Monday, August 3, 2015

Is the job of physics to make quantum functions speculation machines of our data?

Caption: the universe starts anew, but it seems to start more restrained than watching it grow through several beginnings over the colder Wisconsin winter (the ferns with their wide and diverse coal bearing DNA seem much more hardy) is the soil depleted or only something, a spark left from its heart that began at least three incarnations from its center?  The price perhaps of specialization and less diversity somewhere up on something like the idea of an inflation ladder from some beginning.

Let us imagine this as a model of the electromagnetic potentials of a human nerve.  From the anthropocentric  view we can project on the universe the idea that it could ultimately be a great brain.  If we say in our model building (trying to make sense of things by thinking) it does take some energy, say spots that are either cold or hot or neutral. It is not just the neurologists who do not keep strict steps of reasoning. here is a remarkable paper  that suggests to me any idea of dark matter as one of the stances on a theory of everything should be eliminate from the discussion as physics in controlled steps.  So while it is clever the idea of a simple reversal of sign where such matter freezes out of inflation where the equations merely contain inverted pure numbers serves only to allow for wider speculation for model building that does not address the deeper duality in hidden nature with constrained speculation but a double explosion of only inflation centered models. It tells us how as theoreticians to create many more such theories rather than solve a particular concrete case as does this experiment. So physics becomes runaway speculation worse than our theories we say of neurologists are too vague to compare to the sensible idea of physics as the more accurate and superior science.  But this will leave such theoreticians cold or out in the cold.  Worse as this experiment shows in its simplicity of useful dialectical elements it shows us something deeper of the actual function and structure of a nerve itself so in that sense neurology can be seen as the superior science.  Sabine has an interesting comment on her blogspot from a neurologist. on this very issue.  Charlie Currie says "we cannot go chasing everything that is shiny" which is the higher debate of what in such science speculations as this may not be the case.  thanks to post through Natalie Chan.

L. Edgar Otto Charlie Currie I put it right up there with gravity. You can't go chasing every shiny object of effect. There is a single impetus.
L. Edgar Otto Tell me more about such a single impetus.

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