Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Instar (Insei) Superluminal

I guess I do claim to have the next.theory of everything. While it is easy to see or feel smarter than those with total theories beneath you, how can one presume to understand those above you? My simple experiment is within all of us monkeys already. The mind is more than intimate in scale as a quantum or relativistic mechanism. Consciousness awake is metaphysically reaching light speed of the psi plasm but it is still more than this as superluminal. It is still more than those who work with the calculus of pure singularity. While warp drive is quasifinitely likely I still cannot see if this excludes a generalization as time travel. For now we have to generalize the idea of Weyl points as a focused class concept at least. I would call this Instar Superluminal if the term available, otherwise I use Insei (Japanese for meteor). This vision is exceeding beautiful, but so are those of a slightly lesser speculation as we gaze into infinite reflections.

Jaya Ram Bisto It is indeed superb !
Jaya Ram Bisto In Consciousness when one gets the speed higher than that of light ,Is our consciousness a Weyl points of Divergence or Convergence ? Maxwell in his work told us that Light is Divergence attaining highest speed .Singularity is Convergence, Does Singularity have highest speed than that of light ?
Neil Haverstick We can also transcend thinking after a certain point...
L. Edgar Otto I will need time to transcend in my thinking to have more than an opinion on that very deep question Jaya. The best of our loop and string theories- do they converge or diverge together? I cannot claim to know everything. I noticed that when I post something as a small idea I sense right you and a few others do see it as standing out- it is a great gift and for now the frontier is condensed something.

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