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The Basal Continuum (Bcm)

The Basal Continuum (Bcm) L. Edgar Otto 11-04-10

I wish to emphasize what I have said all along, that it may relate to the various speculations that are showing up in the popular literature, science magazines, and the blogo-sphere or forums.

I called the metaphysical idea the Fundamental Theorem which tries to resolve that fact that things can change yet remain the same. After these last musings regarding the foundations of language, I add another part of that theorem called the Basic Theorem. From a linguistic viewpoint at the turn of the last century both words were intrusive and used in English to give a sense of the discourse as scientific. However, as basic in this sense is more a biological concept- the field in which this idea applies I call the Basal continuum. It is the same issue of the complex hierarchy of nature and equations our notions are grappling with and struggling to awaken in various metaphors new or established for the grounding of physics- especially the ideas involving opaque or dark things, higher dimensions, and the state of our ideas of particle theory.

For example- the idea of a sterile neutrino as a fourth generation particle. Such a thing for me (in our vague metaphorical generalities) is the beginning in at least four space of such a fundamental theory. This in my recent terminology relates to the idea of fundamental and basic symmetry (symmetrai) ideas as the idea of balance or irreversibility of at least our local universe in terms of equations.

Another example would be the idea of a cosmic censor that forbids by declaration in regions not accessible of the decay at infinity of things like black holes such that the problems of initial and final states by nature are never realized so not a problem.

A few corresponding theories partially and independently describe, at least locally, the idea of a direction or arrow in time with both theorems due to complexity, for example decoherence and entropy or the various concepts of symmetry issues and thermodynamics.

In some sense the hyper-complex numbers and the values of mass from some supposed central place of symmetry may tell us the same thing to the extent the imaginary formalism and is mechanisms works out mathematically. From the general view we can imagine we have a sea of point singularities of which on the basal level space not only can appear to be in its infinitesimal instability to be expanding in a preferred matter and anti-matter direction (a result you can see in my approach to these problems as something fundamental about space where it acts as if all values real and positive concerning motion is not surprise to me nor that others now have been considering it). For this is a little better explanation of the asymmetry than what we have vaguely and in some detail of particle decay have considered before.

From the quasic or even the holonic view at any point we have to consider which is the depth and which the span and their mirrors in the intelligibility of such dark flow concepts. Of course one or the other may be zero or sterile, the other active.

The idea of "sterile" neutrinos I find a colorful and fortunate name, for as a basal principle given a creative field we can certainly interpret them as "fertile". Indeed, there is some evidence of opaque or dark things generating light matter.

The basal idea is required to begin to comprehend the questions of the origin of life and the restraints on evolution of which much reductionist progress has been made and the progress for a wider physics of the genome is getting acknowledgment.

But from the philosophic view this is about motion in the traditional sense- in particular the as yet not truly resolved idea of the Zeno paradox (which requires a little more than the explanation by the calculus). There is a sort of analog to the motion laws of Newton for inertia- Once a certain (basal) distance, that is once an item is "created" from zero there is a certain constant distance that stays the same between two events or objects- beyond null this of course is linked to the notions of expansion, energy, and so on where such space things can grow or change. It is basal in the cosmology sense in that between these established great than point regions the F&B Theorems are generally transitive across all natural and quasic dimensions. Once created an entity tends to stay created, once temporal tends to stay temporal whether beyond all this outside forces may change things or not but certainly these can be changed on some level of the forces inside the universe so to speak. The Zeno paradox describes linearly the symmetry of an existential point as if it were only the instant in a quantum model as a basal phenomenon, and thus the idea of what has to be grounded non-classically as some minimum of action or region for space and so on. If the quarks are asymptotically free for example of what structure are they free from? Is that not a notion like the "end or wall of the universe" some ask at the beginning of learning cosmology? Can they not from a substance view evolve and be in a state of both situations- and can moreover there not be in the standard theory revised a better understanding of gravity- one that goes beyond the quaint ideas of even n-brane theory?

It is also no surprise to me the statements lately that we are dealing with a fourth generation of things like particles for that is precisely described by the quasic informational notation including the paradoxes it may suggest where are theories are biased toward certain concepts of interpretation.

This sort of thinking suggests to me also the problem of consciousness is a much deeper one than some interpretation of quantum theory. That part of the fundamental theorem does seem better grounded as does the symmetrical description of quantum theory as material and reductionist.

* * *

I now post a poem influenced by rigid dialog with various religious people around me on line and in the coffee shop- I do intend it as optimistic. I have not decided how good it is as a poem nor how deep it might be in ideas as they are expressed nor how the cultural references will be recognized or valued in time and places.'

The Soul that Died
L. Edgar Otto 11-04-10

The soul can die in the here and now
if we think it can in some beyond

All vague and mysterious unknowns we young
in restrained awakening make struggle

In the shifting climate the zombies
eat my brain, the vampires suck my blood

You cannot win, lone wolves worn down
by the two parties, Hell's Angels and Outlaws

You reinvent yourselves in cycles, each second
accelerating one way expansion multiverse

Ride both the bottomless descent and sky-less ascent
the opaque sterile particles in and at creation fertile

You cannot reason with the faithless, their
superstition devils, nor with the faithful robot phalanx.

* * *

I just checked newscientist com and found what I feel are three relevant articles:

synchronicity- some issues of such magazines have strong external and inner relevance between articles and sometimes they do not.

* * *

In my balloondroggle posting I should make explicit in terms of epiphany or moments of rise to clarity if our heads can stay above water where we become aware again of changes of which we forgot or were not aware of at the time- a looking back really at some place or time or event as if the rising in that language of the metaphor of balloons of hierarchical meaning where we connect with the parallels of our moods and self- these are especially useful in noting our mental paradoxes of our core beliefs such as for religious concepts and our reactions to them. But it remains to be worked out the parity of good and evil in the inertia of the charge or matter in the quasi-basal-fundamental micro-world of which the geometric as well as the algebraic structures arise and in more than one way by complex and topological directions (as if gravity and twistor like ideas) at initial entropic states in a world much wider than Penrose's metaphor of God choosing a needle in a haystack.)

Note in the links the comment about four space and the cloaking of charges!

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