Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Toward a Journal of Quasic Physics

Physics in its foundational debates will not be superfied as a generalization where the relation of stringy or loopy camps as now formulated reach a compromise. Can it be so from my Edot view verses the Gordian knot of Lumo's. (Lubos Motl's) physics is constipated view. Lubos has written a masterpiece as a work of art that demeans Sabine Hossenfelder etc al as if his model in a super Nova flux exploded out over the whole universe everywhere. What is left is a pee brain just awake enough to know where to hedge his bets. It ends with his use of 'she' pointing out he is being respectifully politically correct. But begins with a paragraph of a single sentence, a brilliant put down within a put down really of Dr. Bee dancing with Nude Scientists. But if one reads his post carefully and sorts out what concepts he connects or denies, while he cannot see the implications, we find he does not understand QM theory, string theory, the application of the hologram ideas, how laws relate explicitly on the micro scale, how he could count beyond the slicing of K-Klein incomplete manifolds, or Sabine's advanced comment on the question of at least analog duality in regard to QM doubling of information as maybe not a violation of cloning ad much as one that should be raised in the light of new evidence of Bell inequalities and limitations of what is reality in spooky action at a distance. This is why I gave Lubos the Turkey Prize (that as an abstract American mythical symbol can go either way. ) but he certainly deserves it for at least originality (finally) beyond a BS degree. But really Lubos, this BS is getting old.

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Reply to Hawking and Don Lincoln: Sooner or later Hawking is going to realize this is barely a general description of the universe. To interpret it as multiverse does not solve general evolving structure of say the unified view of quasars and their era as central to it all, a ring of evil much like the so-called axis of evil. The error or dead end of speculation for higher laws of matter and spacetime was not to give equal weight to Fred Hoyle F.R.A.S. and other cyclic models. Unless of course such a description goes to somewhere else entirely such as the mechanism that would make quasars a sort of chariot to a barely imaginable Heaven.
Neil Haverstick replied:  "...the Universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine." Sir James Jeans

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in reply to Horgan's update: The polyhedra in spacetime article is hardly new. But it is correct as far as it goes. Spin as such, locally Euclidean, can recover QM effects by a minimum quantization over a convex surface defining directions (and no magnitude vectors) real or imaginary. Moreover, on a generational level what the author suggests as time-like can be a looping within the 4th or Gravitional level of quasifinite chiral freedom effects some not distinguished in asymmetry but equivalent representations.. QM and GR needs not be generalized separately. This is also the "where does the (QM) information go problem" where neutral entities can be interpreted as either ellyptical or hyperbolic or together a spacious null singularity at each spherical rotocenter with eutactic face defined vectors.
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Reply to Joy Christian & Sabine:
Very interesting and kudos to you. I can see that it can lead to more secure communications but think this is meeting fundamental than QM theory it can contain. Assuming a more general loophole and deeper definition of ratios of dimensions and distance and the background structurally at a distance, intimate to 4 & 5 space chirality as spin... how might such quasi real and quasi local phenomena apply to Hawking's loophole escape of such information from a black hole?. Three spheres (I cannot picture this from the computer code link) certainly is part of the picture - that most likely defines certain measures to clarify the generation problem. This can be seen as double information reduced again to one picture (a half). By reflection alone and two chambers the stereonometry of this picture would give us this experimental result half independent of random inputs.

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On the other hand Hawking has found a way out where it takes forever to enter a black hole or hardly any time at all depending on what is seen inside or outside the view. Thus instead of dying from a disease that should have killed him in two years, like a QM cat with 8+1 lives he slowly evaporates over decades. :-)
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In reply to Jaya: Jaya, interesting speculations which not need some assumptions either to explain things. All these are an art form really and should be cherished like civilization held alive in dark ages by the Viking vulnerable monks or the great literature of nuns safe in their creativity from the inevitable dark ages. Here again I need more to explain some unclear term like information. Dimensions! How can space expand faster than the speed of light? Tell Mr more. What is the difference in appealing to an idea of multiverse and that of light in a few higher dimensions? Does science need independent backgrounds or is determinism and free will an issue which may meet or not in some local reality? Or in the surface thermodynamics of a spherical region will Nepal allow a new Western Provence?
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