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Cosmic Global Warming Explained Better

Cosmic Global Warming Explained Better

Again, some of the simple models of the intelligible geometry and arithmetic can be used to get an new perspective on questions and answers one might ask as in today's post and his comments on 15 questions asked from Discover magazine. The lay has a right to question popular science- heck, even the journals. Now "Nude Scientist" is perhaps not of journal quality as some bloogers call it- but, really is not the nude a high form of art? Is not beauty in the eye of the beholder? Are were not all Columbus's in dead reckoning thinking we are the ones who have DISCOVERed the sweet hourglass form and curves and splines of our lovers for the first time as we take up the expensive carbon pencils and charcoal to make an image of her in art class. Alas beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and most of her represented on canvass are as far from her photograph as love is blind- here she is a collection of rocks, here splattering s of abstract color. For me who had coffee with her there was nothing that could be considered an invasion of privacy on the internet if posted.

OK- how do we talk about and explain better the above newscientist com link? What features in cosmology light up all at once and everywhere? The stars? Light itself when the universe cooled? What happened in this quasar era as if across the universe the dark light of fireflies doubled the temperature Kelvin of clouds around them 12 billion years ago? I am not asking to what purpose- that question is reserved for those only on the frontier and future frontier of as yet unknown new science.

Now this shift can be represented by some of our usual mathematical notions and rather convincingly too- if that were only enough! But there is the unintelligible or the seemingly as yet unintelligible where things do not quite add up neatly to the old 1 + 1 = amazingly 2. You could say there is an example of broken symmetry but it is a sort of super symmetry that exists in one and the same space and dimensions- nothing so otherworldly and exotic to explain the evolution of matter and the universe and forces as if super symmetry of strings and quantum things. Nor some assertion that there must be sterile neutrinos or for that matter ghostly dark matter hot or cold (but certainly hotter 12 billion years ago if the black hole like things we now imagine as quasars did their creativity up from the emptiness.)

That we can have so many pixels or squares in a checker board each contiguous to others or they can be somehow connected in some form of higher space is intelligible unless the numbers do not add up taken more than something in something else- but something in those still deeper again. The conceptual key is that in such a design we double things that are geometrically superimposed- thus to guarantee the intelligibility of such things in the world as shells of atoms and nuclei or ages of the layer of star chemical history, or global shared events of state changes across the universe constrained perhaps as if some implied analogy to the differences in the dimensions contiguous to counting to some higher or lower space.

Of course we still need ideas of what is the continuous, the purpose for example of Noether for light being a least action. Yet these principles of arithmetic suggest further structures possible here and now in the same universe. For at bottom in this familiar space as far as we can see now it makes no sense in the intelligibility to ask what pixel, really potentially a whole universe, it if is in a lattice as one universe or broken into a multiverse- and as if the stacking of cubes in a crystal, as I have stated, that is a measure of the entropy or in that view more rapidly growing order in a system. Indeed, sometimes a puzzle is so difficult at first but as we solve it more easily and rapidly the solutions come.

So the shell idea other than supplying us with mirrors for a shell which in a sense define by the electron spin the overall magnetism of an atom if the numbers are not matched, is also the guarantee of intelligibility as a system evolves including the delays that hold against decoherence stores awhile the integrity of an organic system. In fact such organic systems are in the main intelligible arithmetically and geometrically- not that we have different substances at bottom- one force was a good idea to attempt- but that as things move in a positive arrow of time or entropy the differences can be observed on some level especially beyond the constructable in some things connected as powers of the irrational series such as phi, their possibilities of dimensional lengths. One can say there are pure quadrupoles in this sense but not necessarily both be real matter or dark matter. The here and now but hidden on the other side of a quasic or quantum or relativistic mirror as far as matters of symmetry are after all explained by such ideas of combination of say two positive faces or sphere of a torus in four space and two more of dark but not imaginary space- all of course partially and conveniently written in five space. The red blood cell with its function of symmetry four fold for holding oxygen comes to mind- as perhaps the way the ends of the DNA use the bases to hold the spiral which can also be seen as a higher four space solid, together.

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