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White Box Chatter Noise

White Box Chatter Noise

Here I consider the underlying principles for the linguistics of ideograms for words or notions as a stage in language development and part of a natural physical process.

In a sense it is a form of white box (similar to Chinese box arguments or the cave of Plato) opposite to the methods of black box, perhaps white and black holes.

Sometime in the early 70's I made a series of small clay sculptures which were of some symbolic things used over and over in my drawings from as a kid. I do not recall some of them but have a list somewhere. I then dipped them in paraffin so the would not smash so easily and challenged the street people to play and help me figure out the game when they wondered what I was doing arranging them in a triangle. I told them to put them in order and a few tried and debated lively as to who was right about the order and why. I did not tell them that I had no idea myself as to what the order should be, if one it unique, or none at all.

Of course knowing a little more about the universe than I did then I would be very aware of making a new set of these sculptures and it can be overly coherent from the arts and craft sense or technical (technium- the desires of objective technology I coin the word noetium- for the subjective reduction to a neutral stance of reason without purpose and desire beyond the mechanical. To this symbolic concept, a more concrete theorem suggested to follow, I coin the terms subjecticity and objecticity.)

Interestingly, from a more balanced view of what the brain and intelligence is in that Cambridge test on newscientist- This concerns the geometry and order of things even the ground of it is geometrical without an explicit alphanumerics. Yet one test was like the television game of Concentration - matching pictures of objects.

I can imagine a form of cognitive therapy for say autism in which knowledge of these ideas of space and geometry in communication could diagnose perhaps cure where it involved more of a talk theory. A measurement that desires the reduction of the subjecticity for objecticity yet one that can maximize the needed subjective growth of the patient. Culturally (as opposed to our immersion in our valued science) we are concerned with the content and not the technical mechanism such as on line games or other electronic media ability and how these may affect the mind of the young players for good or ill.

This is a sort of linguistic or geometric instructional information as a notion just like a higher or covering over-genome on the DNA. We have a free use of labeling from outside the comparisons to find proper weights in the sub-flow of living and growing. These perhaps the on and off of genes as in methylation (an idea I was introduced to early on by research in Marshfield clinic in the 90's) Thus we have a consciousness like accentuation as well as concrete comparisons. In effect we can see the genome as containing two kinds of information.

But the subjecticity and objecticity are not always equal in the regions of spacetime for the laws in an abstract multiverse and continua may vary- hidden or overt (the fourth step or war of the cosmic hierarchy as Ultranscontinuum in my old terminology). But like the flat carvings of ideograms to represent words as sounds or actual pictures of object and these compounded together the units are as if a universe in the compass of depth and span. It is only natural that one result of such a limited part of all of the words can become a set of magical runes or ultimately a basis for a phonetician style alphabet.

I note that the methylation has been lately suggested as a sort of inheritence from the parents in the womb for such things as schizophrenia.

The notion of things different in space of so far away from some center or present is also that notion as if in another time so far away from one's self and life. With some imagination we can emphasize and have a sense of the measure of involvement and quality of life and soul in ourselves and others.

Chatter Noise are the independent parts that include the idea of white noise or if you will pink noise (the old difference as constant of the harmonic and log numbers).

Chatter there for this is a linguistic thing and four root words or notions in a sense are equal in the singular and can be permutations and combination's to establish on a meaning level (also a measure of the entropy regarding information)
Chatter Box an idiom for one talking too much. (hence the "star"-lings on the telephone pole in the illustration above).

* * *

I am not sure I made it clear that the permutation and order of things in natural and quasic space from a subjective and objective real and virtual perspective is the key to how we relate to the science and culture of our first primitive design of alphanumeric systems. In a sense this is the copenhaguen interpretation on steroids or the opposite of it so.

I note an article today on a dead "quasar" that lit up a nearby cloud. Here a disconnect in black hole and light matter- creative subjectivity and objective science for galaxy formation- also ns water on earth from beginning (creation field hypothesis along the lines of Hoyle)

Ulla if you read this Rowlands says the constant was exactly 1/128 and did you see my recent post on this issue of constants- a great post on it btw- maybe, even with out a quasic view we can program things of the dimensionless- give a try maybe to Euler's constant as perhaps the harmonic and log difference and these numbers.

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