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Linglinguistics and Uncertainty in Creative Consciousness

Linglinguistics and Uncertainty in Creative Consciousness L. Edgar Otto 11-04-10 11-05-10

And an idea continued on another page:

*If we do not comprehend mathematical structures and formulae as mechanisms, we will not comprehend others even if they state simple yet intelligible things.

*The Euler number (constant) as natural positive and quasic space, that difference between harmonic and logarithmic growth perhaps such a Zeno constant concept which tends to negligibility at great scales.

*Just as from some view we can imagine any sequence if we look long enough for it in some arbitrary code- of meaning (such tendency to see shapes for example in the developing cognition of children- see science mags recently) We can impose upon the sparsity that endure of letters and numbers geometric models and representations if we so look for them. As such all the intelligibility tells us is that there is this intelligibility- a fundamentalist idea as much as modernism of metaphorical view unto the malleable nature of a ground freedom and relativity of perception and consciousness- that in a sense tells us nothing like anthropocentric climate science without a more general, perhaps beyond the post-modernist and religious mind set of the last century's view of philosophies of science.

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Keep up the good work.

I tried to relate things to this article too- but of course our views are not surprised by this sort of new physics as geometrical thinking.

I was surprised when I say your other link that you also had worked in applications to genetics. I thought your remark on the Copenhagen interpretation insightful and right on and certainly scientific!

As I commented to Ulla - you are a great poet too!


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My facebook status today with comments:

. Edgar Otto Interesting that at a time when the USA and UK are cutting science funding, Qatar is going to encourage science across the region with funding. Perhaps our fundamentalists have something to learn from their fundamentalists.
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Ed O'Brien It's called HydroCarbon Bucks. We Be Broke, They be richie Rich.

17 hours ago · Sultan Ratrout the golden age of Islamic civilization is back :)

45 minutes ago · L. Edgar Otto And hopefully a better world for all the peoples of the book.

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