Thursday, August 6, 2015

Time, Society, and Bridges over Confluences or Gray Goo

The word grue (green blue) is a philosophic term and 'grue' is French for crane.  While I see some of the philosophy and math of the issue I think we need a new form to program it in which needs principles beyond our ideas of what it takes as quantum or relativistic physics to carry messages not simply analog or digital in the programming .

 A total or more general system itself can be defeated regardless of the stability of its substructures including time. The act of what message is received or what messages were not viewed can itself find the authentic transformation changed. So if purely quantum methods work they do so all at once when the machine is in the state of being off... So such qm methods are in principle secure already. But to use light this way merely extends the information encryption race to higher levels in a world where nothing in principle is ever secure save what the power of the time will deny access of methods of information in effect to control those who cannot use the data or even know individually, that is to accept that rights like free speech the world is not ready for people in the world for a long, long time. It is said the further from the people the less the leaders can view their arbitrary wobbles that fade with distance into general statistics. An individual may conclude society makes no sense in how say benefits or wealth is determined by its distribution. But to actually send a message, to authenticate both the message and the messenger is not a quantum problem - nor is it one of simply organizing the aether background in terms of time.
But the article does say they will have to figure out QM first...  well, that is a start.  What is hack-able or not can be something in between neither linear in time nor the vague idea that it takes more time as complexity for the content as non-linear.   Joesph Kover discussed this link:

In the sense a group of people say from a particular nationality or racial mix or adaption to an environs...  society as far as physics uses stealth as the need to know to maintain some distance that they keep their particular pattern as power.  But they are deluded to think any such government or society is so permanent that it can always stand based on existing principles.  They cannot fool all the people all of the time you see.

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