Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Beyond Our Present Theories of Everything

Joseph Kover I like the term fibration (I use filimbration or atmosphere in such a context) . It seems to be that some ideas expressed here are really about physics on a deeper level beyond what we now vaguely see as a near unified theory.  So would the chart of existing theories of everything miss this or that new alternative model or will our hard discussions and speculations go beyond the range of the chart itself?  Take the amplituhedron model for example, where is the center of simple geometric structure here that it describes integration as Area and volumes to calculate particle mass-energy states but then only vaguely?  Clearly in the expression of say organic chirality (DNA and its extra genome filibrations)  begins at four and not just three tetrahedra to make the tenfold tetrahelix reading each as if a string pentaquark complex tetrahelix.  Given three quarks as a string which one when compressed edge on of a loop is the center and which is the one thought relativistic?  But if the loop is a loop folded flatter that it leaves a gap there is more to the question than where is the center.

jaya    You grasp the wider context of the problem.  Taking a string like object we see in DNA for example that it can surround a string of codons as if a moving catalyst of information gathering or reading as if outside the totality of a unified theory of such processes.  The Weyl and Majorana environs both apply on the horizon of this higher level of speculations.  Two things relatively new in consideration of existing physics.  As we approach a Weyl point we can see principles of uncertainty may apply for some combined measures or we can see that in the approach entropy is physically reduced that we find the counter view of physical facts of certainty.  That is that as we stack cubes in arrays the degrees of freedom are more limiting so as to define a reduction of entropy in a material fact.  So the unification of physics may not be resolved by a lesser combining of quantum or relativistic effects on a lesser level.

This goes beyond our existing theories of everything (although as an effect not stated as fundamental theory it still is unclear if the applications for medical purposes as side effects are understood in the relevance of still more general theories.).  Certainly an application to ion drives to improve times of travel could be an application for extended ranges of space flight.  It seems to me the pure numbers used in the results, understood or not in the context guarantee the experimental results are real.  Some say the folding of space itself may allow what is or appears physically some superluminal hints as possibility although restrained in light as a resource of constructional devices in condensation of degrees of available freedom - thus a way to fold space by manipulation of particles where entropy reduces in an actual building of objects, abstractly in such issues of uncertainty in the general structure of what is possible in the vacuum.  I am simply saying that from a higher overview of everything that this small experiment may prove highly significant to future physics - but to say it is Nobel Prize worthy would be an underestimation.    http://physics.aps.org/synopsis-for/10.1103/PhysRevLett.115.064801

The I Ching yarrow casts have a limited number of outcomes, say almost 200K or simplified by color dice 4096.  In terms of finite possibilities a deep and philosophic question on the most primitive level regardless of predictions would be  What makes the lines of the I Ching move (or fixed) short of the physical casting?  I mean this of course as information theory.  Jaya.

In a deep sense we do have a center and vast structure of our brain-minds of which it may be part of the big picture and big show of physical models over a range of we as a center of vacuum structures as if a body... but it is not clear we can measure just where the mind ends say from the structure of the skull or if the projection of this fades with the distance to something like energy limits or condensed dark matter metaphors centered or not.

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