Saturday, August 8, 2015

Quantum Catfish - Getting Close but Are You Getting Hotter

So if we entangle a group of quantum computing researchers and neglect the fluidity of the environs and the noise in real or artificial mirrored spaces, can an ensemble of bottom feeders really work together?

 Peacocks have many different interpretations in many cultures. I took old symbols as used by German Christians without being able to read the text for meanings and applied them to my take on physics. Relativity was the hedgehog rolled up in a ball spike vectors and some fallen apples on them. Quantum stuff was the hive and all the busy honey bees. But the peacock with its feathers with a thousand eyes Quasic hierarchy. So three primary physics and secondary colors between them. Darwin was all the rabbits, the garden snail chiraliy, then chaos-science and catastrophe flips. In the center the Phoenix-evergreen tree- pelican and her squabs feeding in combinations hinting at a fourth or more primary way.

Great perspective photo by Sabine Hossenfelder

In the quasifinite range of our perceptible universe would a thousand eyes of observation loop as if the Phoenix to rise again and again from the ashes of our theories of everything?  Or can any theory we can so iterate or shift in hierarchies become the center of perspectives of speculation?

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