rules of operation of the eight.

So in the computation of mass like values we can distinguish over the natural inertia or the Euclidean duality the count of so many things in the generational mix along the quasized lines of the mapping of grids, especially the orthogonal ones in the 20 or 24 or 16, 32, 36 magic number mirrors of mass and momentum transfer or defect self leaking into parts of the system of self virtual numerology where the idea of mass is also to be understood as structures of time-entropy in relation to it being the special and global logic of information.

The problems, as many have suspected, of the finding of the measurement, regardless of the gains and success of the standard theory or of not finding the Higgs and the like, nor what is in reality the beginning of a supersymmetry even if the description of physics cannot just be a closed system only, is one of our conception as theory and not of the hypothesis the projects were designed to test.

Such paths as matters of sentience and thought simulation systems or experiments, where the counters or zigzags represent intuitive decisions that can hold together in this sense intelligibly but have not intrinsic order likely to be a successive gain toward the truth of a system- and consequently there is no guarantee in the publication of some theory or the reporting of some discovery that these are in fact close to the innate faculty of creative and intuitive truths that tend so be self dual and monitor our physics of consciousness as such structural processes about or analogous to the quasi-preternatural physics of vacua.

Again, at the core of this is the difference between the finite and continuous self dual and virtual curved and straight paths as imagined or actual with their mirror inversions where the processes reversible or irreversible can in a sense be decisions of intuition or physical processes as interchanged potentially where these are local or non-local actualities of dynamic or passive non-necessities. Clearly the self organization of a systems can have a hierarchy of quasi independent yet connected analogous shells hidden or influenced from what seems other total systems or parts of what is essentially the same system as in the coherence of thoughts and personalities.

In the sense physics strives to describe forces going toward a unique center of a sphere or global object as a reductionism, in the higher Triality of such cube structures that duality to the breakdown of the 24 cell into two 4D analogs to the octahedron (this an error even those who understand three space structures are likely not to see as the higher space analog to an octahedron), we can say the Higgs is such a center as what there is and we do not know what where all there is if not the premature question of the existence of supersymmetry and operations beyond the usual enumeration of those in arithmetic and geometry. Has anyone suggested this entity as a candidate for the grounding of dark matter itself with all the intuitive paradoxes or errors of intuition that at first glance suggests? Yet nevertheless even as invisible in our local system as a central but spacious perspective such a particle is a phenomenon as a place which has a quasi existence and possibly a higher order and this self dual analogy to the tetrahedron and 24 cell as unified abstract vacua structures.

It is interesting for example in the evolution of galaxies once the chiral effects are understood that the rare ring galaxy can be seen as both elliptical and a disc, as with the hints of the dark and natural matter relation. But we should not think but can imagine it as a possibility that one type of galaxy eats the other anymore than Higgs like things have this appetite. It seems clear to me that such particles reflect in themselves in spacious vacuum potentiality the maximum symmetries we imagine possible as an alternative fractal invariance to this idea of a quasi-closed expanding or in decreasing cohering closed universe systems. The issue here of similarity is that between the convex to the convex in matters of density and so on.

Perhaps this answers Lubos insightful question today. As perhaps our theoreticians with their white boards should have asked all along while we wait for them to comprehend and catch up to the wide possibilities of new physics directions and answers. Of course I just saw this while the posting of these pages.  Evedently, as with Pikanen's look at the new contemplations- the physics community and speculations have new things to consider, perhaps as a matter ultimately of our philosophy.

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