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The Faithful Gene

The Faithful Gene L. Edgar Otto 11-08-10

The dramatic situation played out in the marketplace of ideas can be seen as man in struggle with a god.

This is also a puzzle, an enigma where we try to solve a labyrinth or maze, be proud of our expertise while the hunt and adventure, alive in struggle, engaged our pilgrimage to gain competence and wisdom over the difficulties of the journey.

Beyond the suspense, the hopes and fears in our expectations, how we feel about the outcome seems a matter of choice and taste in religious freedom.

We can deny some transcendent being full of promises of heaven to be found in the heart of a maze. We can think the journey an endless walk or so very long that it will take forever. We can submit to an end, a vanishing of even death whose minions torment and confuse us along the way or reaching the center be consumed by a monster.

For most of us we strive the best we can, moral snakes and ladders, dead ends, or grow tired while on the journey, failed stars we a universe that came so close to God but could not enter into the promised land. Immortality a faith we drop with the batton around the hippodrome or pass it on to those who continue after us.

The fads of the times in our blind assertions or denials, that a living and even disembodied intelligence is behind the world's design may debate who believes or are fanatics for superstition, that while one feels the other squandering their souls, the other feels the one is wasting his life.

There are two ways to deny God, by the appeal to modern science and wisdom. The first is to show that all things reduce to matter, energy or dust and that the ultimate concern, a mechanism by principles of universal laws, a gathering of stardust as we glean metal and water against the entropy and so expanding consciousness as an emergent by product, ephemeral and secondary effect.

In both ways the use of probability is convincing and said reasonable- but beyond what as science with Dawkins for example, this explaining the mechanism of evolution in a way we can be convinced it is the truth, are we in the realm of hard science or metaphysics maybe beyond the scientific method? In a world where by sociological concerns and nothing held greater than the state and society some propose the carbon tax to control the accounting, the rendering unto Caesar of what is his and often the rendering of Caesar. Carbon after all is key to life, that we exist where it is sometimes said there are too many people in the world, what is next but a tax on the carbon of your bodies and God forbid you leave a large footprint bringing children into this world.

The other way is holding the subjective or that mental in our world as primary. Yet it is nor our petty dreams in the open day that rules us but our hidden parts. Our tendency toward religion can be explained away by theories on the secrets of our psychology.

This struggle between these models of denial and their evidence as truth in fact is where mind and matter meet again but only at the no man land's border as we learn more of science and of wisdom. I, as many others, point out another path, our universal language of organic chemistry not just a fossilizing of our thoughts and progress, our social order, despite these debates. I observe this innocence in faith towards life and learning that may be the new frontier and depth of the living out our practical center independently making discoveries in modesty while others cannot think to see.

We wonder why, even those in the scientific priesthood all too often to administer last rights should a new theoretical soul come close to anything that might evolve to challenge their agenda and desire not to return to simpler times where the awakening and understanding of life is the center, a hopeful truth albeit a sheltered child.

Yet this is evidence as so many they have buried beneath some cultural or institutional ground, tenure marginalized by power and back door trade- that like the self-appointed saviors of old who were not challenged to demonstration by experiment, these priests fear resurrection of the dead.

* * *

We all fancy we can read between the lines, some message few or only we can read, or as if a novel state out the who, what, where, when, where and how of it at the start yet piece meal, rationed, then the freedom as the characters in the play take on a mostly predictable life of their own. I write for the next generation and the next nation to which we are homesteaders and poor first generation immigrants who must build up the capital again that Rome survives its fall and golden ages of wisdom are not lost into the fires nor forgotten on this earth.

This idea of a graphegenome is about carbon and space. It is not about just the gathering of dust and evolution of chemicals, nor what once established in a code and its machinery of energy that above it that controls and modifies, an epigenome, by that which organizes from without, or monitors the thought flow of our nerves with spikes to touch some other nerve, receive and send signals.

A few of us have thought about, and have been startled by, the foundation of life as a physics of some sort of morphogenic fields. This in a sense is a violation of the action at a distance where such laws we have break down at the extremes of space and time. This idea, like such ideas of mult-dimensions and string theory and other notions of topology are thought useful maybe in the far distance, or too vague to be relevant to the progress of science, or too blind our Baconian faith in what we can modify of culture such and with any evolving language.

What the graphegenome suggests is that these field like things can be seen structurally as if what is now an idea of orthodox mediator particles. These certainly explain things not asked from a systems geometric viewpoint- thought merely accidents of evolving dust. How is it that we can match up codons and its mirrors? How is it possible in a compass of so many bases that at the end of an active tRNA we can have in this mediator analog and exact copy of such codons? The field is the mediator and the mediator the field.

In the design of life we reach out as if in a room where we do not know what is outside as we read the symbols or shadows. We need not worry if we are able to do this for it is also there in our biochemistry itself potentially and ideally. It is not clear at all to me to say first we need the matter and then the mind when we get to the deepest core of physics. Language in this respect is innate too, at least potentially. In effect we can sit in a dark room and map out the structures of living things if not the universe itself from first principles.

Beyond this one might think with these mediators of structure and purpose that they are in a sense aware- that does not matter. What matter is that from a more general perspective of things what is our body and soul may have in the intelligible design of space and time, charge and mass, a mechanism of chance and purpose, that records well beyond the medium of stuff and thought, the sequence and forms of our life dream, somewhere and someday. The real of such science shall one day arise through the fog of reductionist culture and science alone and all the false prophesies and wished for fantasies, those false enemies in enemies that is the great divide the world but do not see the etching waters nor the rising mountains.

* * *

Dark Fluid Dynamics... so in the quark-gluon plasma, gluons how colorful a name when that is the end of a dark horse facing the glue factory. What will be the surprise that we do not as yet have any intelligible intuition of it and have not used our imaginations boldly and creatively to explore the disconnect between our amazing feats of technology and depth and quality of our wisdom in being? But we hope there can be surprise in this experiment and new wonder of our world.

So does it come down to we live in the lava lamp, as simple as that is as a model to imagine we sculpt the cloudy shapes? I found one and the scientist in me in moments of hypnotic daydreams ties to understand its mechanism although the heat comes from an appliance lamp, the coil on the bottom seems essential, and the motion has its shapes and cycles. What if I turn it upside down- how small the mini-lavaverses?

So what of raw motion in this liquid, what does that do to the system or understanding of its flows? Here at the mirror surface as much as the point of light and heat as origin in time life the field and mediator. Where in this experiment is the catalysts and mediators for some quasar like bang or bomb? We also in that role to work the whole and fabricate the parts, husband our own and the world's memory.

Innate purpose or not as we intervene into our own evolution we are the catalyst, the message and the messenger, as if God's transfer DNA. But what of general science for we born in the space and atomic age- know they not that liquids cannot be compressed like a statistics of chaotic gas or that solid machine, crystalline?

* * *

Building up and modifying our genome, controlling our evolution if we are wise enough to avoid side effects and unforeseen dangers is one thing, But what of the frontier in computation and new species if we can in fact construct material things as if the graphegenome? Maybe somewhere in science and philosophy the goal is not to know what is that it is all even if we do not know what it is in some lesser theory of everything- but the reward of the big picture, the Omnium, is that we still have vast room for our creative imagination- enough perhaps to rival the next level of the lesser gods.

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