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The Post Alphanumeric Age

The Post Alphanumeric Age

On thing that stands out in my recent reading on the nature of religion as a developing phenomenon of man is that connection world wide that seems to have happened rather rapidly in disconnected places- new inventions in mathematics and philosophy and written history via the alphabets. This so called Axial Age has many innovations that are with us still.

So what is the spherical harmonics of such a unified world view in the background of our fall into intellectualization and individuality? Did the stars beyond those made of hydrogen light up at once? What synchronizes the fireflies lighting? Are we to enter into a pagan vision again thru an evaporating monotheism or will we find a new synthesis beyond this alphanumeric age?

Where were you guys who criticize Penrose in the fanfare of the discovery of Bicentinuum, element 126, which proved a hoax (I was there btw on the radio standing alone and protesting the possibility on geometric grounds as if wrestling the epiphany of my God in disguise in all his glory as Scientific American and journals and newspapers- alas, all was retracted quietly in the back pages.) You see, it was an artifact of reflection in mica that made them think there was such an element.

Now, it has been since 1976 or so- now where are the elements beyond 120? What after all can we say looking thru the faraway pipe with narrow vision seeing the circles of waves in rings, in the cosmic background, or in the mica?

It is not clear, nor he expression clear in the notions, that what is out there beyond the so called big bang is strictly a different Axial Age - nor that there will come a new age beyond the measure- that these are otherworldly and not part of our reality (which is the wider thing search for by Penrose). But these are quasi-truths- not to say that any particular side is wrong on this issue, but that there is a more general view- and much more we can do as scientists in this world.

When there is a major change or disaster in our own psychological well being- and we survive it, then we pass through the "uncanny valley", the shadow of death and the black hole like precipice of the coherence of a living thing. Clearly, somewhere at the volcanic peak of some measurement of this uncanniness or its valley as if we desire a table of laws as an algebraic sum over a rather sheltered boundless and finite egg of this earth, we need to find ourselves again and accept limitations enough to transcend them- so it always is that as if the ancient gods were real and some of the prophets of physics truer to their insanities and legend- each seeks some form of idolatry, some symbol of promise, some staring into the bottomless pit of simplicities as if it were alive again and not mana as a comfort food our imaginations treat as real as if it were not sand and glass. Surely a new world and physics can be qualitatively better and different and more positive in what we may become.

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I posted further comments on the blog I joined yesterday:


There should be little doubt that the hypothesis is true. In fact others like Peter Rowlands has made a connection with this idea and he half values that come up in particle physics (and of course the inverse square laws).

But this is really the philosophic principle we are debating here as to how to see this possible evidence of concentric rings. Are we looking at a universe or perhaps one of many such of the things we see where that value covers all of the background space as does Lorentz phenomena? So what does it really prove? Can it tell us about things beyond the Big Bang as an ultimate or general concept or not?

Just Learning,

The monopole idea comes up and is of course interesting from several viewpoints and several ideas of inertia and so on with some rather radical and speculative but needed proposals. How does the momentum transfer from a black hole- it seems something to do with magnetism as the explanation left.

Of course these effects real or not involves some concept of a plane or at least quadratics. Perhaps somehow a linear inclusion of such information too. Absolute values can have points that move even in a picture without animation. Lines of flux may have limited values as curves exceed the enumeration of lines in a plane and these certainly can be more or less isolated points and equations in the non-linear sets of solution. A flowing and liquid plane is a great metaphor.

Thanks for the keen x-ray analysis and posting on this- it is about time we looked a little deeper into space, if I may use a metaphor of what Just Learning says mimics it- God's cyclotron.

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