Friday, August 14, 2015

Quasic (Tauonic) Multi-TOE Color Extension toward the Sukodu Game in the Standard Model

David Horgan remarked:  Always good to see teams trying to figure out how to challenge quantum gravity with observations.

Scalar and tensor perturbations in loop quantum cosmology: High-order corrections
Giotis Mth posted:

I was browsing the infamous by now (so called) map of "Theories of Everything" of Quanta Magazine:

and I noticed a general misconception regarding quantum foam. For reasons I don't understand the quantum foam model is connected to LQG and causal dynamical triangulations but not to String theory. The truth is that the notion of quantum foam is generic and is expected to be a feature of a candidate QG theory which should be able to incorporate and reveal the quantum foam picture of space time at a certain limit. For String theory in particular there are already preliminary results indicating that indeed the theory is capable of doing exactly that.

The relevant paper that I'm aware of for example is the classic paper by Vafa et al linked below where topological probe branes reveal that the quantum foam picture dominates at short enough distant scales for certain spaces.

Of course my main objection with the Quanta magazine map is the misleading title (in fact the only Theory of Everything is String theory since the other presented theories are just miserable attempts to quantized gravity which is not the same thing) and the ridiculous public voting initiative.

I replied:   So, are you suggesting this was an oversight or a conceptual error? Will all of physics one day just be material science reduction? Does a TOE exist as a foam if there are no scud on a surface to perceive it? I think this map embodies a higher principle we scud intuitively try to solve if a universe planned or by accident makes sense. Short of that or some not multi-TOE creative process or Ultimate Design - the same principle really, the links between these approximate regions are from this QM mysticism are not necessarily independent as well a matter of degree. If there is a sentient God could He be a scud while not a foam?


The Game Board in Planning Stages for Manufacture....   L. Edgar Otto (the PeSla)

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