Saturday, August 8, 2015

Sustainable Physics and the Neutral Tauon

The title on this page I wrote down after a nap watching television early in the morning... the rest as questions twelve hours later.    Some earlier notes on facebook:

Time is such a strange thing to me... I think the energy was the same as now for me, a sort of creative energy, Giotis.  But 1995 was quite an interesting time for physics in general, so many computer years ago.  So, Sabine... what was the topic back then of your PhD thesis?  Sometimes we reach golden ages, not sure it is like riding a roller coaster... but other times it feels like I am a Merlin and time goes backward.  The bigger the fish bowl the bigger the fish and how much it can see and understand. But there is something appealing about our personal expanding universe and what comes back in memory from deep into a wider vacuum.  That sort of elemental thought is why I also think your peacock photo is beautiful and unique. So I put up a cover photo of a quantum catfish as fluids may still have a deeper place whether we are outside or top or bottom feeders of the cosmos.

 Great picture of unique perspective. Peacocks have many different interpretations in many cultures. I took old symbols as used by German Christians without being able to read the text for meanings and applied them to my take on physics. Relativity was the hedgehog rolled up in a ball spike vectors and some fallen apples on them. Quantum stuff was the hive and all the busy honey bees. But the peacock with its feathers with a thousand eyes Quasic hierarchy. So three primary physics and secondary colors between them. Darwin was all the rabbits, the garden snail chirality, then chaos-science and catastrophe flips. In the center the Phoenix-evergreen tree- pelican and her squabs feeding in combinations hinting at a fourth or more primary way.

sabine august 4

A comment on Sabine's blogspot post early her morning:

Wow, talk about metaphors of creative physics this can be read on so many different levels. Acoustic energy, twin paradoxes, isolated thermo and vibrating systems with asymptotic freedom and firewalls, whether photons in exponential replication will in looping time collapse a fire wall, do we really need smooth or hairy information shaved or lost of scars or no at the mouth of worm holes no clones in the many-worlds. Looping that sets off baby universes that starts their own inflation's. And gamma bursts from far away in the sky or from deep within a planet's mantle. The next level to innovative new physics in that still hidden with its useful technology will be something like a neutral tauon (tauonino?) combo for a unified and sustainable society and physics. It may seem the aliens hack our virtual ghostly images but can they ever grasp the wonder so many feel around childbirth even lifelong doctors each time report they feel and the hard work, pain and nature's equifinality your clear personal and universal perspective you have shared with us so well.

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