Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Conceptual TOE-burst Organizing the Structured Vacuum

I think the discussion of physics in the unlikely place of the social media has been of a very high order lately.  Here are some very raw and inspired notes.  The photo of the various existing models as Theories of Everything presented as a picture (a sort of click map in 2D with hyperlinks in links) organizing our conceptions visually, for me is more instructive than the alternative of lists which sometimes blacks out half of our smart phone screens.  This, in the context of my quasic theory or where other models come close to this direction is an influential part of the sequence of our thinking.  From this higher view we can go deep into the detail of a particular lesser world view to which it is not clear in this short burst of creativity that even the term Thermodynamic just as Quantum is a good covering term.  The second photo here is my trying to understand the depth of field both digitally and by analog lensing, the list of linguistic shorthand symbols quite chosen at a random page.  I may add more text here relating to some of the conversations-  Sabine's recent thoughts also informative as is say the ease at which Leo Vuyk moves so well in the ideas of the view of things as singularities. Now it would be helpful as a tool of education and training to link to the vast number of historical and current theorist's names.  I see that I may have been too limited to dismiss the ideas of some neutral models that try to see things as holograms or say dark matter.  Kudos all around for the next step of our higher awakening vision.

From a linguistic view simple questions of our double vision has been on my mind.

Thanks for the heads up David Horgan...  I was hoping Sabine would continue exploring along these lines.  Read the pdf and it contains beautiful equations and sober assessment of its implications.  To me, geometrically and in terms of information this is what I call the last face problem... that is given 8 cubes in a hypercube one of the faces have an opposite sign to the other.  And there is a sort of perpendicularity to the total surface.  Now putting two such hypercubes together (5D) is another problem but fluid ideas and alternative dualities is something I hope I have not just assumed is very real.  I just posted such a generalization on my blogspot which goes well with your groups ideas on other effects and Cooper pair multi fermion ideas on physics. If we can imagine this as a six dimensional landscape of compactification as if the tauon is special... that is where, short of a unified theory, we observe at least in an abstract slice of such space such fluid an acoustic phenomena.   I still say her approach to condensed matter physics, such as the analog duality, is absolutely right on.   sabines aug4 arXiv paper to Horgan.

in a reply on facebook reading her article I waxed poetic...   a special thanks to all the Pluto Huggers and those with a sensible vision to pursue space for its own sake...

What is that rope and where is it tied that holds up the moon? What constrains our creativity that we can observe the sirens tied to the mast of our firm yet rocking ship and quests into the unknown? The end of fiber bundles charged like Tesla's or Einstein's tangled dreads in the state of dynamic ongoing Love as Creativity and everlasting passion, Wisdom's inflation. Love the iconic heart in resonance and recognition with another face and self superimposed eyebrow ridges over wide eyes - Love as much a destructive hell as replete riches where we celebrate its wake of mystery mourning those in free fall crossing time's rivers on the ship between awake and dreams, of Charon. as best we can in spooky silence where the distance between us is near and far away, and can be understood but not as we imagine it is measurable.

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