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A Teleology Of Numbers as Precognition

A Teleology Of Numbers as Precognition

Sometimes the structure of arithmetic, of integers, can obscure patterns or place false ones from the very smallest or highest reaches of counting them. Or such natural patterns may have meaning of which we are not sure and so cannot see that.

I did not have much luck yesterday in the search for patterns that came so close as the sum of two squares mapped on the quasic field- after all a squaring across the field beyond the diagonal obviously more or less in different binary levels has to follow the natural into the quasic dimensions- loosely the ever present triangular numbers of which so much higher mathematics and physics is built.

I did find one interesting thing, maybe a minor thing, that is if we make so much of a perfect square notation as to applies to physics- as if we really need magic squares in magic squares for a transcending stability of our differential equations.
Simply those duplications of some values which detract from say a perfect generation of primes a minor case in point: 13 squared = 338 but so does 17 squared + 7 squared, or 7 squared and 31 squared = 13 squared + 29 squared = 1010. Or, beyond the 32 squared binary quasic state level, 1130 = 29 squared + 17 squared = 13 squared + 31 squared.

Imagine then five vectors of 7 13 17 29 31, what sort of picture do we have as if the a squared + b squared = c squared of the Pythagorean theorem? For one thing when 7 squared and 17 squared sum we get 13x the square root of 2, which means those two perfect squares can be reduced to 2 13x13 perfect squares. Anyway, some of the pictures of these simple squaring are more the recreational than the frustrations of number and geometry games. A step off perhaps in to an undertow of oversimplification and yet one can float on the surface of a sea of greater dreams at one with the cycles of the world- or perhaps see beyond that.

I think maybe I was tired also, hard to see the calculator, a little lazy with my notation and mental addition. So, I wrote Leiha a song for her birthday and played it at the Mousetrap...those songs need not be perfect and I do not mind the best copy we can post rather than nothing- but errors of physics or arithmetic seems to me they cannot be but embarrassing- for there is something in our smooth jumps to our new or finding our new being and the burying of our old frail selves who could not listen to the song and the voice of theory within of he universe transcendental and moreover, beyond even that.

Let us not be surprised therefore when by our fires or by our hearts we follow and yet make the path to a new healing of our future selves and at the bottom also the old self. We do this together as if the impersonal state is only a mental consensus of meaning- a democracy that appears as science but it vigilant toward its future and resistant to its hidden voice of wariness for its frail vulnerabilities.

In the imagined super expansion of space, in the averaging of a region of indefinite reality both for the micro and macro and for the meso on which we debate if our conscious is the primary thing or if some reflection of our emergent mirror dreams, That perhaps why something like the idea of gravity seems real and constant and everywhere... or its reach or stretch a question at its remote description as if some interval or distance of time- a canvass in the past or future on which we can apply and even paint a picture of our imaginations, make radical or creeping jumps, foresee and forecast, predict, divine, as if truth in the hidden precognition of time travel of what is real to one certainly is supernatural to the other. Tt, time travel then and the question of loss of meaning or information- not just its mangling or dissolving, decohering, nor looping in the span and depth to interconnectedness or in isolation. On this confusion of flux more in the middle than a grounding or fiat from above- a constancy, conservation of the real upon which all such dust and dreams are conserved in the stillness and without motion.

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Concepts concerning recent posts on the 4 color 24 surface squares of the rotation group for a cube and its S4 identical inversion geometry:

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Illustration for a possible future posting: My point on this blog post today is the emphasis on the properties of small numbers and dimensions that seems to be repeated beyond natural movement and evolution in the universe, loops of not, of matter or consciousness or not, of real or imagined ideas of time as illusion or not in its symmetry and arrow, such that in some averaged region as if computed here and now over eternity and again its stable patterns as ground for a unified theory, that on this level we finally grasp the sense of what it means we live primarily in three and four space of which there can be local deviations in the flux and constancy in nature. What is the source of intelligibility in number and why in possible worlds do we find exceptions which through the eyes of a more learned and advanced time and species we may see the deep and over all, truly creative unity?

But this is not to suggest all things are resolved clearly in an idea of five natural dimensions although it is most explainable that some will try to solve things making such connections. Rather I number the primary world views I have vaguely classified as mostly emphasized if not totally of the various creative bloggers and others- including this lapse of reductionism into the seemingly supernatural aspects of our consciousness. In any case the issue- hopefully with programming aids to relieve the tedium of pen and paper calculations in the search for patterns- in this essentially complete level of my blogging, that I do intuitively feel there is more magic around the corner which welcomes and needs all of us to explore- our visions need not be only doom and gloom darkness although we clearly seem at times on the aphelion of new dark ages. As on the coast of Ireland in enclaves some learning was preserved to survive those ages. But it is not always in our illuminated manuscripts we know that we have indeed made a difference!

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Some of these Tt ideas as I posted them I thought rather philosophic more than the science of it all- but I encountered an article from:
from newscientist today which may just have me thinking maybe this will prove to be more science than philosophy? Oh, well, just the usual synchronicity of similar but distant links- that too a part of it - not just the quantum view.

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Now quasically what is the next level of entanglement in the formalism? I mean since the 8D informationally contains the 4D? That a form of quasic "flangelation or compactification". To some extent we can apply ordinary obvious patterns for our experiment- but what does it mean considering the article above if we delay or shift in time or pattern through these different degrees of dimensional freedom? Perhaps even a more general theory in the unification needed for general relativistic and quantum ideas of "tanglement".

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