Thursday, August 13, 2015

Dark Fluid Tech Prediction in 2 years and a Nod to Matti Pitkanen

I don't know. Matti. It is an impressive and far reaching speculation. Very specialized. No one I knew got brown gas to work for example. Yes clay dimers can replicate but it is hard to see it would lead to a chain reaction or lead to a significant energy source from the quantum reality of cold fusion.on the highest level a universe that is stable and makes sense has a sort of higher conservation law. You are missing the symmetry from the other end of the periodic table by these same mechinisms. It shows that for 4D matter outside of quasars there is a limit to superluminal flight. You have come so far. Your intuition on primes related to fundamental particles is original and right on - but I think for an encore you should explore at least the arithmetic to pin it down. I imagine something like my quasic matrices for such numbers negative or anti-entropy are old general system theory terms before our time. Like our dark metaphors in this day. It is the neutral states most important. Citing others in speculative documenting who cannot be taken seriously will not help other concepts you intuit as significant be viewed so. You do not need them. Make some predictions more concrete. If Finland conquers the world in a dark photon AI war - you could make money as a sci fi movie. If that prediction came true, I really wouldn't mind that knowing such people like you (and Ulla) who are on fire with ciriousity and creative imagination. Short of heaven we still could make synthetic elements from the vacuum..


The best answer has always been minimum quantization of certain types of discrete points in quasi loopy strings... to imagine these interchanged between particles or in a hierarchy of partitioning is a more powerful view of generalization. If this generalization and intuition not yours Jaya, do you have a specific link for documentation? If there is not that would explain why there are so many second rate speculative papers published, i suspect.

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 Density? Obstructions on the same scale? Inertia approaching linearity in perturbation ( force and time differential stuff... if mother nature is not Taylor Swift at 22 writing on the decoherence of relationships and her simple music if we could hear pulses in the ultraviolet shift as if a beacon made of her purple lipstick. I bought food for a month in San hour today and she told the cashier the number to look up prices from memory for every obscure item I had in my shopping cart. If I bought A then I intuitively needed BCandD ... got coffee I only went for but only forgot green peppers. (The cashier distracted me talking about the water and wildfires on his agriculture trip up and down California. 2D has its music of the spheres too I guess...

(she says she will revisit this idea in 18 months... well, it is hard to predict new technology past two years.  Sooner or later in two years someone else invariably came up with one of my experimental candle designs.  Even the most absurd and impractical ones as far as a working candle goes.)

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L. Edgar Otto This ancient theory is radical? Even then it is but an abstract step to a Quasic physics. Then I have been such a radical since the early 60's . Why does it take so many physicists so long to suggest such logical breakthroughs? My Dad was so right " if the knowledge is not there you will not find it by going to school. " Guess some people, other than Higgs et al, need school - but they would have done better taking deep courses in theology first. Just maybe a few rise up within the priesthood if they survive the narrow dogma and are not labeled crackpots. It is the same multiverse issue, really.

So, as if the deepest only game in town, magnetism is not the most fundamenta grounding of momentum effects. Perhaps we shall find it is not light either.

My blogspot (Sustainable Physics & the Neutral Tauon) August 8, discusses such neutrinos that Higgs-like in decay can result in 4 and 5D matter-antimatter unitary or null neutral neutino singularities. 5n hierarchy for Higgs mass for those directly observable from a linear direction in 3D. 125 this side of deeper cosmic dualities.

I read this 4 days after my blog posting...

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I mainly agree. An absolute default state of the most general design of a physical universe could be a place where with all things possible I is at once fixed while intrinsically in a state of motion. We argue over the math and physics details both for what we cannot see in the known world as well what biases we imagine in the unknown world. How can we say a universe is dying if not in a QM cat like concept we entertain it is alive?

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