Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Omnium as Polytopal Nonnecessary Qx (tetra) Metacubes

L. Edgar Otto No Problem... I recall the chemistry teacher emphasizing no one had ever really seen an atom,back then. Einstein was a master at puns. Let us hope the gods and universe have a sense of humor. Humor is still hard to explain by the philosophers when they think they have a handle on most everything else. I have recognized and enjoyed some of your jokes for awhile now. I could be wrong to interpret things deeper in any statement so hope it did not offend you (I have been distracted by access to the internet lately and my income base changes so make some buying mistakes and two sons visiting having far worse school and money problems of which I can be limited help. I am also wondering what you do in the world- I am just more of a poet without training. OK it is not my own but I like this joke. A new prisoner is at the mess hall and every once in awhile some inmate shouts out a number. So to fit in he one day shouts out number 9. No one laughs so he asks the guy next to him why not. "Well, we have been here so long with the same old jokes it is easier to just shout out a number." - " But I said nine and no one laughed." - "Look Buddy, some people can tell a joke and some just cannot." smile emoticon

L. Edgar Otto Charlie Currie iota is my general term for particle which on that scale applies the general term Omnium in the sense or law zero x infinity = unity. These sum totals or miscellaneous collections part of 'philosophic continua' Induction not technically disproved. You have caused me to rethink on a very early theory of mine I called Displacitivity as a compliment to understanding. (which came at the end and not beginning of high school) relativity. It seems physics is stuck still in this stage. It was rash of me to dismiss it as so much if today's speculation is focused on this primitive issue. This conflict as if a necessary negative existential moment had to be experienced for me to make the quasic grid then taking long to develop. This sort of recursive fractal like model done independently is very ancient in human thought. Others are constantly rediscovering it. You and I only disagree on the upper reaches if how we or nature express quasic distance.

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