Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Minimum Lepton Quantization and Filimbration Metaphysics of Clay

When the binary information chain codes are expressed as lepton particles meets the idea of fibrations (atmospheres, nD filimbrations) over a hierarchy of 3D effects of surfaces and shells of atoms in relation to surface chromatics as parity sign and shell kernal structures, ie Magnetism etc...and this generalized in the quasic idea of  n-polar lattices.  Behold the Iota Complex.

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Danilo Zammattio,  fractal hunter sent me this photo on fb.  It describes or links to the idea of complimentary colors as a surface phenomenon.  It also says things about stacked 2D fractals and colors of the background in terms of symmetry. I do not always follow his artistic and scientfic musings but I do understand the surprising depth and growth over the last year of his leaps of understanding as drawings.  This is a favorite but there is hardly anything I do not like and then I feel neutral about it.  I know that other thinkers giving us 3D fractals seem rather less than beautiful so something more is needed to describe them
L. Edgar Otto This one of a way to view things and is part of the Big Picture. But there is other ways to interpret the higher or hidden symmetry in the data. It is as much art as its is science as observation.  danilio posted on evidence of multiverse in the WMAP data.

L. Edgar Otto Danilo... the photo you sent on my timeline I used on my blogspot to illustrate a physics idea... I will remove it if you mind. it is among my favorites but I like most everything you do. see pesla. blogspot .com

L. Edgar Otto As in your cover photo "black holes have hair" Life could have been seeded from the far outer planets. But if we stare directly into the eyes as in the ancient myth we should be careful we do not turn into stone,.

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