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Partition and Pattern

Partition and Pattern (Thar's Gold in Dem Thar's Bach)
Further intuitionist twists on dreams of theories of everything and the dreamers...

I start by a comment to the blogger on intangible materiality and his struggle with the idea of the supernatural, his More Leaves to Count:

"The millions are awake enough for physical labor; but only one in a million is awake enough for effective intellectual exertion, only one in a hundred millions to a poetic or divine life. To be awake is to be alive."

Henry David Thoreau Walden

* * *

Would a Creator count each and every leaf every fall? As we descend into some spiral staircase of doubt will we slip on one fallen on the steps? In the chilly November wind they crawl along and spin like turtles- but is the wind or they awake?

* * *

There's gold in them there hills- Gold in Bach (that is fractal like patterns of his music). Somewhere in the furthest reaches of computation and structure, in the unknowns perhaps beyond our species ability for now or the shear size of proofs, things may just return again to simple counting and low dimensions. What is the grounding in a blurry sea of Goldbach's Comet of hints of unlimited shells or layers of what is the roundness of the primes- Some things we know that do not require the assumption of other assumptions but stand independently- not to say Rowlands is wrong in our assessment of where the non-trivial zeros are in zeta function, the one half of the real- and its relation to physical design and laws. The hills in the distance beyond the flat prairie and its slow rising Colorado slope is after all that long Plateau we encounter between the early math and remote string theory.

My key reference here is the re-reading with understanding of The book Mathematical Mysteries by Calvin C. Clawson from which I quoted the quote from Walden- thinking of course of Ramanujan and other unsung genius we for some reason think we can waste in a world were it would take an act of the gods to outsource our Brahmans for any regions brain drain that it remains moral. In an earlier post I paraphrased the word awake as aware- my own philosophic distinction- for we can learn wisdom also from the structure and design of our dreams.

PARTITION AND PATTERN: 11-20-10 L. Edgar Otto

Does it make sense of a unified awake or aware biological organism by analogy to the inorganic world of physics to as that question: Where does the information go?

In a language or metalanguage for an organism at least as complex as consciousness can we really decide a measure for a grounding (after all we stand on shifting sands of theory- but we stand on something) by least action as some minimal model for the equivalence of some string-like theory and the Planck scale and that in turn be a measure and grounding for a theory of everything? When referred back to cosmology- especially if physicists as reductionist regard organisms as just physics- even quantum physics as the chemistry at its foundations, is that a settled question?

I saw no patterns in partition theory presuming in number theory Ramanujan had a sense of the Quasic world view. I did get a hint of how one might find these number patterns and exact numbers (although current formulas in Ramanujan stretch and reach come close to it by one digit). These partition numbers being important for string theory among other things, namely the question of what binary power in quasic grid notation these may appear logarithmically in "quasic series ordering". Could Ramanujan see what was not there- can any of us so do as if we insist there is no untruth to proving a negative space (or not acknowledging the reality adeptly as he in the mirror inversions of numbers integral and transcendental, of the negative aspects and oscillations like the great Newton, or Hamilton, or any of these seemingly mysterious geniuses- far from the positive equilibrium of Pascal?)

Was Ramanujan aware of his view of numbe4rs as a distinct insight which by wanting proofs others felt such higher but magical genius? The Gods or sense of them may let genius have exceptions to their fate and faith- that awareness may grow. But such exceptions are not granted to justify actions intrinsically evil.

The validity of position in the qs grid of partition numbers most likely requires an expanded logical space for a quasi-continuous pattern- otherwise, beyond 2 ,3 and 5, beyond even the transcendentals, we need a wide field to first narrow down the discontinuity of primes in their role- if indeed that can be done.

Because Ramanujan found what I did, the periodic mod=0 of 5, 7 and 11, for me as patterns in the quasic field, I suspect he was somehow aware of quasicity, or at least was awake to similar thought mechanisms one could identify with the physics as differentiation and so on..., especially of symmetries of inverse and negative numbers( including the complex ).

But the real world, not our expert trained dogs and monkeys who are not necessarily free to succeed for some clear breakthroughs or even necessary new and simple steps - is close to our frames of mind we being organisms, perhaps independent of the measure of genius. It seems that some of us can be too smart for our own good if we are in the more narrow count of years and millions.

For in my small circle of people so many, young and old, physically and mentally,and what should be a higher quality of life as short as it is, our expectations endure over minor ups and downs while awake, their cancers, arthritic hands, cataracts and hearing aids, broken backs and hips, society in general returning to once vanished vermin and disease, not just of natural error accumulation or aging.

Our organisms cannot build a permanent wall around us to hold off the world, not even by wealth, nor what is cherry picked for silver sovereigns melted into bullion.
Let us recall this as we squander so much energy recovering and defending false history and memory made virtually real; remind those who use the term "In the real world" for what they simply mean they dislike or disbelieve, that they too are an organism in and out of sleep and short of the experiences, irreversible to fix, theirs is not the real world. Math for the holy men or the millions is our birthright if we are awake enough to write our equations in the shifting sand as we so climb out of the water, having grown spines, then legs, then wings.

* * *

The conjectures beyond some great number settle down again as at the small beginnings by which we ground things in the mystery of the three and four dimensions.

We perhaps do this intuitively if indeed monotheism (as an metaphor for creative physics and philosophy) is considered a great achievement and the only great one over the Eastern ways and primitive was of seeing God. That we have the same gods or not is a notoriously slippery slope of Machiavellian disunity on one hand or distrust and enforced but fake world connection on the other hand- both unstable- both appealing to God with Us. But religion itself is a two edged sword not the enemy of science and philosophy per se. Our look for the one God certainly seems the ideal of the search for theories of everything. Or the Buddhism as a scientific reply to Hindu polytheism a search for the indefinite and diffuse uncertainty as the unifying grounding- and to some degree we can approach these number theory conjectures as matters of probability- we see the sense in why one might suspect that for it is part of the real picture of things. For the smallest things that are the grains of sand we stand upon, so too the grandest ones must share the limitations of the design and wisdom in the universe's structure.

* * *

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